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Pokemon Supernova LAST PART

PART THREE- ICE 42. TAKEN Kaira stared at the meticulous glare on Prima Dona’s face. The scared feeling she had been feeling of Kyra’s presence had been totally forgotten as she stared at an even worse enemy—Prima Dona, and the devil messengers. Chiba was snickering as it watched the devil Chibo and devil Chibu battle their duplicates. Chibu struggled helplessly on the ground, unable to escape its evil twin’s grasp. Chibo was pinned to a tree just a few feet to the side of Barry, Lucas, Chimchar, and Dawn as the blue devil pokemon hovered around it, spatting angry hisses at it. “Well!” Prima Dona crossed her arms and grinned. “If it isn’t Kaira and her earthly human friends to the rescue.”“What have you done to Paul?!” Kaira demanded, eying the unconscious body of Paul by Prima Dona’s feet. “Yeah! And what happened to Barry?!” Dawn added, standing shocked by Barry, who was also lying unconscious on the ground. “Hmph,” Prima Dona raised her eyebrows. “Have you figured the prophecy yet? Are you positive who all the three beings should be? Because I know I am!” She cast a shard of ice flying across the field, hitting a tree behind Kaira and turning the entire body to ice. Lucas flinched and let out an angry cry of shock. Kaira huffed. “Lucas is the fire. He has been blessed with its intriguing ability of firesight and to burn through the matter in the commingling of Gaiyah, while Dawn herself has become the light, blessed by the power to bring forth the light and summon the light of the angelic poekmon Dalyah. The last one is the element of darkness, the one that shall be blessed with the power to bring forth the power of darkness in the devil pokemon Ultramaur. Whoever is left shall be taken care of by the power of ice.”“And do you know who this last person is?” Prima Dona demanded challengingly, raising her stern cold expression. She held a hand above Paul and struck him with a zapping blue light. His body gave a jolt and he rose to his feet, his head hanging down and his body looking weak and frail as he tried to hold himself up. Kaira heard a shocked gasp from Dawn at the sight of Paul in this state. Kaira bit her tongue, recalling the times she had spied them both together in Dawn’s realistic dreams. ““The being of darkness,” hissed Prima Dona, “is either going to be the foolish dumbbell that had ventured into this world, fraternizing with my messenger Chiba—or that impudent man whore that betrayed me back at the Garden of Spirits!” Prima Dona aimed a piercing glare at Barry’s body, and Kaira thought that just a look in her eyes would be enough to strike a heart. Kaira felt Chibu’s pain through the antagonizing devils. They were trying to send the messengers of Dalyah to the Black Hole….“No….” Kaira held her breath as she cast Chibu a shocked glance. “You’re trying to stop the messengers of Dalyah…..and send them to the Black Hole of nothingness…just like you have done…with Chiba.”Dawn turned to look at Kaira. “Chiba?!”“Hah! Smart girl,” cackled Prima Dona. “Chiba was banished not too long ago, just a few days before you met your little heart-bonding football friend at your own dimension!”Kaira tensed. So one of Dalyah’s messengers were already defeated. And now that the other two were so close to fulfilling their journey of finding the missing being of Dovanna, Kaira herself, Prima Dona was ready to stop them once and for all—to get rid of them like she had done with Chiba. “Oh, Chiba…” Kaira felt sadness overcome her all over again. She hadn’t even met the angelic messenger of Chiba. “Chiiii!” Chibu was weakening and struggling less and less. If Kaira didn’t do something, both Chibu and Chibo would be gone—and Kaira would be left with the rest of her friends, alone with Prima Dona and the devil messengers. They would barely stand a chance.“You let them go,” hissed Kaira through clenched teeth, feeling the power of the planet surge through her veins. “You let Chibu and Chibo go right now! Get out of our way!”“Hah! Fine with me!” And Prima Dona snapped her long fingers, and the pokemon around them disappeared in a flash. Chibu, devil Chibu, Chibo, and devil Chibo were gone, and Kaira had no idea where they could be. “You see?!” Prima Dona was screaming. “I can care less what happens to my allies—as long as what’s done is taken care of! The devils can suffer, as long as it means to harm the angelic messengers. And that boy will be no more good than dead!” Kaira felt her heart sink as Prima Dona pointed over to where Barry was still lying on his side, unconscious. Dawn gasped and Lucas growled, looking ready to leap at the ice witch.“In the meantime….” Prima Dona put a hand on Paul’s shoulder, who looked asleep and dead as he stood by her side with his head hanging limply in front of him. “…this traitor…this traitor is someone who I feel is capable and ALMOST ready to pass on to the next step. He isn’t entirely convinced by the power of evil yet—but he is getting there….and I believe there’s something in this human that can be unstoppable and irreplaceable within his heart. It can be useful for me when I get back to my birthplace and summon Ultramaur.” And within a second, she rose to the sky, and her icy body disappeared into the gloomy sky, along with the devil Chiba and Paul’s body. Kaira whipped her head over to look at Barry. He was gone.“Barry!” Kaira and Dawn both cried at the same time. Kaira hurried up to Dawn and Lucas’s side and stared down at the spot where he had been lying. Kaira’s eyes were shocked as she look up straight into Dawn’s eyes. They were portrayed with the same expression. “She’s taken Paul where he can feel nothing but darkness fill his heart—so he can become as evil as her. And Barry—he’s no use to her since he’s betrayed her. She’ll do nothing more than just kill him.”“Where has she gone?!” Dawn was shocked. “I bet she’s gone back South where her birthplace was….back at the very peak where Ultramaur is said to be hidden in….”“No,” Kaira answered quickly. “She hasn’t gone back. She’s moved on forwards….for there is a place where the evil can be provided…” Kaira was suddenly trying to remember….and read the spirits within the dimension as well. Finally, she closed her eyes, and opened them. “She’s gone to a city called Crestfall.”Lucas’s tail burned intently. He seemed to be feeling the rage burn in her heart. “Crestfall?” Dawn spoke calmly. “It is a city of spirits…..a quiet, unholy place where lost souls roam as they please, and live in their state of fear, anger, confusion, and all kinds of lost feelings that have been long forgotten by souls from the other dimension. Crestfall City is known as the city of darkness, for the place never seems to be at rest. Spirits are alive and wandering more than you know, both visible and invisible.”Dawn tilted her head and winced. “That doesn’t make much sense….is it like a graveyard of spirits coming to life or something?”“In a way….it’s like having spirits able to become visible past the portal of the dimensions. The spirits that thrive in Crestfall City are in another place, not entirely of this world. But there has been a change in the portals so that they are almost visible, and halfway there to be able to touch the souls of this dimension, for something in the city of Crestfall is what draws lost souls to become slightly visible…..a lot like ghosts.”Dawn shuddered. “Starting to remind me of the Old Chateau. I bet there’s a bunch of strange ghost pokemon there. Whatever Prima Dona could be doing to Paul….she wants us to follow him—I can feel it. She doesn’t just appear to spit in our face and take away what’s ours as easily as that. She must want us to follow her.”Kaira raised her eyebrows. “Well, I guess she could have done that just for that sake.” Then she frowned. “But if she’s got Barry in her hands again, I know that the consequences will be even more terrible than before. We should follow them. I’ll….I’ll try to see if I can read Chibu…”Dawn let out a small gasp. “She hasn’t sent them entirely to the Black Hole yet, has she?”“I…don’t know, let me see,” and Kaira turned to look away from Dawn, closing her eyes and trying to communicate in her mind with the little pokemon. With her eyes close, she saw herself fly through portals of different colors, until she found herself floating into a space of pure blackness, where it was even darker than if she closed her eyes. “Chibu? Are you there? Please help us….we need you…”“Follow the path of darkness,” a voice murmured in her head. Kaira suddenly shot her eyes open. The voice hadn’t been Chibu’s…but a more manly, soft voice that seemed inquisitively familiar. “Lan….” She breathed. She looked up to the gloomy sky, and far above, a small shine of light was peeking through, and she felt as if Phandolia’s mystic silver body could be galloping behind those clouds. She turned to Dawn, Lucas, and Chimchar, who were gazing at her with hope in their eyes. “We must follow the path of darkness,” she said. “We have to find our way into Crestfall City, which shall still lead north, right where our path is supposed to lead. ““The path of darkness?” Dawn repeated. Kaira looked ahead, feeling the chilly breeze blow through her cheeks. “Follow me….I think I remember the way to Crestfall by heart.” Above her, baby Dovanna suddenly appeared, landing on her shoulder. The little bird didn’t look right—for in a field of gloominess and uninviting pressures didn’t seem to suit the bright dove pokemon. But Kaira headed on, her friends following her side. She felt her mind fall through the aura within the world as she lead them along a strange path that would lead to the dark city. Kaira and Dawn were looking down a cliff, gazing at the sight of Crestfall City below them. The sky was an even darker gray, and Kaira felt like the whole world would swallow them up. There were strangely shaped houses—or huts, rather. Kaira instantly remembered how the people of Crestfall City lived with a native, isolated culture that made them more connected to their city and able to tolerate the strange pokemon spirits around them. It looked like a large, desolate village terrain where shadows lurked over at the open spaces, filling the area with unexpected dread. “Looks awfully lonely….” Said Dawn. “We must pass through in disguise, or stay hidden in the small caves that cut through the city,” said Kaira carefully. “The natives here are unfriendly, and we don’t know how they would treat foreigners that enter their place with a strange aura from another area.”“What about Prima Dona?”“I bet her spirit can easily pass through here unnoticed. She’s not human, for her aura is just live matter, not a real soul like ours or the natives’,” Kaira looked around. “We can disguise ourselves as village girls in the arctic….and then I can try to keep an eye out for Prima Dona.”“Douuuu,” Dovanna hovered off her shoulder. “Baby Dovanna can keep watch and warn us. We can find them.” 43. CRESTFALL CITY Kaira and Dawn entered the quiet city with caution. They stuck to the sides where the cliff was shadowy, and they were constantly looking around for any signs of pokemon or spirits wandering around. Kaira decided they had no time to disguise, and that they had to find Prima Dona as quickly as they could before it was too late. Kaira had the urge to ask Dawn a question. She stopped and huffed out a breath of misty, chilly air. “Do you see something?” Dawn asked from behind. Kaira turned to meet her gaze. “Tell me something, Dawn.”Dawn blinked, looking a little uncertain. “What happened when you were lost in that coma with Lucas, Riley, and everyone else in the region of Lluyan?” Kaira spoke calmly and carefully. “How did you discover your true power of the element of light? What made you think you were really the being that would summon light?”Dawn blinked again and then looked to her feet. “Um….well….I had a dream…”Kaira raised her eyebrows. She knew exactly what Dawn had gone through, but she was just testing if she would really admit it herself. “A dream?”“Okay, more than one dream. But I dreamt myself in a certain place….a place that I knew really existed, and that the time and space was really real….as if wherever I was in my dream, it was at a real place—with the real time and everything. It was….it was strange.” Dawn wasn’t meeting Kaira’s gaze, and she was looking troubled. Kaira pressed on. “What sort of place did you dream yourself into?”Dawn said nothing. Kaira sighed. “I won’t be angry. I’m just curious. What is the real meaning of your power? How are you blessed and cursed by the element of light?”“I dreamed my way to find Paul,” Dawn said finally. Lucas, who had been listening carefully, suddenly pricked up his ears and gave a low growl. Chimchar didn’t seem to be paying attention as it scampered around from behind Lucas, playing with the small amounts of snow that barely lay here and there. “I discovered some pretty strange things going on between him and Team Solar,” Dawn was speaking carefully. “I….I noticed how dedicated and transfixed he had been, as well as his relationship with that Dionza.”“Dionza….” Kaira felt dread come from the name. Dawn nodded. “She seemed to have been gaining power over Team Solar, and controlling their actions more often since Prima Dona had left them. And she’s got Paul madly in love with her. I could see it from the look in his eyes. He’s obsessed with Dionza, and she’s probably crazy for him. She’s trying to draw him closer and closer to the darkness of Team Solar—to make him one of them.”Kaira nodded, listening carefully. When Dawn wasn’t saying any more, she realized she didn’t want to mention the parts when she and Paul had fraternized with each other behind the Solar grunts’ backs, and that Dawn seemed to have developed a more connecting bond with him, and had almost opened his eyes to saving him from Team Solar. Instead, Dawn said, “But Paul seemed to be changing…he almost looked uncertain and scared about being part of Team Solar.”“What makes you say that?”“Well….I could just feel it. I could feel the light in his heart starting to spark whenever he was…away from them. He still has feelings, you know. He does think deeply about the choices he has made…and I really do believe he could change and….even be on our side instead of working against us.”Kaira said nothing and the baby Dovanna cooed, looking up to the horizon. There was a bell tower in the distance, and the time read 7:41. it was a murky, gloomy grayness around them, and for a moment, Kaira was reminded of the Town of Silence. She turned around. “We should keep going. There’s a beach around this corner, and I’m sure that could be the best place for Prima Dona to do what she wants.”“The beach?” Dawn raised her eyebrows. “That clock tower looks kinda suspicious to me. This entire place is populated with ancient Indian structures….and then there’s that random bell tower just standing over there.”Kaira glanced at the large grandfather clock. “Well….I sense something around this corner. I think we should take a look first.”Dawn gave an unsure look but she followed Kaira with Lucas and Chimchar by her heels, and the baby Dovanna flying overhead them all. Several times had Kaira tried to call back Chibu, but she couldn’t even get a hold of them. But Kaira felt that the messengers were probably not too far away from them. She had to take care of Prima Dona, and capture that devil Chiba, then she would know what had happened to her dear pokemon friend. All around them, the huts seemed to loom with nasty carvings and totem poles of native cultures. The ground below them was a road, and even the strange structure of the ground looked like there was something hiding within them. Suddenly, a bomb sounded from the other side of the huts to Kaira’s left. There was a howl from an Indian, and then the singing caterwauling of humans performing what sounded like a ritual. Kaira and Dawn glanced at each other. “Do….do you have any idea what the people DO in a place like this?”Kaira shook her head. “Let me see…..” she left Dawn and the others back by the narrowed cliff and headed towards the tall, wide hut that loomed in front of her. There was a statue of a strange, snakelike pokemon on each side before the entrance, looking like a cross between an Arbok and a Garchomp. “Kaira!” Dawn hissed from behind, creeping up behind the right statue. “Be careful!”Kaira nodded without glancing back, and stepped on forwards. The baby Dovanna followed along, hovering above her left shoulder, keeping a sharp, wide eye out for what awaited in front of them. Kaira made her way up the stairs to the door, and slowly opened it. Surprisingly, the doorknob didn’t need to turn, and that it slightly creaked open with ease. Kaira pushed the door open and realized that there was no inside to this strange building at all. It lead to the behind of the house, where a group of natives gathered around a large fire that burned in front of a tall, straw pole where a body was tied to it. Kaira gasped and widened her eyes at the body pinned to the pole above the fire that everyone was dancing around. It was Paul, and he was gazing out in front of him, almost meeting her own eyes, looking dazed and more dead than alive. Prima Dona was to the left of the fire, tall enough to have her head visible over the fire from behind. Her eyes were a menacing cold gaze, and Kaira could tell by the redness that blazed through them that she was trying to keep cool near the terrible fire. The devil Chiba was above the pole, and was glowing with bright red and its devious smile on its face. The Indians were half naked and chanting something terrible as they danced around the fire. Kaira looked around with shock. She kneeled down immediately, and then whispered to baby Dovanna. “They’re performing a ritual for Ultramaur! Prima Dona’s got them summoning the very pokemon’s spirit to come down and make a pact with Paul! And they’re using the devil Chiba to help call it! We’ve got to stop them! Prima Dona can become powerful enough to control the very devil pokemon once it arrives! She can officially banish the three messengers of Dalyah.”“Douuu!” the baby Dovanna nodded with fear in its blue eyes. Kaira knew what it was trying to tell her. The three messengers of Dalyah—Chiba, Chibu, and Chibo—were all trapped in the Black Hole of nothingness, though they were entirely confined to the darkness to officially become defeated. Because they were messengers of an angel, they were able to resist the power of darkness, unless they were drained out of their entire power of light by the devil Ultramaur itself. And this was what Prima Dona was planning. She wanted to call down Ultramaur and let it know what she had done—as well as help her with her desire to gain complete control, over the weakened, prone-to-darkness, Paul.“We can stop them,” hissed Kaira. “Here’s what we do. You fly over the devil Chiba and defeat it in battle, while I take care of Prima Dona in a battle….sorceress to sorceress. We can save Paul, and find our way to get to Phandolia’s mountain if you or I can summon it. While she summons the pokemon of the devil, I can try and stop it, not using the pokemon of angels, Dalyah, but the pokemon of goodness, Phandolia. Let’s hope it can be enough to stop it and at least get through this. After that, Phandolia may even be able to take us to its own mountain, much quicker and easier.”“Dou!”Kaira gasped. “But wait!” She suddenly remembered, and looked around. “W-where could she have Barry…?”But before Kaira could think about it, there was a scream from her right. Down below, someone was grabbing Dawn’s shoulders and putting a hand over her mouth, while Lucas was viciously trying to fight at the stranger, though he and Chimchar were both glaring challengingly at the pokemon that kept them from getting any closer to Dawn and its trainer. Kaira gasped. The pokemon was a Purugly, a treacherous, possessed-looking pokemon with a strange glint in its narrowed, devilish eyes. She glanced at the person more closely. It was a stocky, half naked man that seemed to be portraying the same looks upon his body as the dancing Indians. “Hey, you! Ya think yyou can just stalk around without joining in? How ‘bout we throw you in the fire, just for the heck of giving Ultramaur a free sacrifice?”“Hey!” Kaira yelled from the top of the stairs, ready to call out an attack from Dovanna. But suddenly, the man looked up at Kaira, and she realized he had a patch on his left eye. His beard was scraggly and dirty-looking, and he reminded her more of a pirate than a bloodthirsty Indian. “Douuuuu!”Baby Dovanna’s call suddenly erupted from behind, loud and clear as a clock tower, and suddenly, light shined from behind Kaira. She turned to see that the little dove had flown up to Chiba, holding the surprised devil pokemon from getting any closer to it. The people below were in a state of shock and they started yelling up curses at what looked like the pokemon that was said to have been banished years ago. Prima Dona was in a rage. “What?! Where did YOU come from?!” She whipped her head over, and in the bright beaming light that stopped the immense fire, Prima Dona easily caught Kaira’s gaze. “YOUUU!” She pointed a long, sharp finger towards Kaira. Kaira was standing with a shocked look, and she turned to watch as baby Dovanna let out a nasty Wing Attack, blowing the devil Chiba towards the ice witch. “Chiiii!” Chiba tumbled through the air and hit Prima Donaon the face, and the ice witch fell back, skidding away from Ghastleon, who had quietly been accompanying her side at her heels. The baby Dovanna summoned a strange, twister-like wind and then cooed a harmonic song that suddenly made the fire dim down, until it went out. Paul, tied to the pole, blinked and suddenly seemed aware and shocked at what had been happening to him. The natives were all in a state of shock and anger. They all started cursing at one another, and one curse shouted over the rest of them. “Nooo! You haven’t one yet, Dalyah! This is noooo pokemon of Dovanna! Isn’t that right, Paul?!” Kaira looked down at the voice of Dionza, who was shouting through the crowding midst of natives. Only now she realized they weren’t any different from people she had already met. They weren’t natives—they were Team Solar, dressed in almost nothing and tattooed over with ritual type of art on their bodies. “Dovanna! Use the force of your love!” Called Kaira. “Call Phandolia! Tell him to rescue all of us from this state, and take us to the mountains of Zan-Quin!”“Kaira!” Dawn screamed from behind, managing to speak as the pirate guy held her back. “Watch out!”And Kaira barely ducked to miss the incoming dagger that was thrown at her face, striking the pole behind her and turning it to ice. “GAHHH!” Prima Dona had gotten up, with devil Chiba lying on the ground, whimpering from whatever she had done to it. “STOP THAT GIRL! She’ll summon the likes of Phandolia, and then Dovanna! And then Dalyah—before you know it!”And the crowd of Team Solar grunts below started rampaging up the stairs like an angry riot, holding up ice daggers and spears in their bare hands. They all looked so different as an angry mob of natives rather than the dark, secretive gang they always seemed to be.Kaira gasped and immediately dashed towards her left, ready to jump down the entire line of stairs. But she ran as quickly as she can, for the pirate guy on the other side had thrown Dawn to the ground and escaped an angry swat from Lucas as he hurried up the stairs with the Purugly.Kaira managed to swiftly dodge his grab and duck under his legs, running away and passed Dawn with a quick shout, “Dawn! Lucas! Save Paul while you still can!” And she looked away, hurrying forwards, escaping the angry mob that chased her from behind. “I’m dead,” Kaira thought despairingly. Running wouldn’t do any good. She was running from Team Solar. From Prima Dona. They could catch up to her as quick as one could say “shoot.” She wondered if they had left Paul tied to the pole, and that if anyone had gone to chase after baby Dovanna. But then as Kaira looked ahead of her, she caught sight of a small bird-like figure flying near the hand of the large grandfather clock just up the street. It was the baby Dovanna, and it seemed to be hovering there, just waiting for her to come. What was it doing by the clock tower? Kaira hurried on, not letting the crowd catch up to her. Kaira didn’t need to climb up the clock to reach the pokemon. She felt its spirit literally lift her up and she was standing right at the edge, next to the roman numeral of six, staring into the eyes of the baby Dovanna. “What happened?” She gasped, catching her breath. “Why have you left Paul? You must summon Phandolia as close to him as you can! He must take us all away from this place and hurry us up to its mountain!”“Douu!”“We can’t take anymore separations!” Kaira protested. “We must ALL get to the mountain without splitting up again! We must be together in the summoning of Gaiyah, and it must be as quickly as we can!”“Douu!” Dovanna was flapping up and down, trying to get Kaira to look to her left. Kaira rolled her eyes with desperation. “Oh, what is it now?!”She turned to look to her left……and realized there was a body stuck to the minute hand that pointed to the roman numeral of twelve. It was a mere skeleton, tied to the hand just as Paul had been tied to the pole. Kaira gasped. She suddenly noticed a small sign written just above the six she stood next to. “When time is up, the clock strikes death.” And as Kaira read the words, she felt a strange feeling surge thorugh her, and she suddenly understood this clock. It was the main site of Crestfall City, and it was in charge of the life that went on. The city was supposed to be as modern as it was at the certain time in this world, but every time the clock passed time on, the days would go by and things that happen would happen and be forgotten. Pretty soon, they would be far into the future than it was millions of years ago, and if this clock sped up and kept time going on like that, it would literally change the time in Crestfall City to become that future time. If the time on the clock was set back….the city of Crestfall would be back in its prehistoric form, where the previous lives had been lived during that time as before. Kaira suddenly realized why the place looked so native and uninhabited—the clock had been set back to a certain time back many years ago…..when the natives still used the strange fire ritual to summon their gods or ancestors. “Douuu!” Dovanna was shaking its head. Kaira had looked at the wrong person. It pointed a small wing down to her left, and Kaira realized it wanted her to look at the hour hand instead. It pointed to an eight, and there on the hour hand, lay Barry, motionless with his head limp. 44. THE CLOCK TOWER “Wake up, Barry! Wake up!”Kaira’s scream suddenly snapped Barry from his blank trance in his head. He flinched and shot his eyes open, finding himself attached to the hour hand of the large grandfather clock tower. “Whoa, shoot!” Barry gasped with shock. He saw how high he was, seeing the entire view of Crestfall City and the gloomy clouds not too far above. His body was attached to the hour hand, tied upon in a rope with his hands at the back. Kaira was at his left side, shaking him violently.“Hey, I’m up! I’m up already!” Barry snapped, suddenly regaining his senses. Kaira huffed. “Great, let’s get you untied now.” She started unwrapping the strands of rope at the back of the hand, freeing the tight grip.Barry breathed a sigh of relief. “Whew, thanks…..that wrapped around my hands like an Ekans. The last thing I remember was looking at how red the mark on my forearm had become, and then seeing a bunch of blood and spinning dizziness in my head.”Kaira grabbed his arm and observed the mark. Barry raised his eyebrows, realizing how he had never told Kaira of the symbol on his arm. He remembered how he had tried constantly to keep the whole thing a secret since he had first gotten it. Kaira threw his arm back at him and gave him an indignant look. “I should’ve known,” she spoke tersely. “I bet Prima Dona gave you that?”Barry laughed nervously. “Who else would it be? But it hasn’t been affecting me the same…since Chibo heart bonded with me.”“Well, Chibo’s gone,” huffed Kaira. “And so is Chibu.”Barry gasped. “Chibu and Chibo?! They’re gone?”Kaira nodded. “Prima Dona’s sent them to the black hole where they shall be confined to nothingness. But we can still save them—for they are angel spirits and can’t become confined to darkness as easily. They still have a chance to escape the black hole before they become nothingness, and we can save them. I’ve tried calling Phandolia through baby Dovanna back there where Paul was, so that it can take us to its mountain as soon as possible where both Phandolia and I can summon both our powers of love and goodness to bring back the messengers of Dalyah… well as Dalyah itself with the aid of the element of light…”“Don’t you have to find your way to love first?” Barry questioned, giving her a concerned look. “I mean……you won’t just become Dovanna simply from just entering the mountain of Phandolia. You actually have to find a way to love the same way again, and that way you and Phandolia can work together to bring the spirit of goodness back, and summoning Dalyah again, with the help of the earth being of light.”Kaira gave him a narrowed look. “Of course I’ve got to find my way to love again,” she snapped. “That’s why Dawn, Lucas, and I have come to rescue YOU and Paul first. I’ve already tried to call Phandolia down to stop Prima Dona from taking over Paul’s mind and making him become….one of them--”“Hah! I bet Paul’s been one of them all along. He’s had it in his heart for a long time too, probably.” Kaira crossed her arms. “We can still help him. I’ve got a feeling that Dawn, especially, can help him change.”Barry raised his eyebrows. “Dawn?”“She’s visited him a number of times in her dreams—for real. The light that she possesses works that way. She can break through the darkness of the portals of dreams, so that she can truly make them more lightened and less vivid, so that she is really stepping into a real world somewhere in her dream, no matter how far she dreams herself to be.”Barry suddenly felt a strange feeling as he imagined Dawn shining through the vividness of his own dreams. He looked to the ground. “Oh…..well, what has she seen? Wait! How do you know what she’s seen in her dreams? I bet Dawn wouldn’t have even told you what she’s been through if it included seeing Paul that way.”Kaira raised her eyebrows. “Oh, because I see everything.”Barry winced and chuckled. “You think so?” But he realized she wasn’t just being sarcastic. He was suddenly aware of her feelings for him, and her urge to let him know how much she really felt about him. He looked back at her for a moment, and she was gazing at him with intent hazel green eyes. He realized how much he had missed her. He sighed. “You know what….I’m sorry.”Kaira blinked. “Huh? Sorry?”“I mean…..for getting us in this mess. I’m sorry I’ve never realized your true feelings for me back in Twinleaf Town and….and for never paying close attention when we got stuck in this crazy dimension hole.” He winced at the thought of how weird and complex this world was. “I just wish we could be home right now—back in Sinnoh, in the REAL world where we belong. I bet if I had taken more notice in your feelings….things probably would’ve turned out better.”He met her eyes again, and Kaira was looking back at him with wonder. He was partially right. Maybe if she had felt more happier, and had learned to love back when she was still on earth, she probably could’ve become Dovanna already long ago, and had found her way into the fifth dimension without having to travel so far. She could’ve found her place in her heart, and in the world, just by simply learning to love back when she was on earth. Chibu wouldn’t have had to come and bring her to the planet of Gaiyah in a place where she would have to travel a long way to her real birthplace in Phandolia’s mountain—she could’ve found a way herself if only she had learned to love long ago. Barry suddenly felt his knees grow weak, and he felt utterly ashamed. “I’m sorry….” This was mostly his fault. “Oh…don’t blame it all on you,” Kaira muttered quietly, not meeting his gaze. “I….it was partly my fault too…..I was….I was jealous at the same time.”“Jealous?”“Of Dawn,” Kaira admitted sharply. “I was jealous of the way you and Dawn were always acting around each other….it brought my spirits down to ever think you and I could end of together.”Barry raised his eyebrows and laughed. “Please! Me and Dawn?”“Oh, come on! You know the two of you could become as close as an Espeon and an Umbreon would! You know it!”Barry tensed, suddenly feeling strangely confused. He stared at Kaira with an unsure, slightly humored expression, and then suddenly, the platform they stood on shook.“Whoa….” Barry looked down below, and then took a step to the left. The clock suddenly made a low, mourning chime, and he saw that it read 8:30. The sky was bright and gloomy as an uninviting morning. The dark grayness had cleared, and Barry saw a tiny streak of light in the distance to the north. Crestfall City didn’t look any more inviting than it had in the dark. Kaira gasped and Barry turned with a look of dread as he realized Prima Dona had suddenly appeared behind him at the edge of the platform. She was glaring at him with sharp piercing eyes. Ghastleon was by her heels, hissing with an unfriendly rage of hatred, its thin strands behind its ears and shoulders flowing in the breeze. Prima Dona etched a creepy smile on her face. “You think we forgot about you? I tied you there for a reason, earth boy!” Barry took a step back. “What? So I can end up like the skeleton tied to the minute hand?!” He cast a terrified glance at the minute hand that had come down to point by the numeral six, where the skeleton was still tied and closer to their sides. Barry could tell by the strange bones that this skeleton was probably more than several hundred years old or so. Prima Dona giggled. “Well…..something of the sort! You see, we were in the middle of a ritual, summoning the devil pokemon through the eyes of devil Chiba. We were hoping it would portray a dark shadow over Paul, from the fire and through the red glow of one of its messengers.”“Oh?” Kaira took a step forward to Barry’s side. “What about the other devil messengers? Where were they?”Prima Dona giggled. “Taking care of other matters! We’ve got more Team Solar grunts gathering around this place, thanks to you, my Barry.”Barry widened his eyes. “W-what have I done?”“Oh, you’ve done a lot during the times we were together! You gave me the inspiration to stay powerful, and never give up. My desire for darkness was getting stronger, and I found ways to find you when you escaped me to be with your friends. I was still able to catch a few glimpses, despite the ridiculous heart bond that nincompoop Chibo started with you! I could see you were all getting closer to the north, to the point where you couldn’t be turned back. Then I realized what was going on with Paul!”Kaira huffed. “You won’t be getting a hold of him either. We’ll make sure of that.”“Wasteful words, stupid girl!” Snapped Prima Dona with a scream. “Gahh! The members of Team Solar are searching for him right now! Meanwhile, the three messengers of Ultramaur are gathered at the Crestfall temple, where they are trying to perform a communication with Ultramaur. You see, I’m curious to see how my old creator is doing, and to see if I can speak with it pretty soon and help me with what I’m trying to do. Hopefully when I speak to the very pokemon itself, the messengers of Dalyah will be banished forever, and the hopes of ever finding Dalyah or restoring Dovanna’s love will be confined to nothingness, just like their very puny little bodies.”“We still have Kaira’s hope!” Barry spoke determinedly. “If Kaira really is Dovanna herself…..then she can still find a way to love and become the very pokemon again! She can fight the darkness that takes over the messengers, and free them—as well as free the angel pokemon Dalyah for the coming of Gaiyah to begin! You and your devil pokemon can’t stop her!”Prima Dona giggled. “Oh, really? Not even after I’ve encountered her dear little child of the foolish pokemon?”“What are you talking about?!” Kaira shouted. Prima Dona kept her wicked smile on her face and she held up a bird cage in her left hand. Both Kaira and Barry felt their hearts drop as they saw the pokemon that lay dead in the cage, hanging upsidedown like a bat from the perch that lined near the top of the cage. It was the baby Dovanna, hanging from the perch with its beautiful pure white feathers plastered in bright red blood, its eyes open and dazed, lifeless. Ghastleon was hissing and staring up with hunger at it, growling intently. “No! Dovanna…..” Kaira suddenly sounded hoarse and distant. “y-you killed it…?” Barry couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “Dovanna…..” Kaira murmured, looking heartbroken. Prima Dona kept her evil smile. “Not a smart thing to have let your pet bird out of your sight like that, wasn’t it, my dear? I would love to let my Ghastleon or Archeops eat it, but I wouldn’t want the risk of its love-containing spirit to take over their’s.” Prima Dona sighed. “So…..” She arched her arms over to her right side, holding the cage over the edge of the tower, and let it drop before anyone could let out a gasp. The cage of the baby Dovanna fell from the tower, disappearing into the faraway midst down below. Barry couldn’t watch it. He felt dizzy and shocked at one glance. “Dovanna!” Kaira hurried to the edge, looked down, and then stood upright, looking calm and focused. She closed her eyes and put a hand on her heart. “Please….”Prima Dona was cackling. “There’s nothing you could do! I’d like to see YOU fall after its death! You’re the real problem Dovanna in this world!”But Kaira took a step forward—and dropped her body over the edge, falling down with a straight position. “AHHH! KAIRA!” Yelled Barry, holding out an arm, his heart leaping out of his chest. Prima Dona and Ghastleon both gasped. “Well! That’s a surprise! I’ll help you cushion your fall.” Prima Dona raised her hand, and a long spiked ice spear formed from the fingers of her nails, ready to be thrown after Kaira. “Noooo!” Barry immediately leaped over to Prima Dona’s right shoulder, stopping her from throwing the ice spear. “Aghhh!” Prima Dona sputtered in confusion as she was easily knocked to the ground on her side like a weak tree. Her Ghastleon reacted to Barry attack like a guard dog, immediately leaping at his head and rolling over to the edge of the platform with him. Prima Dona shot up angrily. “YOUUUU FOOL! I WILL DESTROY THE SOUL OUTTA YOU!” And Barry felt the sharp stab of ice behind his back, scaring Ghastleon away as he felt his body thrusted towards the edge, and pretty soon, he felt himself falling through the air from the platform by the top of the grandfather clock. “Wahhh! Heeeelp!” He was thrusting his arms everywhere, falling in a messy fashion compared to Kaira’s smooth, straight drop. Luckily, he skidded down a hilly snow slope, eventually finding himself falling upon a steep hillside that was piled with snow. He crashed his back against a straw hut, and he felt dizzy and lost for a moment. “Uh…..Kaira?!” He got to his feet, looking around with a hand on his head. “Barry!” Kaira was suddenly at his side, holding the bird cage. “Come on! I’ve found the perfect place in this city. Let’s go before she finds us!” He felt her grab his wrist before he could say another word. As they ran through the strange quiet city, a tall figure suddenly bumped into both of them and Barry nearly stumbled backwards at the collision. Barry winced and stood upright.“Ah! Hey watch where you’re--” “Ahh! Lemme go!” Kaira’s scream interrupted him. she was struggling in the grip of the man in front of them—a tall, lanky guy that looked like in his early twenties, growing traces of a trimmed beard around his chin. “Hey! Well, if it isn’t the dove girl! is that yer little birdie there?” His eyes were a nasty purplish color, and from the looks of him, Barry guessed he must be one of Team Solar’s pirate guys. Kaira yanked her hands out of his grip. “Ugh! Get away from us, you--” “Oh! I see! It’s dead, eh?” He bent over to peer at the cage. Kaira bumped it right into his face and he staggered back, cursing. “Ach! What’s yer problem, little girl?!” “Get away,” Kaira hissed angrily. The pirate raised his eyebrows. “Ooh, I do like ‘em feisty.” “Yeah? why not pick one from your own little group?” Barry said teasingly, stepping forward and giving Kaira a slight push around the pirate. “Come on, we’lll be on our way.” To his surprise, the pirate didn’t seem to make any snide comment about Barry himself. He just kept his devious-looking eyes focused on Kaira with a snide grin. His teeth were yellow, and his dirty blondish hair was extremely ruffled and messy. Definitely one of the pirates. Barry thought if he cleaned himself up a little more, he could actually be a handsome young guy, but apparently he wasn’t at the moment. Kaira kept a narrowed look on her face as she walked away, and then turned. As soon as he was out of sight, Barry huffed. “Whew! The heck was that all about? I bet he’s looking for Paul, or else he would’ve spent more time observing us!” Kaira said nothing. She clutched baby Dovanna’s bird cage with her lips tightly puckered and her eyes still blazing with anger. barry decided to say nothing, They were wandering through the strange quiet city until they caught up to what looked like an enclosed fountain garden. Barry raised his eyebrows at the silver gates and dark green tree branches and leaves that grew all over. “You sure we’re allowed in there? Looks like private property to me.” “Trust me…..I saw Phandolia leaping this way. He—I mean it—was helping me.” Barry looked at her with a concerned gaze and chuckled. “What, is ‘he’ like your mysterious dream guide or something?” Kaira didn’t answer as she walked up to the gate and started climbing over. “Obviously, it’s locked, but no one lives here so we can come in as we please. I’ll make sure Dawn and the others find their way here as well.” Barry followed her over the gate. The climb was slippery and he had to be careful of the sharp branches. “Huh! I don’t see how this can keep us safer than any other place can.” “There are psychic pokemon here,” Kaira turned to give him an intent look. “Psychic pokemon in the garden that can create some sort of illusion over this garden.” “Illusion?” “Yes, apparently no one can see this garden and everything about the gates in front, unless the psychic pokemon make it visible. Phandolia’s given them a sign that we need a place like this so… we’ve got it for now.” “Ahh,” Barry nodded with understanding. As soon as they got to the other side of the gate, Barry gazed around them with wonder. It almost reminded him of the Spirit Garden, but not any longer. The place looked empty and secretive. There were trails that were colored dark purple and lead over hills, disappearing as if to conceal the secret beyond. The fountain was a quiet trickling area of statues of Gardevoir, and just by standing around, Barry felt like there was something watching them. “Whoa…..hey, what about your baby Dovanna?” Barry turned to give a raised, sorry look at the bloodied bird in the cage. The poor thing looked so lifeless there, hanging upside down with that dead expression. “Is it……is it really dead?” Kaira sighed and closed her eyes for a moment. “I don’t know…..but Phandolia seemed to want me to come here for that reason as well. I…..I should take it to the fountain, I guess. It feels like the right place to let this rest.” Barry blinked, but he didn’t try to stop her as she walked over to where the fountain was. He slowly kept behind her, alone in his thoughts and thinking about his earlier encounter with Prima Dona. He had been fearing her return sooner or later…..and she had sworn to kill him. he was no use to her now. she was more intent on getting Paul traumatized. But she hadn’t forgotten about Barry. Whether he would be on her side or not, Barry knew she would still stop at nothing more than to kill him. 45. PIRATES Lucas and Chimchar battled off the strange Gastrodon that blocked their path. “Take this!” Chimchar punched out a furious hit at the neck of the Gastrodon, learning the new move of Mach Punch. Lucas blew out a Flamethrower, and the strange Gastrodon cried out with pain and faded into the air. Lucas stood there, panting. The way these pokemon of Team Solar reacted whenever they were battling, or when they were defeated, it was all still a little traumatizing to Lucas. He knew the Gastrodon had fainted, and that its strange body became pure dead matter—for a limited time. Lucas didn’t feel like thinking about it. “Sheesh, I sure glad I’m no Solar pokemon,” Chimchar muttered. He looked up at Lucas triumphantly. “Did you see that awesome move of Mach Punch? I owned that Gastrodon!” “Serves it right for losing our tracks,” replied Lucas tersely, looking around the strange city for Dawn. “Great! We’ve lost Dawn! Thanks to that pirate’s stupid Gastrodon that chased us all the way here…” “Hey, look!” Chimchar pointed over to where a tall building loomed at their right. There were status of many exotic looking fire types everywhere, including epic features of Entei and Moltres posing at the bases here and there. Lucas huffed, though he did feel hopeful. “If we don’t find any traces of Dawn, Kaira, Barry, or Dovanna, we’re leaving.” He kept a close eye as Chimchar bounded around the statues, wagging his fiery tail playfully and pretending like he was in battle with some of the powerful looking fire types. Lucas peered around. he could catch a glimpse of what looked like dark skinned people gathering in the inside of the building. They all looked like they were bowing down and in the middle of some ritual. A strange figure of a pokemon was standing all the way at the end, nd Lucas couldn’t make out what it exactly was, though he could see it was carrying a bowl of flames in its hands. Lucas was trying not to get too inquisitive with his surroundings. He had to find Dawn, for he had left her by the altar that still had Paul on the pole. Whatever she may be doing now, Lucas hoped she was safe. He also had to find Kaira, who had been chased away by the angry mob of Team Solar back at the altar. And wherever Barry was—he still had to figure that out as well. Though he tried not to become too influenced by his surroundings, though he found it difficult to keep from staring at all the replicas. Some of the pokemon were pretty amazing—he stopped to even stare up at a tall figure of a feminine looking Infernape, posing with a foot lifted slightly above the ground and its arms arching towards the sky, one aiming diagonally upwards, the other straight back pass its thigh. Infernape admired the sight, feeling dazed for a moment. He could hear the strange chanting from the inside of the building as he stared, lost in his thoughts. Suddenly, there was a rustle in the bushes. he looked to the side and saw that something fiery and glowing was emerging. He raised his eyebrows and then felt his heart throb at the sight of a beautiful Rapidash that shook itself out from the hidden plants, its flaming body burning off the flowers that stuck around it. it was like it revealed itself for a triumphant impression. Lucas made a low cry under his throat, feeling his tail burn wildly. The Rapidash turned its finely shaped head and eyed Lucas from the corner of its green, glowing gaze. Lucas felt immediately attracted. The Rapidash turned its back on him, facing its end towards him from the sitance, revealing a red-orange heart shape that seemed to be tattooed above its fiery tail. Lucas let out a happy shout as it swished its bushy tail, making the tattooed heart glow with pride. He found himself following the Rapidash into the garden behind the building. Lucas was hardly paying attention until he suddenly stumbled over a vine that tangled its way out of the ground, instantly tumbling his way into a deep hole in the ground. “Wahh!” Lucas cried with surprise, hitting his head at the bottom of the hole. He looked up, realizing he had fallen almost ten feet or so. The Rapidash suddenly peeked over the hole with an evil glint in its eyes. it snickered deviously and then suddenly turned a pale, melting color that suddenly froze up into a bluish white figure that suddenly revealed itself—as Prima Dona. “Hah! Foooool! That was absolutely DISGUSTING and I hope I’ll never have to do that with a fire pokemon again! But! I bet I had YOU in a dreamy surprise for a while.” She suddenly banged her spear to the ground and then disappeared. Lucas stared up, confused, and then suddenly, he heard rumbling footsteps coming over. three Solar grunts and two pirate guys peeked over the ground and eyed Lucas with intent. “Urr…..this must be the being from earth Prima Dona was after, ain’t it?” Said one of the pirates. A Solar grunt threw down a rope and caught Lucas around the neck. lucas flinched, still dazed and confused, not knowing what to do as he stared up with shock. What had happened to the beautiful Rapidash that had made the first few moments of admiration in his life? That pokemon…..was HOT. The grunts peered down at Lucas with wicked looks in their eyes. “Well, don’t be wasting time! Pull it up! mighty good this one would do as a first sacrifice to the pokemon Ultramaur itself.” Paul blinked open his eyes, hearing the first few calls of Wingull. He felt himself resting upon sand, feeling a wet cloth over his head. He heard a gasp. “Are you awake?” It was Dawn’s voice. “Um…” Paul murmured nauseously and slowly rose up. he was sitting by a rocky area near the ocean waves, where the sky seemed to gazedown upon him with an unpromising weather. His head was still spinning. The last thing he had seen were the terrible images of pokemon—all powerful and all beyond his control, all much too strong for even a trainer like him to ever handle. Then he was filled with the feelings of ambition and dread, and even almost witness the very devil pokemon himself. He suddenly remembered what had just happened to him now. he had been tied to a pole, just a mere two feet above fire, as the evil gang of Team mSolar and Prima Dona were chanting a strange sacrifice to summon the devil pokemon Ultramaur. He wouldve been granted the pact with Ultramaur himself—and he would’ve entered a strange darkness, one that would be literal and never escape his heart again. he had been so close to becoming one of….he evil. He blinked his eyes slowly, meeting Dawn’s bright blue gaze. Her face was a worried shock, and she looked as bright and beautiful to him as she had ever looked. “Y-you saved me….” “Oh, of course I did,” she replied, throwing her arms around him. he felt a strange warmth in her hug and he sat frozen in her grasp. “You were almost……they almost killed the real spirit inside of you. you almost became one of THEM—just mere bodies of darkness and matter, only portraying the image of a human.” She let go of him, and he stared into her eyes. “I….I almost saw it. I almost saw Ultramaur itself. Prima Dona…..she was there and drawing mecloser to the image every time she entered my thoughts.” “Ugh…Prima Dona…” Dawn winced, looking to the left, and then letting his gaze again. “Listen…the rest of Team Solar are gone for now. kaira—she interrupted them and tried to disturb their ceremony by summoning her baby Dovanna, trying to call out Phandolia. They chased her, and I was left to help you myself. everyone was after her—for she had been so close as to even summon the pokemon of goodness during such a ritual too.” Paul raised his eyebrows. “Kaira…” He knew her secret. “You’ll never guess who she is,” said Dawn intently. “I know….” Paul was nodding. “She’s Dovanna, isn’t she? The pokemon of love….she is the one to influence the three beings of earth and control them to bring back Gaiyah together, isn’t she?” Dawn gasped. “How did you know?” An image flashed through Paul’s head. It was the image of Kaira, though he knew it wasn’t exactly Kaira herself, but another person that looked exactly like her. he rose up to his feet and looked down on her. “Come on. I can explain everything.” Paul walkedalong the beach with Dawn, telling her everything he had been through with Team Solar, and about what he had seen of Kyra Elizabeth Flockheart. He told her everything he had learned of this mysterious city of Crestfall, and even explained it was a mere city of time itself. Paul stopped and pointed to the large grandfather clock tower in the distance, far ahead from them. “See that clock tower? That’s what keeps this city controlled and alive. Set the time on that clock to an hour ahead from now, and the day will become an hour ahead. Set it to twenty four hours before, then time in this city will flash back to twenty four hours before—they very day yesterday. That clock is as powerful as that, simply to change the time and happenings in this very place.” Dawn stared in wonder at the clock. “So it’s no wonder this place looks so primitive. I bet it’s been set back to thousands of years before…” “The reason why Prima Dona picked this place to do that strange ritual, I guess it’s because bcack then, that’s what the natives of this city used to do to make a call for the devil pokemon. She wanted it to work on me.” Dawn sighed. “I feel terrible for the people and pokemon who live here. their lives can end or start over just like that, all because of one stupid clock tower.” “Well….I think Dionza’s told me about how there’s supposedly a strange garden that can’t be seen, a garden where mysterious psychic pokemon have lived, undisturbed and unidentified. The pokemon there are the only ones who have gone on with their lives, and that garden is the only place in the city to withstand the strange flashings of time. They can keep going on, while the rest of the place around them is under control of the clock tower, constantly able to go backwards or forwards. The pokemon of the garden are invisible though, and we couldn’t find their place if we tried. They are as complex to keep themselves from being discovered, most importantly, from being discovered by the power of the clock tower to end up like the city around them.” Dawn winced. “That sounds a little odd.” “It’s very odd,” said Paul, eying the clock tower in the distance. “I can only imagine what Prima Dona could do to this place. Obviously, hse is able to control that clock tower….” “Hey, Paul?” Paul looked at her. “Yeah?” “Look….isn’t that a Gardevoir?” Dawn’s voice was curious, and she was pointing to a strange figure that hovered above them in the distance. Paul peered forward, and then raised his eyebrows. it was a Gardevoir, a few meters in front of them it was hovering with its hands clasped together under its chin, its eyes calm and soft as the morning breeze. It seemed to be staring right at Paul, and he could feel its intent gaze touching his heart. It suddenly hovered to the left, disappearing behind the trees. Paul felt the strange urge to follow it. letting go of Dawn’s hand, he took a step forward. Dawn was looking at him curiously. “Paul? What are you doing? Are you sure we should follow it?” But Paul could barely hear her. there seemed to be a light in this Gardevoir that was warming him up, a light that was almost similar to the light he saw in Dawn. Mesmerized, he followed the Gardevoir into the woods. Lucas suddenly found himself struggling in ropes, trying to yank himself from the grasp like a dog caught by ten different leashes. Team Solar were surrounding him. “Hey, this is a feisty one! Not to mention what it would be like if it were its normal human form!” Laughed one of the grunts. Suddenly, Lucas heard a cry from behind. Chimchar suddenly appeared out of nowhere, leaping onto the neck of one of the Solar pirates. “Chimchar!” Shouted Lucas. He tried to burn with more intensity, trying to burn of the ropes that wrapped around his neck. but it was surprisingly hopeless. Chimchar tried to scratch at the pirate, but it wasn’t long before the pirate had a grip on the pokemon. But Chimcahr was fast, and he managed to run off, distracting the pirate into chasing after him with anger. “Hey! Trevor, get back here, idiot!” One of the grunts called after him. Lucas struggled with hopelessness. The grunts were already starting to yank him towards what looked like a pirate ship by the shore. And on the ship, were numbers of leashed pokemon trapped on board. 46. THE PSYCHIC GARDEN Kaira sat by the fountain with a halfhearted look on her face. the strange garden of the psychic pokemon was intriguing her deeply. Already she and Barry had befriended some of the psychics, and surprisingly enough, they were pokemon that were able to communicate with them like humans. Apparently, they were ancient pokemon that have developed strange telepathic ways I, and living through Crestfall City, unaffected by the changes of time in the city. One of the psychics, a curious young Ralts, had ventured up to Kaira’s baby Dovanna, looking sorry for it. Its mother, a tall, humble Gardevoir had spoken to her and told her how the baby Dovanna was still alive, though it needed time to heal by the Platinum Fountain. Baby Dovanna was still by her side. Supposedly, the fountain would heal the pokemon’s body and then it would ned nothing more than just rest to fully recover. “It will take a few days,” the Gardevoir had told her. “The fountain contains a magical potion that can restore health, just as in the way a sacred ash can do, except this one is more involved with the element of water. Once it comes in contact with the body, its cool, healing temperatures can cleanse any wound or infection. Afterwards, the body must stay in its resting mode, for its entire system has paused its breathing rates to survive under the water for proper treatment. It must take about three days for it to sleep out of the water and fully recover before it awakens.” Kaira had still been unsure about letting the little pokemon into the water. She couldn’t exactly trust the Gardevois either, as innocent and kind as it seemed. She had been tricked and lied to by so many people, pokemon and spirits lately, that she didn’t know what to think. “Oh, Chibu….” She murmured out loud, staring at her clear reflection in the smooth, silver-bluish water. “I wish you were here. I need your help.” With the little pokemon gone in the black hole, or anywhere close to the deadly region, she could come in no contact whatsoever with her dear friend. She looked up to the gloomy sky, feeling cut off from even Phandolia, who roamed somewhere in those thick, hiding clouds. Barry suddenly approached her side. “Hey, has Gardevoir returned yet?” The pokemon had gone off to help search for Dawn, Lucas, and Chimchar. Just like the garden and all the pokemon that roamed in it, Gardevoir was able to become invisible and transparently roam through the town unseen. Kaira turned to meet his gaze. His eyes looked dazed, as if he had been studying deeply about something. This garden was very calming and mysterious, and she could see it was even intriguing Barry. “No….I havent seen it yet.” “You ought to let Dovanna in the fountain, you know,” said Barry carefully, coming up to her side and kneeling down to see the unmoving body in the cage. Kaira sighed. “Oh….I know I should. I was just….I was just thinking about what would’ve happened if I never found this pokemon. I probably would’ve never met Phandolia, for it was because of this little dove that attracted Phandolia closer to the planet, almost hoping it was the real Dovanna it was looking for. It eventually let Phandolia to meet me, and then that’s how it realized that I was really the real Dovanna—though he couldn’t have sensed it as easily since my love had changed so drastically…” “Dawn was the one to have found it first.” Said Barry with a hopeful smile. “Remember—she was the one to have been so serious about taking it along with us, while the rest of us wanted to leave it behind in the hopes of someone else finding it. if THAT were to happen, the little Dovanna would’ve ended up in the wrong hands by who knows who!” Kaira blinked and looked sadly at the baby Dovanna. “Right….I was just also thinking of how my life would’ve been like really, if I were really Kaira Elizabeth Flockheart, and not Dovanna. I remember how everyone used to believe I had the disorder of selective mutism….” Barry started laughing. “Oh, yeah! at the beginning of the year when you first moved in! haha, I’m sorry, but I found it funny that anyone would think you would have selective mutism.” Kaira winced. “Why? I was so quiet and unwilling to let anyone talk to me….I even believed I could’ve had something like selective mutism once.” Barry chuckled. “I could tell that there was something about you that was outgoing and brightening. I really felt it every time I hung out with you.” Kaira raised her eyebrows, feeling her heart lift. He was smiling calmly at her, he was trying to be polite. She realized he had seen how much he had missed form noticing how much she had really cared for him, and now he was trying to treat her with the same respect. Kaira stared at him with a blank expression, wondering if it could really be true—that Barry could ever love her the way she almost loved him? “So…” Barry spoke, breaking her thoughts. “You okay there?” Kaira blinked, realizing how stupid she must’ve looked staring at him like that. she looked away towards the top of the fountain, hiding her blushing face. “Um.” “I say we let this bird in the birdbath,” said Barry, rising up and gazing down at the cage with concern. “It may not have a lot of time to just lie there, you know.” Kaira huffed. “I guess. I just hope…everything will be alright.” “Without Prima Dona, anything can be all right.” Kaira narrowed her eyes. “Well……there are other things to worry about besides Prima Dona.” She thought of Ultramaur, as well as her own conflict of feelings for Barry. “She can’t overpower everything in the world.” Barry chuckled. “I said Prima Dona can pretty much destroy ANYTHING, but not EVERYTHING.” Kaira looked at him and then shook her head. “Whatever,” she opened the cage and slowly reached in, feeling her heart beat faster as she finally reached the pokemon’s small feathery body. she let out a small, quiet gasp. Baby Dovanna’s body was so cold and lifeless, she could’ve been positive that the little pokemon was truly dead, unable to come back to life. But Barry bent slightly down, trying to peer in the cage. “You got it?” Kaira slowly took the bird out, holding it in front of the door. “It’s…’s so cold.” Barry put a hand over its little body. the little pokemon’s body was almost covered up by both Kaira and Barry’s hands as its head stuck out, looking clouded and dazed. Barry slowly brought her hand over to the water and the two of them carefully dropped the little bird into the fountain pool. Kaira slowly blinked her eyes as she watched the little pokemon enter into the clear water, feeling the cool, refreshing touch of the pond around her hands. She felt both cooled by the water, and warmed by Barry’s hand resting over hers, covering the pokemon. Baby Dovanna was slowly releaed from their grip, and Kaira could see it sink down into the depths until it hit the shallow ground, resting quietly in the seabed. Strange purple bubbles floated around its body and popped, and Kaira raised her eyebrows as she saw baby Dovanna’s eyes suddenly blink twice—three times, and then finally close with its body going into sleeping mode under the water. It was no longer breathing….though it was not dead. “It’s resting now…..” A deep male voice suddenly sounded behind. Kaira flinched and turned to see that a Gallade was standing behind her, with a Grumpig at its side. The little Ralts was holding the Gallade’s hand with a curious look on its face. “Whoa, where’d you come from?” Barry suddenly said. Gallade blinked its sharp eyes. “Don’t fear for it. There’s no way souls from the outside world can come into this garden. The psychics of the garden have only kept it open for the beings of the prophecy—and not anyone else. we can see in your souls that you are the beings, and only you can come in with any contact to see the inhabitants. Baby Dovanna is safe from harm, and no one can ever bother it for the few days it is at rest.” Kaira said nothing for a moment, and then slowly nodded. “Thank you.” Barry stood upright. “Ha….so now we’ve just got to--” Suddenly, there was a cry in the distance, and Kaira turned, narrowing her eyes over the strange purple hill in the distance just behind the fountain. “What was that?” Grumping suddenly flinched and Gallade’s eyes glowed. “Gardevoir…” “Daddy, is mama in trouble?” Ralts asked nervously. Kaira looked at the pokemon. “What are you talking about? I heard something over there…” “Gardevoir is on the other side of the city,” said Gallade urgently, his pointed sword-like arm lashing out in front of him. “I can feel her…..she is in trouble.” Barry turned to glance behind him, and faced forward with a wince. “Um…I was pretty sure I heard her cry back there, over that hill.” The Gurmpig cleared its throat. “You shouldn’t listen to what you hear on the outside. Sounds can come anywhere, but the sounds of psychics can trick you into being heard anywhere. Gardevoir is by the beach, and she has encountered…..what feels like the souls of who are also par tof the prophecy.” The Grumpig was closing its eyes and frowning, listening intently. Kaira narrowed her eyes, but then she let herself feel the world around her as well. Pretty soon, she let out a gasp and realized what they meant. “Dawn and Paul!” she turned to Barry. “Gardevoir’s found Dawn and Paul! We must save them!” “You said it was in trouble?” Barry turned to Gallade. “Lemme guess! Paul’s used some sort of magic or sorcery to hurt it, right?” Gallade was shaking its head, clutching onto Ralts with a narrowed look. “No….the soul affecting its heart is one that I can’t read.” “Gallade…I can go find it,” said Kaira, getting up from the bench around the fountain. “I can feel for its aura….and I can help it. if any pokemon is to be harmed, especially a pokemon from the psychics garden, I will not tolerate the reason for it.” Barry gasped. “You sure you can actually find it? You may be from this world, but you’re no psychic!” Kaira gave him an indignant look. “They just told me Gardevoir was at the beach. I think I can look around for it pretty easily there—especially if Team Solar’s gotten it.” “Great—I’ll come with you!” “No…..Barry, please stay here,” Kaira spoke calmly. She gazed at him with intent. “I….I need you to look over Dovanna. Please make sure it’s safe. I just need to feel comfortable into having someone keep an eye on it.” Barry looked ready to object and start another one of his headstrong arguments, but then he sighed. “Fine. Be careful, though.” “Yes…there is nothing more we can do to thank you,” said Gallade warmly. “If there’s anything that happens to you, I’ll promise we’ll be there ourselves to help you.” Kaira was immediately on her way, leaving the psychics garden and heading back through the city, towards the beach. She glanced back, the silver gates seeming to fade away by the second. She just hoped if she looked at it the next time, they would fade back. When she turned away, she didn’t bother looking back again, fearing that they would actually be completely gone and out of sight. She wandered through the city, feeling like she was being watched. This city was like a ghost town, though at the same time, it felt like it was so full of live spirits watching her from all around. Kaira was almost at the beach. She could hear its flowing waters in the distance just over the steep road uphill. Suddenly, she stopped in her tracks before climbing up the hill, wincing around her. she felt a strange psychic power of a pokemon—of a Gardevoir—wandering around her. she could feel its presence like Phandolia breathing on her neck. A saddened moan suddenly came from behind, and Kaira turned with shock to see that Gardevoirs body had suddenly lowered to the ground and lying down on its side, wheezing and groaning with pain. a strange purple liquid seemd to be oozing from its neck, and as it hit the ground, it turned an icy blue color. A figure stepped right behind it, making it all look clear. It was Prima Dona, staring at Kaira with a cold hard smile on her thin face. Kaira narrowed her eyes. “You…..what HAVE you done?” Prima Dona chuckled. “I’m sorry. But one certainly can’t control themselves when it comes to hunger, osn’t that true?” Ghastleon suddenly appeared out of mowhere right at Kaira’s side, and she flinched to the left from its sudden presence. Ghastleon hissed back at her and then leaped over to Gardevoir’s other side, sniffing curiously at the dying body. Gardevoir wwas heaving and fighting its life. Prima Dona grinned at Kaira, revealing a dark purple glistening color on her top teeth, exactly the same purple as the one that leaked from Gardevoir’s neck. Kaira gasped with shock. “You….BIT it?” “Oh, come on! Even a soul made out of matter has to feed on something! And it won’t just be filthy human bodies all the time!” Prima Dona snapped, and Kaira took a step back with horror and disgust. She looked at Prima Dona as a more vile type of witch, with a new feeling welling up inside of her. Kaira’s fists clenched and she felt the spirit stir inside of her. “You let Gardevoir go! How were you able to have found it?!” “Hmm-hm!” Prima Dona giggled simultaneously. “You think I’m as blind as a Zubat? I can SEE through anything! This poor pokemon wandered from the safety of its little invisible garden, and so it serves it right! There are predators in the outside world, and this Gardevoir has to pay for what it tried to do with your little friend back there.” “Dawn and Paul! What have you done with them?!” Kaira demanded, stepping forward. “You’ve hurt them, haven’t you?!” She could see Prima Dona’s pale fingers covered in blood—red blood this time. “Oh puh-lease! Don’t get all hussy on me! There’s nothing you can do! you’re just a poor, helpless little girl who couldn’t love anymore! Hah! But in your case, that’s what makes you weak!” Prima Dona was suddenly walking up to Kaira in a modeling manner, strutting up to her with a sassy look on her face. “See, just like you, I am unable to love the same way the pokemon Dovanna can love. I am nothing but darkness and ice—made from dark matter itself, a real unholy creation of the devil pokemon Ultramaur. To have me ‘falling’ in love is just like having a Pikachu learn the move Roar of Time. It’s just totally impossible and unable to happen. But that’s just what makes me stronger on the hateful side! Without a way to love anything, I have fed on darkness, concealing the coldness in my heart to make my hatred and desire for power grow stronger with force and evilness. YOU, on the other hand, have lost your way to love, and therefore have become as weak as a Magikarp, delicate and sensitive to the littlest emotions, and unable to grow stronger from any other feelings. You are nothing but a WEAKLING.” Prima Dona was smiling coldly down at her, and Kaira could feel herself freezing just under the wicked gaze of Prima Dona. Kaira felt utterly defeated by such words, but she refused to be intimidated. She frowned up at the evil witch. “Say what you want. But I CAN grow strong again, for instead of feeding on the hate and anger like you have, I can find a better way. I can find a way to learn to love again, and restore my good feelings to help me have faith and become strong again. love is always stronger than hate, and I’m sorry to see that a soul like you is just not capable of ever figuring that out.” Prima Dona’s blue eyes flashed into a red color of anger. “Hmph! Such wasteful words! Well! If oyu wanna have it that way….” Prima Dona lifted her spear and three small sapes appeared from the point, hovering to the side of her head. The three devil messengers of Ultramaur—Chiba, Chibu, and Chibo—were all together, all giving Kaira devilish glares. She had seen all of them at least once by now. Chiba, smiling its wicked smile, Chibu, narrowing its tiny eyes with venom, and Chibo, glaring at her with a straight frown. If Kaira had Chibu or baby Dovanna by her side right now, she would’ve thrown them into battle instantly. But without friends or pokemon by her side, she was totally helpless. She glanced down at Gardevoir, who was still dying with its gasping breaths with Ghastleon snarling at its side. “Gardevoir!” Kaira put all her hope and belief into the pokemon. “Save yourself! Please!” And surprisingly enough, the Gardevoir’s breathing calmed at Kaira’s desperate, hoping feelings, and it slowly faded away into the air. Kaira hoped that hadn’t been the end of it. Prima Dona whipped her head to face down where it had been. “What?!” She glared at her Ghastleon. “Find it, you fleabag!” Ghastleon hissed with hatred up at her, and then disappeared with obedience. Kaira stared, her eyes with a look of horror. “Now!” Prima Dona was glaring at Kaira. “Please take care of this useless girl interrupting my little task right now.” And the three devil messengers heaved in together, and a dark blow of light suddenly flung against Kaira, and she felt herself thrown over the steep hill, and rolled down on the other side, bumping into the heels behind a fiery Stoutland. The pokemon turned to growl and sniff noisily at Kaira and she flinched, rising up to her feet and brushing herself, wincing at what had just happened. Prima Dona was probably after the Gardevoir—willing to follow it back to its secret garden somehow. She had it weakened, and with a taste of its blood—its purple, psychic-oozing blood—she could only imagine how much Prima Dona could use that as a source to track down the rest of the invisible garden since she had been able to reveal the presence of Gardevoir itself. Barry! Barry was still there—and her baby Dovanna as well! Prima Dona could NOT harm the little pokemon she had already almost killed—or Barry especially. The Stoutland was growling like a mangy old pokemon, and Kaira was starting to back away. suddenly, something leaped onto her shoulders from behind, and Kaira screamed with terror. “Chi-him!” Chimchar’s squealing cry suddenly calmed Kaira down. “Oh, Chimchar! It’s you!” She turned ot give the pokemon a wide-eyed surprised look. the little pokemon looed smoky and tired out, as if it had been running for hours. The Stoutland started barking and burning up, looking ready to explode flames at Kaira. “Hey!” A tall guy in the distance was running up to the Stoutland. But as he came up to its side, he turned to suddenly smile deviously at Kaira. “Ooh, well, well! If it isn’t the lil ol’ gal with the bird cage! Where’s yer little pet now, huh?” Kaira looked up with a look of disgust. It was the same guy that she and Barry had run into earlier, the Team Solar pirate. “Is it still alive?” His dark eyes were sarcastically glinting at her. his dirty blonde hair looked even more of a mess since the last time. Kaira bit her lip and said nothing. “Chim!” Chimchar was glaring at him, and lashed out a swat of hatred. The guy pointed to the little pokemon on her shoulder. “Ey, is this your little misfit? He’s disrupted some of us just to chsase after him. dionza still wants to have it come along with us just ‘cause it’s strong by the side of the little earthlings.” “Chimchar is ours,” snapped Kaira, putting a hand on her shoulder to grab Chimchar’s hand. “No one can ever take charge of it.” “Trevor!” Dionza was suddenly at his side with her Lepardus at her side. The tall, prim cat pokemon was hissing intently at Chimchar. Dionza suddenly met Kaira’s gaze and then smiled deviously. “Ooh, it’s the strange dove girl. mighty use we could do with YOU.” Kaira stared up at her untrusting eyes. they were gleaming and devious as her Lepardus’s. “No! you guys aren’t going to get away with anything before we leave this city!” Kaira spat, knowing she was sure to defeat this brutes before she and her friends continued on towards the north. Trevor snickered, seeming to admire her. “I did say I like ‘em feisty,” he muttered. “Oh, please don’t fret yet,” said Dionza calmly. “We’ve already find a fourth of your frinds with us, including that little Chimchar. It seems as if the both of them were both left unguarded and….a little out of place from their poke balls.” “Lucas?!” Kaira suddenly felt a surge of anger. “Where’s Lucas?!” She peered over their shoulders and saw the group of Solar grunts by a large pirate ship, where she could hear many pokemon cries come from. Immediately pushing pass the two grunts, she charged towards the group with Chimchar clutching to her shoulder. “Lucas!!!” She called out, ignoring the irritated yell from Trevor. 47. SHADOWS Barry tensed as he wandered around the fountain, keeping a close eye near the place where baby Dovanna had been dropped. The place was giving him an anonymous feeling of strange luminosity, feeling as if something around him were watching him. It was as if being back in the Spirit Garden, though the feelings was creepier and luminous rather than happy and spirited.Suddenly, there as a rustle in the bushe behind him, and Barry turned to see a creepy shadow slither out of the trees and he widened his eyes at he sight o the shadow. it was the mere shape of Barry's own body, lastered against the ground like a shadow. the shadw slipped out the shadow of what looked like a dagger. Barry gasped. "Wh-what are you going to do with that? You're nothing buta mere spirit ofnothing!" He knew the Shadows were mischievous, but they couldnt harm the reall world. Suddenly, the Shadow slithered its way across the ground, heading towards the gates. Barry gasped, racing after it, not wanting to let it get away with that dagger. He raced after the Shadow as it slithered its dark body through the dark alleys of the city. Pretty soon, Barry found himself entering a strange bright city-like area. it was like vegas, and barry followed the shdow into a room, slithering its way upairs ntil he suddenly saw it disappear behind the outside bushes of the otdoor pool. He gased, noticing the figureof Dawn bythe pools edge."Dawn!"dawn turnd around to meet his gaze. "Barry...o...I thought...""havent seen you in a hile since prima Dona separated us. Seems like such a short time after you recovered, she just HAD to show up and separate us again." Dawn huffed. “Just her presence anytime is the wrong time. She always ruins everything just be existing—literally! She’s pure dark matter, and she’s done nothing but try to ruin things for us. Look what she’s done to your arm, and look at what she’s trying to do to Paul.”Barry glanced at the mark on his forearm. “Luckily I haven’t been feeling anything from this wound yet….but I haven’t been hearing anything from Chibo, wherever Prima Dona must have sent it.”Dawn looked away and sat down by the edge of the pool, letting her bare legs sink into the water up to her knees. She closed her eyes and sighed. “I’m just so tired of this journey…..I really want to go home. Don’t you miss our REAL world? I mean…. I know this planet is Earth in a way, though it is earth on the other side in the fifth dimension form, but it’s just not the same. If I found Twinleaf Town in its fifth dimension form, I would have never recognized it.”Barry watched Dawn closely. She looked exhausted and ready to let her body slip into the pool. He sat down beside her, almost feeling the same way. Their journey had taken them a pretty good long way, across the strangest regions. “Well, if I were to predict the place we’re in right now in its first dimension form on earth, I would guess this place is that mysterious Lavender Town I heard of in Kanto. This place sure portrays ancient weird stuff, and quiet atmospheres. I wouldn’t be surprised.”Dawn sighed again. “I bet we’re not even close to the region of Zan-Quin, where we must get to the top of Phandolia’s mountain. We still have to reach the other side of the Yonga mountains across this region.”“Well…..we’re getting there. Trust me.” Barry put an arm around Dawn. “Man, if I ever wrote a book on this entire journey, I’d have a pretty dang good story to write.”Dawn let her head rest on him. “Oh, and I’m soooo thankful Prima Dona has no access to enter our own world. Can you imagine what she would do? she’ll turn our planet into a place of running invisible spirits and dark demons running around. pokemon will be possessed!”“Hehe, remember that she CAN send others to our world through her works of dark magic. She can mess with the portals, especially now that they are growing weak. She sent Kaira there, remember?”Dawn’s gaze faltered as she recalled Kaira’s mysterious and shocking story. Barry himself felt a surge of grief sweep him at the thought of Kaira.Barry pressed on. “She sent Kaira to the first dimension on the other side of this world….and the only reason why she hasn’t come to our world yet is because Kaira is HERE where she belongs, trying to fulfill the prophecy against what Prima Dona was hoping. She wants to get rid of her again, and this time, she’ll want to get rid of her forever. She’ll do more than just send her back to earth again…she’ll even do more than….kill her.”Dawn nodded. “She’ll send her…to the Black Hole, where she can never come back. She….she won’t even come back to us in our dreams, memories, or anything…”Barry bit his lip, looking ahead of him with scared eyes. “Once a soul enters the Black Hole, everything about them is forgotten—including memories of their loved ones to keep them alive. They will be dead everywhere—in minds, in memory, in the dimensions. That’s why…that’s why I slowly feel my hope for Chibo ebbing away….”Dawn huddled closer to Barry. He suddenly realized how cold the air was around them. the pool was comfortably warm, though. He could feel its heat just by sitting near it. “Oh…..we have to stop Prima Dona…..she’s going to use Paul as a source to help her capture Kaira…and summon the presence of Ultramaur. There will be more darkness than we can imagine. We….we have to stop it.”Barry suddenly felt a chill run through him, and not just from the breeze. The night sky was dark and starless, and he realized how alone he really felt. With Dawn at his side, he felt as if he were almost comforted by the presence of her light…..though something still seemed to be missing. He couldn’t communicate with his heart-bonded pokemon, Chibo. The sky was missing the stars—and it just made him see how important and deadly the Black Hole really was. He looked over to Dawn, who had her eyes closed on his shoulder. He felt his heart warm at the sight of how comfortable she looked resting by his side. He felt the longing need to kiss her, but he knew this probably wasn’t the perfect time. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close. Looking up to the sky, he could see nothing but darkness. Only the moonlight behind them shone on the pool, though just a mere sliver of whiteness. The sky seemed totally dark—dark as Paul’s heart….Barry thought. Just thinking about Paul and his relationship with Team Solar made Barry feel like Paul himself could be connected to Prima Dona much more than he expected. He already knew how close Paul had been with the devil Chiba, and that he was probably even closer to becoming more connected with the other devil pokemon as well. Whatever Prima Dona was planning on doing to him, Barry felt that it would be more serious than what Chiba had tried to convince him of before—and this time, his feelings may even become permanently dedicated to Prima Dona and Team Solar. Barry couldn’t let that happen—and neither would Dawn. Barry himself knew what it was like to fall for Prima Dona, but the way Paul was going to fall for her was different. While Barry had been dazzlingly in love with Prima Dona’s awe-inspiring beauty and power, Paul would be captured by the inner darkness of sorcery and desire to become the most powerful being in the world. Dawn had been with him, and she had told Barry and the others of how Paul had been inspired by the little devil pokemon Chiba, and how it convinced him to do anything to win its acceptance for him. And even though Paul had even stopped believing in that, Prima Dona was onto him now, and she was going to make sure he wasn’t going to get away. Come to think of it, Barry thought, Dawn probably knew Paul for his inner self more than the rest of them. She was the one who had opened his heart to stop following Team Solar. She was the one who had even found her way to reaching him through the portal of dreams in the dimension, and shine her way through the darkness that separated her from him, as well as shining the darkness that was in his heart. Barry looked at Dawn with intent. From her slow, careful breathing, he could tell that she had fallen asleep by his side. She really was the earth being of light, just like she was prophesized. Lucas was fire, Dawn was light……and from the actions and inner aura of Paul, he was probably the darkness. Barry gasped, and looked up ahead of him with a dreadful feeling. That meant……there was only one element, one more person to be cursed by the element of ice. Barry held his breath. “No….” he thought. It cannot be him. Perhaps Barry himself was the element of darkness, for he had been close to becoming consumed by the darkness in Prima Dona as well. But no…..he had pushed that curse away. he had joined his friends’ side, and he had sworn to stick with them just as he had hopefully been prophesized. He could not be the being that was unwanted in the dimension, waiting for his time to come to be gotten rid of by ice. He had done so much for his friends, and he would never do anything to make him become the unwanted one of the group. He hadn’t done anything wrong, though he had been close to before. He had almost let himself become a slave for Prima Dona, but now, he had sworn to never let a thing like that happen again. but then Barry suddenly tensed. What if he had already done something to make him unwanted? What if he had done something to make the fifth dimension spirits reject his presence, and somehow make them want to get rid of him for something he had done in the past—something he couldn’t even recall?Barry closed his eyes. “Chibo…” he spoke in his thoughts. “Please help me…..what HAVE I done? Have I done anything? Anything to make me unwanted? Anything that I shouldn’t have done?”He waited for almost two minutes….and then a voice suddenly spoke in his head. But the voice was strange, and Barry couldn’t tell whether it was the small, squeaky voice of Chibo, or the harsh, edgy voice of Prima Dona. The voice sounded like a mixture of both—like a faded echo of a spirit inside. “Remember Kaira…….” Was all the voice said. Barry wouldve opened his eyes to wince and repeat the words out loud with confusion, but he kept his eyes shut and suddenly found himself falling through memories of his past, “remembering Kaira.”His mind flashed to memories of what he and Kaira had been through together, and as he traveled through his memories, he felt a new feeling that he was probably in the very Garden of Spirits—the place where memories literally came to life, and dead spirits were kept alive in the minds of their loved ones. Or maybe he was somewhere in the region of Lluyan, Barry thought. As his mind raced through all what he had been through with Kaira, what he had talked to her about in Twinleaf Town, he felt like he was more alive with his memories, and that if he played them over again, he could literally feel his spirit alive with them again, reliving them.But suddenly, all his constant flashings from one memory to the next slowed down as he ventured farther into the past. He suddenly recalled his moment a few days before Kaira had arrived, when it had just been him, Dawn, and Lucas as three good friends in Twinleaf. Finally, his thoughts suddenly focused on the day he had been standing by Lake Verity, with Dawn and Lucas at his left. They were discussing what would have happened if Mesprit, the Being of Emotions, was captured and defeated in a pokemon battle.“I bet I can beat it,” Barry was boasting. “I bet my Empoleon can defeat it with a single Aqua Jet, and then weaken it enough so that I can capture it in this awesome healing ball that I’ve got!”Dawn was wincing at him, shaking her head with irritation, and Lucas was snickering. “Hah! I’d like to see you try.”“Yeah? I swear I could!”“You’d have to find Mesprit first,” said Dawn, crossing her arms and looking out at the lake. “I doubt you’ll even get close to even that.”Barry narrowed his eyes playfully. “You owe me 100 million bucks if I really do capture it one day!”And amazingly enough, that day didn’t come much longer. Just a few hours later, Barry was back at the lake, alone and with no pokemon but his Empoleon. He was bound to make his foolish bet come true. As Barry remembered the moment, he could almost feel as determined as he was back then. “Alright, Empoleon! Come out here and be ready! We might just see Mesprit tonight,” Barry took out Empoleon’s pokeball from his pocket, ready to summon his powerful pokemon. But suddenly, a light shone over the lake, and a veil suddenly appeared just a few feet from Barry, hovering above the ground.Barry stared with wonder at the shining veil, and suddenly the shape of Mesprit appeared in the light. The light still shone around Mesprit, and the pokemon revealed itself, letting Barry see it clearly from barely a yard’s length away. “Mmmmmmmwwwwhhh…..” the pokemon was murmuring a strange tone. It was focusing its intent, dazzling eyes at Barry. Barry stared back up at it, intrigued by the pokemon. This was Mesprit. This was the Being of Emotions—the pokemon that kept the inner feelings of the world balanced. Anyone would think to hurt this pokemon would just disrupt the balance of emotions in the world, and somehow corrupt its ability to keep the spiritual feelings within the earth stable. Barry felt it too, but his eager will to catch such a pokemon was getting the best of him. he was itching to capture it, and control the balance of the world in his hands. He wouldn’t destroy it—but he would be capable of controlling it, and suddenly, his mind got the best of him. “Wow…I’m gonna capture you,” he threw out his Empoleon with a determined look. “Empoleon! Use Aqua Jet!”But foolishly enough, he threw out the wrong ball at the Mesprit. Instead of Empoleon’s pokeball, he threw out the ball he was planning to use to capture Mesprit with. He suddenly realized that in the split of a second. “Huh?! No! not the heal ball! Not yet!” He cried, watching as the ball suddenly collided with Mesprit, and the pokemon closed its eyes to let itself disappear inside. And that was when Barry realized he had failed even worse. It wasn’t even his heal ball. He had accidently brought along the gift Paul had given to him earlier—a dark ball. “Nooo! Are you kidding me?!” Barry felt like ripping his hair off. He watched helplessly as the dark ball took in all the light from Mesprit, and the ball wriggled intensively with Mesprit inside, struggling to get free. “Oh no….you must come out,” muttered Barry. “You can’t stay in that dark ball!” Barry had heard of the possible myths people made up that a dark ball would supposedly make a pokemon simply become dark and evil if it were caught in such a ball. Barry hadn’t fully believed in the rumor, but he didn’t want to take chances—especially right now.Barry’s heart sank. The dark ball clicked. Mesprit was caught, just like that. no pokemon battle, no heal ball. The dark ball had the Being of Emotions captured with a single toss. Barry didn’t feel proud, nor did he feel despaired. He felt shocked, and he stood there for a long time, staring at the ball with awe. Thoughts of Mesprit becoming an evil pokemon, was it even possible? Mesprit itself was the Being of Emotions….so it could control its own feelings and inner emotions of becoming…on the dark side. Barry finally stepped forward, and bent down to pick up the dark ball. “Mesprit… free. You don’t deserve such a treatment.” Feeling ashamed and incredibly humiliated, Barry tossed the dark ball up in the air, and the pokemon Mesprit suddenly popped out, shaking its body from the dark light that glowed from inside. Its eyes were tightly closed and it was wriggling in the air, thrashing wildly and coughing, looking confused and weakened. “Mesprit….” Barry felt like he was lost in a terrible nightmare. He could feel himself ready to yell with his past self as he felt the same feelings as he watched himself go through in this past moment. The pokemon suddenly blinked its eyes opened, looking tired and clouded. Barry could tell by that soft, innocent look it still portrayed in its eyes that the pokemon hadn’t been taken over by the dark evil that was said to be possessed within the pokeball. But suddenly Mesprit looked at him with an upset look of disappointment, and Barry took a nervous step back. The pokemon was probably angry with him. “I’m sorry….” his voice was barely more than a whisper. Mesprit closed its eyes and struck an Extrasensory attack on the dark ball, extending its form until it broke and disappeared into ashes that dissolved in the air. Mesprit gave Barry one more angry look and then teleported, disappearing from his sight. Barry suddenly shot his eyes open, finding himself back where he had been sitting by the pool, next to Dawn. The sky had turned a dark pale dawn, and it was almost morning. Barry still felt the images of that moment when he was out to capture Mesprit. He hadn’t seen any trace of the pokemon since that terrible moment. He found himself panting. He never wanted to think about what he had done that night, messing with the Being of Emotions. But what did that have to do with the strange voice that spoke to him in his head? “Remember Kaira…” it told him. What did that have to do with Kaira? That had been a few weeks before Kaira had even moved in. But suddenly images of Kaira flashed through his head. She loved him….and she was still waiting for his own true feelings for her. If he didn’t love her back….that would just make her feel all the pointless about herself, and her hopes of becoming Dovanna would falter tremendously. But Barry himself didn’t even know. Did he really love Kaira? Did he really feel for her whenever they were alone? He did feel giddy and strangely intent with her at the times they had been alone together, and he remembered the feelings he had had by Kaira’s side while they were both back in the Town of Silence,, fleeing Kyra Elizabeth Flockheart, who had also had a crazed love for him. Barry didn’t know what to think….but suddenly, he felt Dawn stir at his side. He looked down at her with a saddened look. he wasn’t doing any good keeping close to her like this. He could only imagine what both Kyra or Kaira would think if either of them saw him so comfortable with Dawn like this. He still had his arms around her shoulders, and he still felt dazzlingly happy by her side. But feelings of uncertainty were overcoming him, and he felt as if those ashamed emotions he had felt when he had tried to catch Mesprit like that, suddenly come back to him as he thought of Kaira. He knew he loved Dawn—it was pretty obvious to his mind now. He and her had always been teasing and a little rude to each other, though he knew what he really felt for her now. but he wondered what he really felt for Kaira. He did know he saw her more than just a friend…..though at the same time, as strange as the feeling seemed, he didn’t know if he were entirely in love with her—yet. and at the same time, Barry thought of Dawn’s own feelings as well. Could she be more important to Paul? Had her light shined over him, and revealed how it was really Paul himself who was the element of darkness? 48. THE WILL OF PRIMA DONA AND THE PIRATES Several days passed and Lucas waited on with a tense feeling, sleeping in the dark chambers of the pirate ship. They had captured him and Chimchar, and they had been kept on board the ship with a number of other pokemon that crowded the boat. Lucas and Chimchar were constantly moving around, switching from one place on the ship to the next, as the Team Solar grunts arrived with more newly captured pokemon. And Prima Dona also took part in bringing the captured pokemon to the pirate ship. He had even seen the way Prima Dona had treated some of the pokemon she had captured. She was cruel and spiteful, though at the same time, she liked to tease and make fun of the pokemon that were scared of her. he witnessed her smiling nautically at a little Smoochum, squeezing its cheeks and speaking to it with sarcastic, taunting words. “Ooh, my little Smoochum! You scared? Well, I’ll promise you that if you stick with ME, you’ll never learn what it’s like to be scared again! now why don’t you give me a weetle kissy-kiss?” Prima Dona lowered her head towards the Smoochum’s face and the terrified little pokemon twitched and gave her a peck on the nose which made her flinch back and cackle. “Ahah! Not good to see that your self-defense is too weak—but that’s okay! when you see Ultramaur, I’ll promise you that you’ll be stronger than all the other Smoochums in this filthy little world.” And Lucas watched her carry the Smoochum away down into the bottom deck of the ship. One day, he finally saw a squad of Team Solar grunts returning. Lucas watched with disbelief as the other squad of Solar grunts arrived back with Paul by their side. He and Chimchar had been tied to the side of the deck upon the pirate ship, along with about three hundred pokemon or so. They were already going to be shipped away for a sacrifice on the island of Dark Raven, a spiritual place in the region of Thelmer. The region of Thelmer was told to be nothing more than a region of islands over the treacherous seas in the southeast, where pokemon and people lived upon different small landforms, and even the underwater kingdoms that thrived below the ocean. Lucas shuddered at the thought that they were sacrifices to summon Ultramaur. The pirates of Team Solar were already volunteering to summon the very devil pokemon themselves, while the rest of Team Solar dealt with the dark spirits that walked among the lands of the planet. Prima Dona herself had sworn to be after the humans of the prophecy, especially Kaira. She was bound to call the aid of Ultramaur for her help, though in the meantime, she would use the simple way as to inherit the dark spirit within a specific person who contained the soul with the right spot for darkness and evil to overcome. That soul was Paul, and Prima Dona was going to use him as a powerful source to turn against all humans and pokemon of the prophecy, and destroy the pokemon Dovanna forever with the power of dark magic. If Paul could ever learn the power of dark magic, he could be as powerful as Prima Dona herself. Together, they can both destroy Dovanna and the earth beings together, especially since Paul himself was one of the three beings. “So Paul is really one of the three?” Chimchar asked, looking scared as he focused his gaze on Paul as they hauled him up to Dionza, who was assembling the recently captured pokemon. Lucas clenched his teeth, eying Paul with disbelief. “Apparently so. Prima Dona’s going to use him as a special source for Ultramaur. He will be taken to the island of Dark Raven where he will be used as a gift for Ultramaur. If he holds the darkness in his heart, and that darkness is to draw the likes of Ultramaur like prophesized, then she will use him to summon Ultramaur itself.” “But…..why in the HECK would the prophecy want THAT to happen?!” Chimchar’s eyes were wide. “Why would the prophecy destine the being of darkness to summon Ultramaur?” “Because there is the being of light,” said Lucas, thinking carefully. “Dawn’s the element of light that shall summon the angel pokemon Dalyah. On the other hand, Paul is the summoner of darkness—of the devil pokemon Ultramaur. Together, if they both bring the angel and devil pokemon to become one again, then Gaiyah shall be created again, and can restore peace to the planet of the fifth dimension.” And Lucas knew that he, himself, was the element of fire that would draw the two together. “Apparently, the element of light and darkness couldn’t become one without the element of fire to bring them together. If Paul summons the pokemon Ultramaur without the pokemon Dalyah to commingle with it, then the world will suffer only under Ultramaur’s power. The planet has already been encountering problems with dark spirits and demons roaming around within, and if the pokemon Ultramaur finally reveals itself, it can take over the world with a much worse cause. That’s what Prima Dona wants. She wants only darkness and evil because that’s what she was created from. She wants to get rid of all goodness, of Dovanna, Phandolia, and especially the angel pokemon Dalyah itself.” Chimchar looked flaming with nervousness. He narrowed his eyes to look brave as he looked around at all the noisy pokemon around them, all harnessed to the ship on board. “Then I take it these pokemon shall just be an extra sacrifice to Ultramaur as well?” Lucas huffed. “I guess so.” “Wrong you are, kid,” a deep voice growled from behind them. “Whoa!” Chimchar flinched at the pokemon who had just spoken to them. Lucas couldn’t help widening his eyes at the pokemon as well. It was a Bronzong, though it was as rusty as a hundred year old machine. The Bronzong bore scars over its face and an ugly brown splotch covered his right eye, looking like it had been brutally scratched. Lucas took a step back. “Wh-what did they DO to you?” The bronzing was sitting there, looking stern and ready to take on whatever was going to happen to it. It gave a sharp grunt. “Hmph. These scars ain’t done by some silly ol’ Prima Dona. I’ve been through many pokemon battles in my lifetime, both with trainers and the wild ones. If you’re asking for my life story on how I came to look like this, ye kids better be the most patient pair of listeners.” Chimchar spoke quickly. “Um, no sir! No thanks, we just wanna know what exacltyis going to happen to us.” “Yeah,” said Lucas. “What does Prima Dona want to do with us on that island when Paul summons Ultramaur?” Bronzing growled. “I’ve listened to what Dionza announced after she and Prima Dona had captured the first batch of pokemon. I was one of the first to be caught. Prima Dona announced that while Paul is a source to draw Ultramaur down to the very planet, she wants to use us pokemon to become her first league of souls to be consumed by Ultramaur’s dark magic. Once Ultramaur is drawn to the planet, we will be the first group of pokemon to contain its dark magic within our souls.” Lucas gasped. “Just what I thought! We’re like a sacrifice to Ultramaur, pokemon that will be the first to walk this planet with the darkness completely in our souls, this time, the darkness being completely permanent as Ultramaur itself!” Bronzing grunted in agreement, shifting a little. “Exactly. Prima Dona is capturing pokemon of all kinds, at least one from each species so that each species of pokemon can pass on this dark power to the next generation.” Chimchar threw his hands u pin the air, looking flabbergasted. “Then why am I here? why did they bother capturing ME? They’ve got Lucas here, and he can pass on the darkness to the generation of Chimchars!” Lucas gave him a frown. “Well, thanks a lot then.” Bronzing snorted. “Prima Dona’s been keeping a number of pokemon withheld in her ice spear. She’s captured many different species lately, whether you guys have witnessed her or not. She’s been waiting to capture at least all species of pokemon in the world, so that when she finally finds the right source to summon Ultramaur, she can use all the captured pokemon to become like the first messengers of Ultramaur’s dark magic to walk the planet.” Obviously, when Lucas looked around the ship, he noticed how each of the pokemon was all of different species, and that he really didn’t see a pair of pokemon that were actually of the same kind. Lucas narrowed his eyes. He cast a glance at where Paul was standing with the group of Solar grunts, talking with Dionza. He huffed at the sight. Paul looked totally dazed and like a zombie as he stood there by the Solar grunts, looking as if he had no idea where he even was at the moment. Lucas looked around, trying to see where Kaira had gone. She had shown up earlier, just a few moments before they had brought Paul in. Trevor and two other pirates were chasing her, and had stopped her from getting up to help Lucas himself and Chimchar. He had lost track of her when Trevor had pulled her away, taking her around the ship under Dionza’s command. Lucas turned back to glare at Dionza. That lady seemed to be the second most powerful of Team Solar, though she was still far from becoming like Prima Dona. She hadn’t been born from dark matter, and she hadn’t been born by the powers of Ultramaur. But Prima Dona had created her soul out of matter itself, creating it to follow her steps as a dark being like her, just like she had done with the other Solar grunts. And from the way Dionza had been taking charge of the Solar grunts while Prima Dona had been gone with Barry before, Lucas could see how powerful Dionza was becoming. To see her eying Paul like that was enough to see how much those two had bonded with each other when Paul had been captured by those grunts. Dionza was even close to intriguing Paul to become one of them. Lucas sniffed. Unfortunately, Dionza hadn’t been as strong as Dawn. Dawn had been the light ot convince his soul to leave Team Solar and do the right thing. But now… looked as if Prima Dona had him under her hands and that she was ready to make sure he came back to them, and never leave again. Suddenly, there was a thump from the other side of the boat, and several pokemon from behind gave out startled cries, tugging at the leashes that harnessed them to the boat. Lucas turned to see Bronzong remaining in his position, growling with irritation. “Eghhh, what’s going on now?” Lucas widened his eyes. “Kaira!” He called out, dashing over to see that she had climbed upon the other side of the ship. She was soaking wet from head to toe, and Lucas could see that she had swam around the ship to make her way up to this part. But Lucas choked and tripped, his leash stopping him from running any further than a few feet. “Eh? The dove girl?” Bronzong muttered, turning its heavy metallic old body to face Kaira, who was just heaving herself over the side of the wall. “Ey! Catch that infiltrator!” Yelled a voice from below. Suddenly, Kaira screamed as something grabbed her by the shoulders from behind the wall, yanking her back down. Trevor suddenly popped up over the ship, holding Kaira around the neck and shoulders with his left arm. Kaira struggled to tug free, but Trevor was smiling deviously at her from the side of her head, admiring the way she was struggling and kicking at him. “Hey now, we all have to face certain things we don’t want in this world, and whether you’ve faced enough unwanted things in yer life already, you still gotta deal with some things that are meant to be done,” he spoke with a calm, sarcastic sneer. Lucas growled and let out his Infernape cry, blowing a blast of flames over towards Trevor. He would’ve killed him with one huff, but this time, Lucas went easy since he couldn’t bring himself to kill anything, especially since he was a pokemon. “Argh!” Yelled Trevor, dropping Kaira down on the deck. Kaira grunted and got up to her feet. “Lucas!” She hissed, narrowing her eyes, looking ready to attack him and set him free. “Kaira! Save us! Save us now!” Chimchar cried, jumping up and down, waving his arms at her. “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!” Screamed a terrible voice. Everyone flinched and looked up at the tall figure of Prima Dona, who was standing on the head of a Milotic. Lucas gasped in astonishment. The Milotic—it was blue. “Whoa, crap!” Chimchar huffed. “That’s a BLUE Milotic?!” “Er…one of the rare shiny pokemon that you can find,” said Bronzong. “But then again, Prima Dona created her own pokemon to be like this when she captured them from the south. You couldn’t exactly find any real pokemon like the ones she has.” “That’s a mighty fine Milotic as well,” said a nearby Mightyena. “It goes by the name, Celine, for that’s the name Prima Dona calls her when she summons it into battle.” The blue Milotic gave a narrowed glare down at Lucas and Kaira’s direction, its sky blue satin ear sides giving a slight sway. Lucas took a nervous step back. Trevor brushed his smoky self and looked up at Prima Dona with a respectful look in his naughty eyes. Prima Dona had the three devil messengers hovering above her left shoulder. To the right, she held her ice spear, as well as Paul and Dionza standing with intent looks in their eyes. Paul still looked clouded and unaware, but he seemed to be breathing deeply as Dionza clutched his hand with a meticulous look on her face. Lucas felt his heart thump at the sight of Prima Dona. She looked dangerously powerful up there. “Listen up, all of you!” The pokemon on board and the rest of Team Solar quieted down. “Now! as you all can see, we have completed the entire species of the most common pokemon that can ever be found around this damn planet! I have traveled many ways afar, and finally to this day, I have captured every pokemon on the planet, minus the so-called ‘legendaries’ like Heatran, Celebi….etc. But! That hardly matters, because once the entire main species of pokemon become confined to dark magic from the matter of Ultramaur itself, the world of pokemon and people will be shattered and weak against all the dark souls that shall inhabit this place! This set of pokemon shall become the next era of a new generation.” She turned with a deviously cold smile on her thin face. “Be proud, all you precious little creatures!” Lucas shuddered at the sound of her edgy, sarcastic and sassy voice. “For you will each be the first beginning of the age of darkemon! The beginning of a new, dark generation!” Darkemon. The word crept Lucas out and made him feel tense. Chimchar flinched next to him. “Darkemon?! What the heck—are you kidding me? I never want to be called--” “All you darkemon can become confined to contain the REAL souls of a demon!” Prima Dona’s voice made a great combination with the chilly air that breezed around them. “The dark spirits that are constantly wandering around right now, possessing people and pokemon—that would be nothing compared to what Ultramaur will make of you. The possessed souls are just temporary spirits from dark matter just wandering around in search of an easy prey soul to take over, though that can be overcome with when you perform some sort of defense against it—such as a ritual or a religious blessing to scare that spirit away. But what Ultramaur will do, is that the devil pokemon itself will sacrifice your souls so that the soul actually BECOMES a dark soul, rather than just simply being chased and overtaken by another dark spirit. While a dark spirit wandering the world just enters the body and controls the real soul, Ultramaur’s dark magic will make it so that the soul doesn’t get controlled, but actually becomes dark and what the devil pokemon destines it to be. You will all be the new beginning of darkemon, as the devil pokemon Ultramaur shall overtake the planet and destroy the likes of that foolish angelic pokemon Dalyah.” “You’ll never get away with your stupid plan!” Shouted Kaira angrily from behind. Prima Dona’s proud face turned into a scowl and she whipped her head over to glare down at Kaira. She pointed a long, angry finger down at Kaira. “And THAT GIRL will DIEEE!” Her voice pierced the air and even some of the Team Solar members look scared. “As the banished pokemon Dovanna, I will make sure she never returns fully to her real form to summon that stupid pokemon of Dalyah! If she does, then that’s when the darkemon come in to destroy her! or! I can destroy her myself.” Prima Dona drew back her long skinny arm and clenched her fists so that her icy nails hardened into metallic sharp claws and broke in her grasp. Ghastleon suddenly appeared out of nowhere upon the boat by Lucas’s side, and he flinched back at the sight of the ghostly Eevee evolution. Ghaslteon leaped forward over to Kaira, but Kaira dodged back with a startled gasp, bumping into Trevor from behind and nearly tripping over at his feet. “Whoa there--” Trevor started to laugh. “Ghastleon! Put her to sleep at once!” Prima Dona commanded. Ghastleon braced itself for a Hypnosis attack, but Kaira suddenly shot up to her feet. “Lucas! Help!” She cried. And Lucas didn’t need to be told what to do. he felt the fiery energy surging through him, and with a mighty, fierce tug, he broke free of the chains that bound him to the walls of the ship, dashing towards Ghastleon and hitting at it with a powerful Close Combat. It was just when Lucas realized that fight type moves had no affect against ghost types. But it was enough to make Ghastleon flinch with distraction. The pokemon hissed and whipped around to face Lucas to hit him with a strong blow of Shadow Balls. Lucas stumbled back at the sudden blow, but he held his ground and shot back a Flamethrower, burning the swift pokemon with a startling cry. The pokemon around them all cried and shouted on with triumph at Lucas’s battle. “Come on Lucas!” strange pokemon he hadn’t even talked to seemed to have known his name. “You can beat that little fleabag!” Ghastleon said nothing back, though it glared at Lucas with a scary look of hatred, rippling its flowing purple strips on its shoulders. “Agh! Ghastleon, you fool!” Prima Dona screamed, turning a pale, angry white color. Dionza’s eyes gleamed right next to her. “Might as well take this to matters of my own,” she was reaching in her pocket for her own pokemon. But Prima Dona smacked Dionza’s hand with the back of her own, making Dionza flinch and wince with surprise. Prima Dona was glaring selfishly at the Solar grunt. “You stay outta this for now! go assemble the pokemon of the bottom deck! Not all pokemon of all species are on board—about a third of the species are still hidden in my spear! You go make sure all are ready and present at the moment!” Prima Dona whipped over to face Kaira. “I’ll take care of the little impudent myself!” But suddenly, a blast of light shot from behind Prima Dona, nearly scratching across her right cheek. “Wha?!” Prima Dona whipped around to see that a little white shape was flying towards her. Kaira’s voice was suddenly filled with awe. “Dovanna!” It was the baby Dovanna, looking lively and healthy as it had been since Lucas had first seen it after it had just hatched. The little Dovanna was circling higher in the sky, its body sparkling with droplets of clear, purified water that seemed splashed down towards the pokemon it flew over. lucas only got to feel a dorp, but like the others around him, he started to feel a sensation of refreshing happiness. And just behind the group of Solar grunts that stood on the beach to the side of the boat, stood Dawn and Barry. Paul’s eyes suddenly blinked and his mind cleared. He felt cold droplets of the most sweetest, refreshing water he had ever felt. He panted quietly and looked around. where in the world was he? His heart suddenly lifted with fear. He was holding hands with Dionza. That was the first thing he noticed. The next thing he saw, was that he was about thrity feet off the ground, or above the water as it seemed. He was standing on top of a Milotic—a blue Milotic—and he had Prima Dona to his left side as well. The devil messengers were chattering angrily up at the sky, where the baby Dovanna was flying around. below him was the pirate ship, filled with numbers of different pokemon of all kinds, and behind him….he felt a light shine that no other soul could see. He turned to see Dawn, standing there by Barry’s side, looking over at him with a hopeful look. she almost seemed to be calling him to her. “Dovanna!” Barry was suddenly running up closer to the ship, dodging all the Solar grunts and their pokemon as they leaped around to stop him. “Use that awesome Cosmic Wing attack!” Paul watched as the baby Dovanna’s wings started to glow a glimmering yellow color, but suddenly, a red glow shot at it, making it cry and nearly fall towards the water. Paul turned ot see that the devil Chiba had thrown an attack at it. the devil pokemon snickeredand turned to notice that Paul had suddenly snapped into focused. “Waken up yet, boy? Haha! You’re going to be mine whether you like it or not! Prima Dona shall use you as the main source for her summoning of Ultramaur—and DARKEMON.” The word chilled Paul’s heart, and after the baby Dovanna shook itself again, splashing another drop of that refreshing water on his head, he suddenly yanked his hand away from Dionza. He ignored the surprised look on Dionza’s face as he rejected her. “I will not let this happen,” he muttered. “Let me go right now!” Before Prima Dona could even speak to him, Paul leaped down into the water with nothing but Dawn focused on his mind. He heard a drastic yell from above before he fell in the water, though he couldn’t tell if it was Prima Dona or Dionza. But he bobbed his head up, and then gasped, realizing Dawn was already close to the shores of the water, waiting for him as Barry commanded the baby Dovanna into battle to save Kaira. He swam as quick as he can towards her, but the mighty tail of Prima Dona’s blue Milotic nearly drowned him. he suddenly found himself coughing by the shores at Dawn’s feet. She kneeled down. “Paul! Are you okay?!” “Uh….Dawn…” he murmured, feeling lightheaded and dizzy. “Bahh!” Prima Dona’s Milotic suddenly thrashed in the water, and Prima Dona and Dionza leaped off, falling in the rapidly moving water. Dawn turned with a horrified look in her eyes. “Barry! Get away!” “Huh?” Barry suddenly yelled as a giant wave splashed over him, and he was lying on his side, soaking wet, and at the foot of Prima Dona. Her Ghastleon was by her side, and Kaira was suddenly floating from the ship towards him with the baby Dovanna surrounding her with a veil of light. “You cannot win with hate, Prima Dona!” Kaira shouted. “Love will always be stronger. Especially if you understand it.” “Oh, suck it up!” Prima Dona yelled indignantly. “You’re one to speak, you foolish little brat! YOU barely understand love yourself!” “I’m beginning to understand it!” Kaira shot back. “And that is what will make me gradually get stronger than you.” Prima Dona giggled evilly, rolling her eyes. “’Gradually,’ she says! Hah! I will make sure you DIE before you ever do!” Barry stirred by her feet, and then suddenly snapped awake as Prima Dona bent down to yank him up at her side, holding him by the back of his shirt. Barry tensed with a shocking look in his eyes. “This boy shall be the next one to die after I take care of you! and that stupid little goody-girl that he loves shall die next, after I kill him first-- right before her eyes!” Paul suddenly looked at Dawn, who was staring over at Prima Dona with shocked eyes. paul saw that Kaira’s eyes widened at Prima Dona’s mention of “the goody-girl Barry loved.” Prima Dona dropped Barry to the ground and turned to look at Paul with admiring eyes. “The only one of the earth beings I shall keep alive shall be the one that bears the element of darkness. The one that shall help me with the summoning of Ultramaur. I used to think another person of the earth beings would help me with my need to summon Ultramaur, though that being betrayed me back at the Spirit Garden—proving he wasn’t really the one to bear the element of darkness.” Everyone, including Team Solar and their pokemon around them, all focused their eyes on Barry, who blushed with embarrassment. He slowly rose to his feet. “Aren’t you forgetting someone?” He said to Prima Dona with a wince. “There is still another element that you havent thought about killing yet.” Prima Dona’s eyes widened. “Hm? You mean that stupid twerpy little monkey-ass that brings the element of fire? Pah! I’ll kill him off too, if it gets in my way! but he shall be the last to get rid of, for I would love to banish the dove girl forever and let her loved one die in front of the other girl that he really loves for himself—that stupid element of light that’s distracting my dear little Paul.” Prima Dona’s expression narrowed into a scary, creepy smile Paul tensed, feeling sick. To have Prima Dona all over him was much, much worse than having Dionza all over him. Kaira’s eyes were narrowing, starting to cloud. “Your words mean nothing, Prima Dona. You’re nothing but a source of dark matter and a cruel aura.” Prima Dona raised her eyebrows. “Oh? Well, would you like to hear the truth for yourself? Your Barry loves her. say it loud and clear, my boy,” she gave Barry a pinch on the shoulder that made him slightly flinch. “Say your true feelings—it’s now or never.” Her eyes were a deadly glitter of piercing ice. Paul watched as Barry and Kaira looked at each other, and he felt a strange tension surge between the two. Both looked flushed and dazed, not knowing what to say next. From the way the light around Kaira was shining, Paul could tell her heart was beating fast. Paul and Dawn met each other’s gazes. The both of them looked confused and desperate. Paul suddenly found his own mind spinning as much as Kaira’s. who could Dawn really love? He knew she loved him…..but what about Barry’s real feelings? Suddenly, Dawn gasped. “Paul!” And a hand suddenly rested on his shoulder. It was Dionza. “Get ready, my dear Paul. You don’t have to be caught up in this stupid drama…you can come with me.” And she pulled him with her into the water before he could even hear Dawn’s helpless scream. Lucas was peering over the boat with Chimchar at his side. Kaira was lost in the gaze of Barry, and he couldn’t get her to look at him. giving a quick nod to the baby Dovanna, Lucas and Chimchar leaped off the boat towards the pokemon as it gently let them fall to the shores by their side. Kaira and the others noticed their presence on the ground, and Kaira suddenly snapped into focus. “Dovanna! Now!” And she closed her eyes, letting the little bird flutter around her with a gleaming, intense shine around its wings 49. THE CHASE Baby Dovanna suddenly circled in the sky, opening a thin veil of yellow light that glowed in the thick gray sky. kaira closed her eyes and tried to seek help from the pokemon that bonded with her in her heart. At last, she heard a voice. “Kaira! I’m coming….” It was Chibu’s voice. And suddenly, once Kaira opened her eyes, she could clearly see the little yellow shape of Chibu hovering down from the sky, smiling down valiantly at her. Behind it, hovered two more figures—the blue, football shape of Chibo, and a new messenger she had not yet met, the angel messenger Chiba. The little pokemon was like another version of the devil Chiba, though the redness was a slightly brighter, more rich looking color, without the devil horns and the sharp triangle tail tip. Its eyes were cute and happy, unlike the untrusting evil smile from the devil Chiba. Kaira felt bewildered at the sight of the three angelic messengers of Dalyah. She and the baby Dovanna had done it. She had let her mind pass through all the darkness and dimensions that blocked her from ever reaching contact with the Black Hole. Her belief and faith for the little pokemon, Chibu, had made her strong enough to let her mind break through the darkness of the Black Hole, and use baby Dovanna’s lighted love to lead a portal back to the real world, away from the darkness of the Black Hole. Baby Dovanna had a light as well, a light of love that could break through the powers of the Black Hole of nothingness. Kaira’s faith in the pokemon that she had heart-bonded with had been what made her strong to break through the portals and allow that light of love from baby Dovanna to shine through. Kaira suddenly realized—if only she could love herself, she wouldn’t have needed the help of baby Dovanna. Prima Dona stood there, bewildered and angry at the sight of the three angelic messengers. The devil messengers that hovered above the ship stared deviously with glaring hatred as the angelic messengers made their way down towards Kaira and baby Dovanna. Lucas and Chimchar were just a few feet to her right, watching with awe. Team Solar, Barry, and Dawn were also watching with the same intent, and Ghastleon was angrily hissing by Prima Dona’s feet. The angelic messengers surrounded Kaira and hovered over her shoulders. “Kaira….be strong…” Chibu murmured in her head. It was so good to have Chibu’s little voice speak to her again. “Oh!” Prima Dona looked angrily offended. Her spear banged at the ground, and Kaira was sure she would’ve summoned an earthquake or hurricane. “Oh! That is it! what in the world have you--” “It’s the power of love, Prima Dona,” Kaira said seriously, glaring at the witch. “I told you, it can break through the strength of hate.” “Can’t you see?!” Dawn was yelling, making her way closer to Barry’s side from the shore. Kaira winced. What had happened to Paul? Wasn’t he just at her side? “Kaira has used the power of faith and trust in Chibu to open her mind and actually see through the Black Hole! The Black Hole may be the place where all is lost and forgotten, but with Kaira’s belief and admiration for Chibu, she was able to see through all that nonsense! She was able to break through those dark portals in the dimensions, and let her mind communicate with Chibu again, therefore, allowing the love from baby Dovanna to enter in through that breakthrough to lead a shine of light back towards the world. With that, Chibu was able to come back—along with Chibo, and even Chiba, who had been missing longer than either had ever been.” “Bah! Your love is nothing!” Spat Prima Dona. “Why, the power of darkness could’ve been a little stronger as to DESTROY that love, just as it had once done before!” “Well, Kaira’s spirit can still become stronger than even that!” Kaira’s heart lightened as Barry spoke with determination. He was gazing right at Prima Dona with a fierce determination. “If she loves again, she is surely bound to overcome you when you try to banish her again with your stupid sorcery of magics!” Prima Dona let out a quick snicker. “Oh? And what’s that, little boy? Come to save your little princess?” Barry narrowed his eyes and turned to Kaira. “If she can love again, and truly understand the feeling of love to feel for herself, then she can overcome you, and become Dovanna herself. And I will make sure she can feel the power of love again.” Kaira’s heart lightened at his words. She held her breath and let out a calm smile. “Oh…Barry……” She murmured. He was smiling back at her with a sorry look. Prima Dona cackled. “Ahahaha! I’m sorry, but you’re saving the wrong princess, it looks like!” Prima Dona turned to Dawn, who was watching Barry and Kaira with a look of happy satisfaction and no slight jealousy. Prima Dona pointed over to her. “She’s the real girlfriend you’re looking forward to! Even that foolish Dovanna girl knows it, don’t ya, Kaira, ma love?” Prima Dona was smiling at Kaira with a creepy glint in her eyes as she pointed at Dawn. Kaira glanced at Dawn, who suddenly looked startled, not knowing what to say. But Kaira wasn’t going to let herself get taken over by jealousy again. with Chibu at her side, she could just hear its voice telling her to let her good spirit overtake any hint of jealousy or unhappiness from her. “Oh, please!” Kaira huffed, rolling her eyes. “Tell me what you want Prima Dona. You’re not going to use anything to fool me—or Barry again.” Prima Dona raised her eyebrows, still keeping the creepy smile on her face. “Haha, what? I’m voicing the truth! Barry loves Dawn! It doesn’t matter what he feels for you, his heart will always belong to Dawn deep inside.” “That’s not entirely true--” Barry started to protest, but Kaira let out a huff. “It doesn’t matter,” her teeth were clenched, and she felt a surge of anger rush through her. but it wasn’t at Barry, or Dawn. It was at Prima Dona. She was trying to tear her apart from Barry, and make sure she didn’t feel that touch of love again. She glanced at the three messengers and baby Dovanna, then looked down at Lucas and Chimchar. They immediately knew what to do. Lucas and Chimchar attacked the closest pokemon next to them, and blew flames at any other Team Solar pokemon that they found. “Chibu….” She spoke through her thoughts. “Help free the pokemon on the ship, and I’ll find a way to free the ones that are stuck within….that spear Prima Dona keeps with her.” And as if reading her thoughts, Ghastleon suddenly leaped through the air, and pounced on all three messengers at once, all of them tumbling on the ground away from them. Suddenly, the entire beach was filled with pokemon battling pokemon, and the Solar grunts running around yelling commands at each other. Prima Dona and Kaira stood just a few feet away from each other, staring at each other. Kaira glared at Prima Dona with challenge, and Prima Dona smiled back sassily and wickedly. She suddenly wrapped her right arm around Barry’s neck, clutching him against her, choking him. with her left hand, she reached out to grab Dawn’s forearm. Dawn gasped and looked shock, while Barry looked helpless and dying as Prima Dona’s grip tightened around his neck. She gave Kaira a mischievous grin. “Hmph! Now if you catch all of us, you’d be rescuing two at the same time! Try your best, little girl.” And the three devil messengers hovered over Prima Dona, and cast a colorful glow over them and they all disappeared. Kaira dashed after them, knowing exactly where they could be headed. “Kaira! Wait!” Called Chibu’s voice in her head. Kaira ignored the desperate cries of the messengers behind her. she couldn’t let Prima Dona get away with any of her friends. Kaira ran on along the beach, having a feeling where Prima Dona was taking Barry and Dawn. She closed her eyes and tried to read Prima Dona’s aura within the air, hoping to sense her presence even though she was temporarily invisible. Finally, Kaira stopped nearby a tall cliff to the side of the shore. The waves were a little more treacherous here, and Kaira tried to calm her panting to listen carefully around her. Suddenly, she heard a strange, murmuring laughing echoing around the air. She winced as she kept a sharp eye out. She tensed, ready for something to suddenly spring into attack at her. she sensed someone’s presence….but she couldn’t entirely read it at the moment. “Dovanna…..” murmured a familiarly calm voice. Kaira turned to see that it was the Gardevoir, hovering above the ground and making its way towards her. Kaira widened her eyes. the pokemon looked well, unscarred without a single trace of ever being attacked, though Kaira knew it was all betrayed when she saw the saddened look on the Gardevoir’s face. the pokemon looked depressed as any emotional soul could be. “Oh, Gardevoir!” She gasped. “You’re alive! What happened to you? are you alright?” “Nothing will be alright, child, I’m so sorry,” the Gardevoir looked almost ready to shed tears as it spoke softly. “Prima Dona has found our garden….she’s destroying it this very moment.” Kaira flinched. “What?! How?!” “I was revived after your love of aura…..the baby Dovanna had finally revived and arrived with your friends—Barry and Dawn—to cure me and help me find my way back to the garden. But in doing so, Prima Dona was able to track down the blood she consumed from me…and find her way into our garden. She is there this very moment, and pokemon of the garden are fleeing for their own safetly. There really isnt anything they can do…” “Oh, dear…I’m so sorry,” Kaira felt a grief of unhappiness well up inside her, but then she frowned with disgust. “I’ll stop her. does she have Barry and Dawn with her at the moment?” “She was alone….she had no one by her side but that terrible little ghost pet of hers.” Gardevoir suddenly shook and her eyes watered. She seemed to have held her breath in a gasp, and she froze. “Child….without the garden, the pokemon will weaken along with the city. We will continue with the time that goes on at the present….and we can never escape it again unless the garden is restored….I’m sorry, but I must go help my family.” “Gardevoir…” Kaira watched with a clouded look as the pokemon faded away into the air, teleporting to wherever its family was seeking refuge. A teasing giggle sounded from behind her. Kaira immediately turned all the way around—and faced the figure of her own reflection, Kyra Elizabeth Flockheart. Kaira gasped and narrowed her eyes. “Kyra! What do YOU want now?” Kyra was smiling with raised eyebrows. “Oh, nothing! I was just sniffing around for your little boyfriend—MY boyfriend to be correct.” She narrowed her eyes, and Kaira felt the rush of hatred surge through Kyra’s cold spirit. She wanted Barry just as much as Kaira herself did, though for Kyra, it was with a more evil, ambitious and reckless kind of want. She would do bad to get that Barry. Kaira huffed, shaking her head. “You’ll never understand. You can’t just force someone to love you.” “Oh, well I can’t be all kind and goody to them either! Kaira…you found that mysterious secret garden—with Barry—and now it’s getting destroyed by Prima Dona because of that,” she grinned with a wicked glint in her green eyes. “Thanks to you, that soft-speaking Gardevoir has no home, and now they’re all going to get old and die! Thanks to your stupid interference, Prima Dona has found her way to end that little Peter Pan world where time never goes on! The psychic pokemon of that place will have to follow along with the future—or the past if that’s what the clock sets for this place.” “Oh, stop giving me unwanted B.S. that I’ve never done! Prima Dona found her way into the garden through her own viciousness—through biting the neck of Gardevoir! What more would YOU want, Kyra? I bet you wouldn’t feel shame to do the same thing to any pokemon.” Kaira felt sickened at the thought of Gardevoir’s bleeding neck and slow pain. to think anyone would want to do that to a pokemon, and then call Kaira herself responsible for the destruction of the secret garden, it drove Kaira crazy. Kyra crossed her arms with a scowl. “Hmph! Well, excuse me, but I can actually be useful to you right now. Prima Dona didn’t care to take Barry and that pushy little angel with her, so she left them both behind, scattered and separate from each other. I was actually onto Barry’s tracks!” Kaira raised her eyebrows with interest. “Oh?” “Come over here! I found Barry on the other side of this cliff near two ledges. He looked pretty wounded, and I was thinking about helping him.” Kyra turned to make her way up the small rocky walls. Kaira glared and ran up to her side. “Well, why DIDN’T you help him?” Kyra gave her a raised look, and then looked away from her, ignoring her question. Kaira rolled her eyes and followed Kyra up the slope. It didn’t take long at all to reach the top, which was only about ten feet or so from the ground and waves. Kaira gasped and saw the figure of Barry lying on his side near two jutted rocks. He looked wounded and unconscious. “Barry!” She gasped, her voice a dazed, audible whisper. “Oh, he won’t hear you like that!” Kyra spoke aloud and then raised her voice. “Hey, Barry! You still alive down there? You better not die in front of either of our faces!” Kaira shot Kyra a frown, but then turned to look hopefully at the unmoving figure of Barry. “I’m going to help him.” She stood up on the rock in front of her, ready to make her way down the slope in front of them. “Hey, someone’s coming!” Snapped Kyra, glaring to the right where a figure was approaching up the slope to Barry. Kaira felt her heart lift with anxiety. It was Dawn. She watched as Dawn knelt down by Barry with a wide look in her eyes. “Barry? Barry, please… have to be alive…” Dawn spoke with despair and calm hope, and then suddenly Barry stirred. “Uh….Dawn!” Barry gasped, looking up at her blue eyes. Kaira felt an unwanted wave of irritation come over her. Of course, Barry would awaken to Dawn’s voice—her presence lighted any spirit in anyone. “Where is she?” Barry sat up slowly, wincing with pain. his left side of his forehead was bleeding with an ugly scab. “Where’s Prima Dona? I…I saw her rush after Gardevoir before--” “She’s gone to destroy its home,” Dawn spoke with sadness. “I followed her to where she arrived at the gates of….the most beautiful but strangest place I’ve ever seen. It was like a private pokemon sanctuary…..and I could just feel what she was going to do just by seeing the look in her eyes as she gazed around the place.” Barry sighed and hung his head. “I know. I’ve been to that place already.” Dawn raised her eyebrows. “That was where baby Dovanna came from to find us on the other side of the city,” added Barry. “It came from the fountain of that secret garden, where it was healing itself to become fully alive again. I was already there with it.” “With Kaira?” Asked Dawn. Barry nodded. “With Kaira.” For a few moments, neither said, nothing, though they were looking into each other’s eyes. Kaira was almost thinking of stepping and getting them to hurry on back to the pirate ship, where there was a battle taking place. But she was too intrigued on Barry and Dawn’s privacy together. She wondered what was going through both of their minds as they sat there, thinking they were alone again. Barry suddenly spoke. “Agh, I guess it’s partly my fault Prima Dona’s destroying that place.” He looked angry and troubled. “No…..I’m sure it wasn’t all your fault. I really wish I had gotten to know that place more. Why….why didn’t you and Kaira want to invite anyone else into that garden?” Kaira narrowed her eyes. “Because you wouldn’t be able to see a single part of it!” She snapped in her thoughts. Barry suddenly looked at Dawn with intent. “Oh, we wouldve, trust me. Dawn….I….I really wanted nothing more than to have you by my side—especially in a place like that.” Dawn’s eyes raised. Her expression was calm. “Really?” “Yes, really. I’ve been through many places so far in this weird planet….and there have been a number of places I couldn’t imagine myself not having the happiest time with just you and me.” Kaira held back a choking gasp, feeling her heart race. She slightly opened her mouth, keeping herself from entirely dropping it and looking like a shocked freak. What about her?! Barry had been through places in this world with just himself and Kaira! Did THAT mean anything to him at all?! Dawn smiled slowly. “Oh…..Barry…” Barry put his arms on her shoulders, gazing into her eyes. she looked back at him with a shy understanding. “Trust me…..I…I really haven’t felt this way about you, but I guess I realized it’s a feeling that has been there with me longer, though I hadn’t even noticed it.” The two said for a moment again, and Kaira watched with a heart-racing feeling as they both gazed into each other’s eyes. Then, as fast as Kaira couldn’t expected, Barry leaned forward and kissed Dawn, the both of them meeting each other’s lips for the longest moment Kaira had ever seen. Kaira’s eyes widened with the most unbearable disbelief, unable to take the shock as she stood there, ready to let herself fall off that slope. Next to her, Kyra flinched and hissed deviously, muttering something rapid and angrily under her breath. Kaira felt the world spinning all around her. for a moment, she couldn’t see, for a moment, her vision was blurred. Then she felt as light as a feather, ready to fly away and disappear into the air. She couldn’t believe it. Barry loved Dawn and he had kissed her with a quick, but long-lasting kiss. She couldn’t stand it. she didn’t know what she felt. She couldn’t even feel her own presence in the world anymore. “Gahhhhhh!” A strange scream echoed in her head, though it was faint and Kaira couldn’t even tell who it was, nor did she care. She didn’t know what she wanted to do next—she felt entirely shocked and utterly betrayed. “Aghhhh! You twoooo!” The voice suddenly became clear enough to snap her into focus. Kaira’s eyes blinked into focus, and she was staring right over where Barry and Dawn had stopped kissing, looking over at Prima Dona, who was standing just a few feet away from them with a haughty surprised look on her face. “Well!” Prima Dona scowled a creepy smile and put her hands on her hips. “Look who’s let out the love!” Barry and Dawn were staring with shock and horror. Prima Dona cast a glance up at Kaira, meeting her own clouded, blank look of disbelief. “And look at the little stowaways who got a little curious.” Barry and Dawn turned to look behind. Barry’s gaze darted from Kyra, then to Kaira, and his eyes widened to even a more shocking state. “Kaira?!” Kaira couldn’t say anything, but next to her, Kyra stood up with a scowl. “That’s it. I’m outta here. I’ll deal with YOU later—after that cold, freaky witch leaves.” And without another word, Kyra was gone. Kaira didn’t even turn to realize how quiet Kyra had been through the whole scene. She wasn’t even meeting Barry’s gaze as he stared up at her with shock. She was lost in her own clouded gaze. Suddenly, she caught her breath and her feet stumbled. She suddenly lost her balance and found herself falling back the slope. “Kaira!” Barry’s cry was faint to her ears. Kaira could hardly feel the hurtful wounds from her fall, barely grunting at the scratches and bumps she got from tumbling down. When she finally hit the ground, her eyes closed, though not with unconsciousness from what she had seen. She let herself drift through her thoughts, trying to regain her senses. “What did I just see….? How… could he?” Suddenly, there was a familiar voice from behind and a call from an Infernape. “Kaira!” The voice of Chibu was in her head, though at the same time, hovering just a yard aobe her with baby Dovanna, and the two other angel messengers by its side. Kaira slowly blinked her eyes open, her gaze blurred and dizzy. She flashed a glimpse of Barry, and then snapped into focus. “Kaira! Are you alright?” His voice was trembling. Kaira suddenly saw clearly that he was kneeling by her side, looking scared and surprised. “Kaira…please! Wake up!” “She’s awake, you fool!” Cackled Prima Dona’s taunting voice. She was making her way towards Barry and Kaira, with Dawn slowly following behind. “She’ll be more awake now than she’ll ever be! You should be proud, my Barry! You’ve finally let out the truth!” Lucas and Chimchar gave angry cries towards Prima Dona. Though they did not know what had been going on, they were still aware of the strange tension between Barry and Kaira especially. But Kaira was barely feeling anything. She lay on her side, her eyes wide open and in a clouded, confused shock. Dawn approached Barry’s side, standing and looking down at Kaira. Her expression was pale, and her cheeks were bright red. “Kaira?” Her voice was a hoarse whisper. She looked ashamed and frightened. Prima Dona giggled. “Hmm-hmm! About time someone shows a little sympathy!” “Shut up!” Barry turned to flash her an angry glare. “I never meant to hurt her! What she saw was nothing! I didn’t mean anything to make her feel this way!” Dawn gasped, taking a step back. “WHO exactly are you referring to?!” She was pale and confused as Kaira, though Kaira herself felt so down and betrayed that she could barely feel a thing. Chibu was trying to nudge at Kaira, whimpering. Baby Dovanna was looking down at Kaira with blue, sad eyes, and it was trying to shine a light of love over her…..but it was no use. To Kaira, love was the main feeling she couldn’t feel anymore. She had almost felt it before….she had been so close…but then it had betrayed her, just like that. Barry didn’t love her. it was as clear as the act he had just performed. He was just thankful and happy for her, but it wasn’t entirely love yet. it probably never will be. “Kaira!” Chibu’s voice was pleading and full of strength. “Don’t think that way! you have to be strong! There’s more to love than just….what you saw! You don’t have to let it do this to you!” Kaira felt sharp pangs pierce her heart, trying to strengthen her feelings again. but she just edged them away, simply losing all hope. She felt weak, and she didn’t even try to control her feelings. She didn’t even know if they were really feelings anymore. Prima Dona rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. “Oh, puh-lease! Barry, you ought to tell her your deep dark secret now.” Barry turned with a wince. “What secret—?” “Havent you figured it out yet?” Prima Dona etched a creepy smile. She glanced at Barry, then to Dawn, and then to Lucas. “Remember that one night by Lake Verity? When you were trying to prove your stupid bet?” Kaira tensed, suddenly listening, though her face was as blank and clouded as a zombie. From the corner of her eye, she thought she could glimpse two tall dark figures creeping up from behind Lucas and Chimchar, but she didn’t focus clearly. Prima Dona went on proudly. “Barry, dear, you were trying to catch a Mesprit.” She spoke in such an innocent tone that it made her look even more evil and dangerous. She was smiling at Barry with her eyes in cold, narrow slits. “But you disrupted its ability for a moment. You threw a dark ball at it.” Dawn and Lucas both seemed to gasp, and the baby Dovanna let out a sorrowful coo. Barry was tensed, his eyes wide with fear. “That dark ball fought its ability for a moment. For Mesprit is the Being of Emotions, able to control all pokemon emotions in the balance of the world, that dark ball caused it to interfere on the dark feelings, to focus on fear and pain. That weakened Mesprit in the dark ball, and that was what caused a strange disturbance in the spirits of this world here, in the fifth dimension. With the controller of emotions weakened and sucked in the power of darkness, I was able to easily control the spirit of Dovanna itself.” Prima Dona cast an awful glare at Kaira. “Because you destroyed Mesprit’s emotional control, I was able to have taken the love from Dovanna easily. During that battle up at the Crest Peak, so long ago, I was trying to banish Dovanna and take the love away from it. Thanks to YOU, Barry, I was able to control its feelings of love and let the darkness weaken it. unfortunately, being the pokemon of ‘love,’ Dovanna was unable to ever become affected by hate and darkness, though it was still weakened enough to let its happiness wash away and become the frail girl she was when she came to earth.” Prima Dona turned to smile at Kaira again. Kaira, lying on the ground, felt distilled. She couldn’t believe it. Barry—messing with the pokemon of emotions, giving Prima Dona her chance of sucking the love from her heart. Prima Dona let out another creepy chuckle. “My, my. Kaira, dear, you look exactly as you did that moment on Crest Mountain when you had transformed from a beautiful, loving legendary pokemon, to the shattered human you are now. Barry, thank you. I really wouldn’t have done THIS much without your help.” Barry was slowly shaking his head, looking utterly astonished and heartbroken. “No….” he muttered. Dawn, Lucas, and Chimchar were looking at him with disbelief. “It can’t be….I didn’t mean it.” “Oh, fool!” Prima Dona yelled now. “There are lots of things people don’t mean to do!” “I freed the Mesprit!” Barry protested, his eyes starting to cloud with despair. “I literally burned that dark ball! The Mesprit should be totally fine and back to normal now!” “Oh, that has nothing to do with what I had done with Dovanna, though!” Prima Dona shot back, her eyes flashing a fierce glare. “And now, you’ve stopped her yet again from almost achieving her goals to become that Dovanna pokemon again. I have to admit, she was pretty close to feeling her love again, thanks to you. But thanks to you again, she lost it! hah! You’re totally pointless, just like she is!” Barry whipped his head to Kaira, his eyes full of sadness and sorrow. “Kaira….please! I’m…” his voice was barely a whisper. “I’m so sorry…” Kaira couldn’t hear him. She felt all her feelings at once run through her. Love. Hate. Despair. Sadness. Anger. Happiness. Shock. She felt a bunch of emotions rush through her all at once until she felt nothing at all. Her heart felt shattered, and she suddenly blinked with a slow, mournful look and then slowly brought herself to sit up. Her eyes were less teary and clouded, though they were still dazed and focused. She stared right through Barry. “I’m not falling for it again….” was all she muttered. Whether she knew what she was talking about or not, she said what she said. She suddenly felt hands grab both her arms and pull her up to her feet. She realized the dark figures she had glimpsed were two Solar grunts, one was a typical dark-suited guy with dark eyes, and the other was one of the pirates. Prima Dona wasn’t smiling anymore. She nodded at the pirates. “Take her away. Has the ship been destroyed?” “Not yet,” spoke the grunt. “But all the pokemon on board have escaped and scattered. Dionza is missing, though we all know she is most likely with Paul. Everyone else has gone to look after all those missing pokemon.” Prima Dona’s eyes widened, looking bewildered and pissed, but then she narrowed them again. “Good! Make sure everyone is looking. I really don’t need a team of darkemon anymore—I’ve already accomplished seventy-five percent of what I had meant to accomplish.” She cast a smile over at Kaira’s shattered expression and limp body as the two grunts held her to stand upright. Barry looked entirely drained. He stood up, looking at Kaira in the eyes. “No….I didn’t mean for this….” He suddenly felt a cold grip on his shoulder as Prima Dona let her hand rest by his neck. “YOU, be quiet, boy.” Her voice was clenched and hard. Barry silenced himself at her tone, keeping his saddened look on Kaira. “Chii…..” Chibu tried to get at Kaira, but the grunts shoed the three messengers away. Baby Dovanna glared at them and tried to shine at them, but one of them gave it a menacing glare with red, devilish eyes that it scared the little bird. Baby Dovanna gave another look at Kaira and tried desperately one more time, using its strongest force of love to shine at her heart, but it pretty much bounced right back at it. Kaira could barely feel the bright feeling of love. She had also pushed it away as well. She didn’t care what happened to her—as long as she wasn’t caught up with such feelings anymore. Her eyes became a nasty glare, and though she wasn’t looking straight at Barry or anyone else, Barry looked the most worried of all as they watched the grunts take her away towards the ship. Kaira didn’t even look back. She didn’t care where she was being taken. She didn’t care what anyone would think. She didn’t even care what she would think. She felt drained, entirely shattered, and utterly defeated—once again. 50. THE SPLIT Barry stared after Kaira as the Solar grunts walked her away. A big part of him wanted nothing more than to just run after her and break the shattered glass that struck her heart, but he was aware of Prima Dona’s intent gaze on all of them. She had her hand on his shoulder, and he was suddenly aware of the time back in the Spirit Garden when she had tried to eat him alive. He didn’t dare look up to meet her gaze and see the hungry look on her face now. But Barry felt broken overall. He couldn’t believe what he had just done….and in front of Kaira too—as well as Kyra. The both of them had seen him…..both had a reason to feel angered and betrayed by him. especially Kaira, who would never find a way to hate, though at the same time, could never find a way to love anymore. How close she had been, he wondered. How close she had been, to have loved Barry himself and had almost been able to become Dovanna again—all her love was almost dedicated to him….and he had ruined it just like that. One kiss with Dawn—and it ruined everything. He was utterly ashamed and astonished with himself, he felt like the planet would just swallow him up. “Well, then!” Prima Dona huffed. “While my pirates take care of your poor little bird girl there, I’ll just have to finish up the rest of my job!” Dawn gasped and Barry turned to look up at Prima Dona with a look of hatred on his face. “What are you talking about? You’re not finishing anything. You’re not going to hurt any of us like you’ve already--” “QUIET YOU!” Prima Dona screamed, glaring with full fury at Barry. To their side, the three angel messengers circled around baby Dovanna, crying with sadness and despair.“I’ve already made arrangements for my plan now! since I’ve failed at the summoning of Ultramaur here, I’ve made it so that my pirates sail out at sea, into the region of Thelmer, where they can summon Ultramaur at a more secretive place—on the island of Dark Raven! There, they will summon the devil pokemon, using Paul as a source to draw its presence. But since I’ve lost Paul AND those pokemon species I’ve collected—thanks to that SOILED, FUGLY OL’ GIRL—I have changed courses already.” Prima Dona smiled at all of them—Barry, Lucas, Chimchar, Dawn, the three messengers, and baby Dovanna. “Kaira is done with now. she is shattered and weakened more than she has been before, unable to love again. her feelings have dropped all the way down, and she’s in an even more serious state than she had been when you kiddies first met her.” Barry’s heart sank. He wanted to disappear. Behind him, Lucas let out a small wail and Chibu shivered. “Chi…” Prima Dona’s gaze hardened. She was only focusing on Barry now. “So! My pirates shall take her towards the Dark Raven island, and make sure she never comes back! By sending such a soul to that island, they are pretty much throwing her as perfect bait for the Black Hole above, so that her spirit can be washed away, and the pokemon Dovanna will NEVER return, therefore, never summoning back the presence of Dalyah. That significance can be what summons Ultramaur, and let the devil pokemon arise and take over the world! I won’t be needing that stupid purple-headed Paul anymore, for this is already enough to summon the devil pokemon itself.” “Well, what ARE you going to do with Paul then?” Dawn spoke, her eyes narrowing. Prima Dona turned to smile at her innocently. “Oh, nothing much, my dear. He won’t be any more use to me, so I’ll just have to kill him off, just like what I’m going to do with someone else who used to mean something to me, but now no longer is.” She let her gaze fall on Barry, and her grip tightened on his shoulder, making Barry wince. It was like having the most painful massage. She was strong enough to simply pinch his shoulder off. “You know what I do to those who aren’t any good to me like they used to be. I either kill them and send them to the Black Hole…” she leaned closer to Barry’s ear. “….or I eat them up—consume their foolish souls and let it find its way into the dark magic towards the Black Hole.” Barry felt a cold shiver run down his spine. He cast a glance at Dawn, who was looking scared and tensed, standing there by the three messengers side Prima Dona chuckled creepily. “Fool,” she muttered. He felt her cold breath on his cheek. “You were stupid to think you could just overtake me just because you kids were part of the prophecy, and you had that frail old girl with you. I have defeated her, and now I just need to finish off the rest of you. I will kill you, Barry, right in front of the eyes of your REAL angel-mate. Then I will kill her afterwards. The little fire pokemon can watch with despair before he gets killed himself, too.” Suddenly, baby Dovanna flew forwards and blasted a light at Prima Dona’s cheek, making her stumble sideways and finally let go of Barry. The three messengers hovered higher in the air, glowing and ready to attack. In front of Barry, Lucas and Chimchar were burning and ready to shoot out flames. But suddenly, Prima Dona shot up and pointed forwards with an angry-struck look on her face. “AGHH! THERE! STOP THAT BIRD!” Baby Dovanna was fluttering away, heading down the beach towards the direction where Kaira had gone, cooing desperately. Instantly, Prima Dona rose and sprang forward, chasing after the pokemon. “Get back here, you little runty chicken! I’ll pluck your feathers! I’ll kill you!” “No! Lucas! Chibu! After her!” Dawn cried, dashing forwards to help the dove pokemon. But as soon as the three messengers darted forward, a huge wave suddenly rose to their side, and Prima Dona’s shiny Milotic rose its head once and fell backwards in the water, causing the wave to fall upon them all. Barry woke up coughing and soaking wet. “Bleh! Dawn!” He shot up, looking around, and realized Prima Dona and Dovanna were nowhere to be seen. The three messengers were scattered in the sky above them, and Lucas and Chimchar were shaking their smoking furs, deeply affected by the water. “Oh, guys!” Barry dashed over towards the two to help them up. But Lucas suddenly lashed out a paw to give a hurtful swat at Barry’s hand, retaliating with a dangerous growl. Barry flinched and lifted his hand away. “Lucas?” Had Lucas himself really snapped at him like that? Dawn was coughing from behind. Barry turned to see her getting up and rubbing her eyes from some sand that had splashed out her. she still looked dazzlingly pretty when she was bitterly cold and wet, but Barry tried to control his feelings and speak to her carefully. “Dawn…” he walked up to her side. “We….we should all go after Prima Dona…we have to help Kaira.” Dawn let out a loud cough and glared at Barry. “Help her?! She’s utterly defeated! She CAN’T be helped! Didn’t you hear what Prima Dona just said?!” Barry flinched. “I—I know that! we’ve destroyed her….” “YOU’VE destroyed her!” Snapped Dawn, yanking a piece of seaweed down from her hair. Her expression was angry and spiteful. “Why did you have to do that to me?! Because of YOU, you made it BOTH our faults that Kaira’s fallen down the emo trail again! and this time, she’s fallen back waaaay more farther than she has ever had!” “I already understand that!” Barry protested, taken aback by Dawn’s raging tone. “But we can still help her! we can show her how much we care about her, and save her from those pirates! We can restore her love all over again—and quickly too!” Dawn rolled her eyes. “What are you going to do? Give her a simple kiss on the lips like you just did to me? I don’t think so! You don’t just love someone for the heck of it, and then forget about it afterwards!” Barry’s heart leaped, realizing she was referring to what he had just done to Dawn as well. By making Dawn feel that way about him, he had not only betrayed Kaira, but he had let down Dawn at the same time, knowing it was wrong to even start a relationship like that with her. he suddenly felt bitterly confused and felt like letting the waves soak him up. “Chii….” The three messengers lowered down, looking sad as they gazed at Dawn and Barry. Lucas and Chimchar were watching, their tails glowing with intent. Lucas’s eyes were a disdainful sadness. Dawn was shaking her head. “I’m sorry, Barry,” she said, not sounding at all sorry. “But obviously, you’re the unwatned one of this group—and NOW I see why. What Prima Dona said was true. You really DID go out there to catch Mesprit, didn’t you? you really did mess with the balance of emotions, letting Prima Dona mess with Kaira’s feelings in the first place. And now, you’ve arrived in the very dimension you’ve disrupted, so that you can be punished—by the element of ice.” Barry held his breath with disbelief, and took a step back. He wanted to say something, but he was utterly speechless. dawn turned away, looking ahead of them towards the north where Kaira, baby Dovanna, and Prima Dona disappeared. “I don’t know about you…..but I’m going to find Paul. He’s someone who’s really dedicated into the whole prophecy more than we know. He and I can continue our journey north, to find Phandolia at its mountain, and ask it for help with Kaira.” She turned to Lucas and Chimchar. “Lucas, we’ll need you too. You are still part of the prophecy, and we need all three beings to be at Phandolia’s mountain. Together, we can find a way to help Kaira once we get there, for we need her most of all besides just us alone.” Lucas looked at her with his mournful Infernape eyes, and stepped towards her. but suddenly, Chimchar jumped up and down….crying out angry snaps. “Chi-him! Chiiiim!” Dawn and Barry looked at the pokemon. “Chimchar?” Dawn spoke. “You’re more than welcome to come too--” “CHIIIM!” Chimchar turned to face Dawn with a glare, and blew out a huff of fsmoke towards her. Dawn ducked in surprise and the smoke distilled in the air behind her. Barry looked at the Chimchar in surprise. Chibo hovered next to his ear. “It’s angry about Dawn for ever ruining Kaira’s chances of loving you.” It spoke sadly. Barry felt his face burn hotly and he clenched his fists with frustration. Dawn sighed and backed away. Lucas was giving her a sorry look, and backed away to join Chimchar’s side. Dawn gave Lucas a saddened look. “Okay then,” she murmured. “I…I guess I understand. I will be heading north….if you need me.” And she was off, running towards the northen direction by the waves, leaving footprints in the wet sand behind her. “Chi!” Chiba suddenly flinched and hurried after Dawn. “Chiiii!” “Where’s Chiba going?” Barry asked in his thoughts, for he felt like that was the only way he could speak with enough strength, “I…I guess Chiba’s gone to look after Dawn, and make sure she’s protected. Remember that the messengers had been sent to the different dimensions to seek the missing Dovanna, and find the three beings to protect them.” Barry just sighed. it seemed so long ago. Chimchar growled and hissed after Dawn, and then ran into the woods behind the cliff. Lucas followed after him. As Barry watched them go, he felt a lonely tremor of defeat inside him. the beach was quiet, and he was sure the Solar grunts were all gone and dispersed, with the pirates setting out to sea—with Kaira. Barry had no one but Chibo and Chibu above him. he didn’t speak to even Chibo. He felt entirely alone. He suddenly looked up towards the north. “I will find Prima Dona,” he said in his thoughts. “I will find her….and defeat the likes of that lady so she’ll never bother Kaira again. That way, we can fulfill our prophecy without the likes of her.” Chibo looked at him with uncertainty, and whimpered. Barry looked up at his heart-bonded friend. “You’ll come with me, won’t you? I….I may not be one of the three, but I still need looking after.” And Barry knew that if he was to die soon over the element of ice as his punishment, he still wanted to accomplish one more thing before he was gone. “Of course I will,” replied Chibo in its small voice. Barry walked on forwards with the blue pokemon above him. But behind him, Chibu remained hovering in its spot, looking out ahead with a worried look in its head. It thought of Kaira, trying to communicate with the friend it was meant to heart-bond with. “Chi……” Chibu remained silent as it watched the sun set. 51. SEPARATE PATHS Lucas followed Chimchar through the woods. “Hey, where do you think you’re going?” He hissed through the dark shadows. “We can’t just run away from Dawn and the others just like that!”“What others?!” Yelled Chimchar. “Kaira’s gone…and Barry’s just no use to us. Paul is out there with Dionza somewhere, and Dawn’s already gone off to find him. We can try to help those psychic pokemon that have lost their home because of Kaira and Barry.”Lucas narrowed his eyes and growled. “Hey! It was NOT at all Kaira and Barry’s fault that the garden is destroyed. That was all because of Prima Dona! She destroys everything!”Chimchar stopped in his tracks and faced Chimchar with an angry look. “Fine then! Go do what you want! If you wanna follow that stupid Dawn and let her so-called ‘influence’ drive you crazy like it has already done with both Barry and Kaira, go ahead! I’m going to find Gardevoir, and try to help it find its garden.”Lucas huffed. “How are you going to FIND it? It’s destroyed! There’s nothing you can do! The pokemon will just have to live in the real world and go along with time like regular pokemon.”“It’s not fair to them! I’ll find a way, and I’m not makin’ ya come with me if you don’t want to.” And Chimchar took off into the woods, disappearing behind the bushes and into the shadows.As Lucas watched him go, he felt a strange saddening feeling. He’ll be back, Lucas thought. Chimchar always seemed to show up at the right moment, whenever they all needed him. But then Lucas blinked, thinking. Would they ever even need Chimchar again? Lucas felt torn apart and lost. Kaira probably gone out at sea, captured and locked away from contact with any of them, while Dawn was out on her own, searching for Paul. Lucas felt like their quest had come to a fail. They had all split apart, and there was nothing they could do, especially without Kaira anymore. He sighed and let out a lonely call of an Infernape.Paul ventured through the lonely mountains. He had snuck away from Dionza with a sickening feeling. Just earlier, the Solar grunt had taken him with her to a strange cave up in the Yonga mountains where she had told him all her creepy feelings for him, and how she wanted nothing more than for her to be the next commander over Team Solar, with Paul at her side. Prima Dona didn’t want him anymore, and she was planning on doing nothing more than to get rid of him since he was useless to her now, but Dionza herself told him she was still fond for him. She still wanted him to be part of them, and she wanted to one day be the next most important leader of Team Solar under Prima Dona’s command, and have Paul at her side. “We could even make children,” she had said in an intriguing tone when they were both at the cave. “Imagine that, you and I. for you are born of the first dimension of this very planet from earth, and I am a mere aura of matter created to follow after the darkness of Prima Dona. The two of us can make pretty interesting little half-borns…”Paul had been haunted by the thought. He was no longer in love with her, and he wanted nothing more than to get away from this woman—to get away from Team Solar and never see their faces again. After they had both slept for the night, he had cut himself with his dagger, leaving his clothes plastered with blood by Dionza’s side. He had worn his own clothes once again, and finally, in such a long time, he was dressed back in his formal outfit like he had been back in Sinnoh. He no longer looked like a Team Solar grunt. He had abandoned them, and left them to fend for themselves in the turmoil of the strange region. He traveled up higher into the Yonga mountains, and suddenly felt the strange feeling of someone watching him. But then he felt the darkness in his heart suddenly lighten up at the sense of a familiar presence. He slowly turned and met the coming figure of Dawn. “Paul…” Dawn was walking up through the snow with her scarf and pink jacket wrapped around her. Hovering above, was a pokemon Paul had feared since his first arrival. It was a small, football shaped pokemon with a red glowing color and button eyes. Paul gasped and put an arm on Dawn’s shoulder, gazing at the pokemon above. “The devil Chiba…?”“No, Paul. Don’t worry,” Dawn slightly chuckled. “It’s not the devil Chiba. Can’t you see the difference? It’s the angel messenger of Dalyah. The good Chiba. It has returned from the Black Hole that Prima Dona had sent it to long ago. It’s finally reunited with its messengers.”And the little pokemon smiled cutely and glowed brighter. “Chiiii!”Paul realized that it had a glowing halo above its head, rather than the two small devil horns that devil Chiba had. It also looked more vibrant and happy when he looked at it, and Paul suddenly felt comfortable with the presence of both Dawn and the angel messenger. Paul gazed down at Dawn’s eyes with happiness. “Dawn… made it all the way up here already? I…I have left Team Solar. I’ve turned my back on their dark ways, for I’ve made a better choice like you said. I’ve let the real light shine through my heart.”Dawn smiled and then blinked, suddenly looking troubled. “That’s great…..but there’s still so much more trouble to be dealt with. It’s horrible. Prima Dona has revealed the secret that Barry has kept—a secret that Lucas or I didn’t even know of!” And Dawn told Paul of everything that had happened by the beach of Crestfall City, where Kaira had witnessed Barry and her kiss, and how Prima Dona had let the pirates take her away with them to be confined to the Black Hole on Dark Raven Island. Paul listened with intent and then finally spoke. “Kaira’s gone….that Barry is….a traitor.” He narrowed his eyes. Dawn sighed. “Oh Paul, he’s not a traitor but….he’s made the biggest mistakes. Now it makes sense for this dimension to want to punish him. He’s…he’s messed up the ways of the worlds and it’s even gone all the way back to Dovanna’s disappearance.”Chiba’s expression saddened. “Chi…”Paul could see how much Dawn was affected by this. He wasn’t angered by the kiss Barry had given her, but he was extremely angered by the consequences that it had caused. He put a hand on her cheek. “Dawn…we can still go on. We can still find a way to help Kaira.”Dawn huffed. “That’s just what Barry said. But…I just didn’t want to believe him and stick around him any longer. I just couldn’t tolerate everything that had just happened….”Paul blinked slowly and looked to the distance ahead of them. The mountains loomed higher and he suddenly felt a strange feeling of darkness ahead. He could tell it. Prima Dona was probably out there, or the devil messengers. Paul and Dawn looked at each other. “We must go to Phandolia’s mountain,” said Paul carefully. “Whether the prophecy has been disturbed or not, we must still seek the pokemon of goodness. Phandolia can help us, and somehow, we may be able to find a way to help Kaira. We must go, Dawn. We must try to find our way to the mountain of Phandolia in the region of Zan-Quin.”Dawn looked ahead of them. Zan-Quin would just be over the Yonga mountains they ventured upon. “Okay then,” she said with a nod. “But…what about Lucas? And….Barry? I….I can’t just leave them…”Paul looked at her. “Well….it’s up to them to choose their paths now. For now, we should just focus on finding a way for our own problems. There really isn’t a point in getting involved with what everyone else is going through now….it really means nothing without the aid of Kaira and baby Dovanna.”Dawn sighed and Chiba hovered over them. “Chi…” the pokemon was looking up hopefully at the starry sky. Paul and Dawn stood there, holding hands, ready to venture out to the path ahead of them. They had each other, and the element of light and dark both touched, causing a brightening glow on Chiba above.Lucas ran through the woods, not knowing where he was headed. He was confused, and he had no idea what his life would mean next. What could he do now? The prophecy had failed, and they had lost Dovanna. His presence to be this stupid pokemon of fire was pretty much useless now. He didn’t know what he could do. Suddenly, there was a glow around him as he ran. Lucas winced, and then suddenly stopped in his tracks. “Who’s there?” He growled angrily, not feeling like a pokemon battle at the moment.“Lucas…. it’s me,” a small voice sounded around him, and Chibu suddenly appeared from the trees. Lucas raised his eyes with hope. “Oh, Chibu--!” But then his gaze faltered. The Chibu was smiling deviously, and it had no halo. This wasn’t the Chibu that aided Kaira. This was the devil Chibu, messenger of Ultramaur. 52. SHATTERED Just a distance away from the beach of Crestfall, near the landform of the Askip region, a large pirate ship set out at sail, heading towards the dark, uninviting clouds ahead. The captain of the crew, Captain Bron, sailed the ship with a determined look in his eyes. His left eye was covered by an eyepatch, and his right shoulder contained a ruffled old Chatot that noisily squawked through each blow of wind. Kaira was locked in the dungeons of the bottom deck of the ship, feeling shattered and lost from her world, from the dimension, lost from any place there was in the entire universe of space and time. She didn’t know what to think, and she couldn’t remember anything at the moment, except the terrible scene that flashed through her mind. The scene of Barry and Dawn, happily in love and kissing each other. A strange voice would call in her head at times, a strangely familiar voice that she had once looked up to, but now that no longer mattered to her, and she just pushed it away, allowing herself to befall the darkness that had overtaken her heart. She was barely aware of her surroundings, and she barely knew she was being taken against her will. At times, the filthy pirates would come and speak to her, yelling at her in their dirty, crude, spiteful tones. But Kaira was too lost to even notice or understand what they had been trying to say. For days, she had been unable to speak, unable to understand anything going on around her. she lay in her cell, staring out into space at the dirty ceiling above, her mind spinning and letting itself go, her heart barely beating and slowly seeming to shrink with shock and sadness. The pirate that she almost noticed over anyone else was Trevor, for he had been the one to have visited her most often, teasing her with rude remarks and comments, knowing she was too frail to answer him. After a while, Kaira became so insignificant and unresponsive to the pirates’ remarks that most of them finally stopped bugging her altogether. But Trevor was the only one to still come and tease. He seemed to just enjoy sticking around her presence, whether she noticed him or not. The pirates never tended to feed her, but she didn’t care. She wouldn’t even accept the little scraps of food they had thrown at her, and for many suns, she lay there in her cell, still as a dead body, lost as a newborn baby. One day, Kaira felt a strange disturbance around her as the pirates in the ship all seemed to uprise and create a strange riot above. Kaira didn’t care whatever was the problem going on around her, but suddenly, a strange, warm rush of energy seemed to flow through her veins. “Aye!” Cried the captain. “It be the filthy pokemon of the dove girl!” And suddenly, sure enough, there was baby Dovanna, flying in towards the ship through the windy, chilly air that surrounded the ship over the treacherous ocean. They were far into the sea by now, and had reached the region of Thelmer, an oceanic region that populated either underwater below, or the scattered islands above. But baby Dovanna had arrived, following Kaira’s light of her heart, or at least what had been left of it. the pokemon had traced her spirit, and had finally caught up to her upon the ship in the middle of the sea, but if the pokemon would describe it, it would’ve mentioned how vague and faded it had been to try and read Kaira’s aura from far away. Kaira felt her baby Dovanna’s presence, and felt the rush of slight, warming energy as she slowly rose to sit up. A low growl suddenly sounded from behind her and Kaira turned with a dazed, cautious look in her green eyes—which had become so faded and pale that they almost looked gray and sickly. There, behind her cell, was a small, twitchy little rodent pokemon with erect brown ears and smooth tan fur. It had large friendly eyes, though being locked in the dungeons of the pirate ship, the pokemon obviously looked scared and nervous. To its left stood a tall female human, though at the same time, it looked like some aquatic pokemon creature that was part human. A giinka, was what would’ve popped into Kaira’s head, but her mind was so clouded that she didn’t even think of anything or recognize a single feature on the creatures before her. The giinka spoke to her. “Dear girl….you’ve finally seemed to have awakened?” Kaira said nothing. She didn’t even remember how to speak, but the presence of baby Dovanna was suddenly overcoming her. the pokemon above was trying to dodge the shots and attacks from the nasty pirates on the ship, but at the same time, it tried to adhere the power of light and spirit into Kaira and help her recover. Kaira slowly felt her heart slowly coming back to her. “Kaira….” Her voice was a strange, audible tone, and her eyes didn’t blink as she stared right at the blue giinka. The giinka raised her eyebrows. “Oh…is that your name? I have heard of you. I hear the prophecy has slowly been coming true lately, and that Dovanna has returned—though in a form of a powerless human. It travels with three earth beings and its own hatchling, does it not?” Kaira said nothing. She didn’t understand what this creature was talking about, and she felt like she had just been woken from a dream that had taken her a thousand years. Her mind was as vague as the clouds above their sailing ship. The rodent pokemon squeaked a small cry and shivered next to the giinka, looking concerned at Kaira. The giinka spoke in a careful, smooth tone. “Do you remember a thing? Or have the pirates been so nasty lately that they have brainwashed your mind. Do you remember any of your past? How you made it here, to the planet of Gaiyah, fifth dimension of the world earth, where you were supposed to be the pokemon Dovanna, the very pokemon to summon love and keep the balance of goodness with Phandolia? The very pokemon that would be the aid of Dalyah so that the prophecy can come true and recreate Gaiyah itself again? the force of matter in the dimensions, along with the force of nature and time… you remember anything of interacting with the sort?” Kaira’s mind was spinning. She suddenly felt as if she were almost able to recall something very important, though it was pushed somewhere in the back of her mind and unable to find its way out. At last the giinka’s eyes flashed, looking deep into Kaira’s. “The earth beings—do you not remember? The element of fire—Lucas the changeling Infernape. The element of darkness—Paul, the traitorous Solar grunt. And the element of light—Dawn, the angelic figure of the dimension.” The names…..Kaira felt as if they had once played a big part in her heart once before, and had had a significance in her life. A crash sounded from the upper deck, for a pirate had fallen to the ground from one of baby Dovanna’s defending attacks. The giinka spoke with intent. It had heard of the stories being passed around the regions, of the presence of earth beings from another dimension, finally coming in contact with their world, finally making their way to the north, traveling with the very pokemon Dovanna itself. “And Barry,” spoke giinka, remember the name of the real unwanted traitor of the group, the one who had finally entered the dimension in which he corrupted, coming to accept his punishment through the element. “Barry—the one who played with the balance and messed up the dimensions….the one who is the main cause of why you are even in the state that you were…..and are….” Barry. At last, the name clicked into Kaira’s brain. Barry. First, it was like a familiar name in her mind, then it became the familiar person she had once loved, and then it flourished into memories of all she had been through with Barry himself, starting from when she had first met him in Sinnoh, to when he had last betrayed her before her eyes. A crash suddenly came from behind, and Trevor had fallen down the cell with a mangy looking Stoutland and the baby Dovanna that was in its mouth. Baby Dovanna twisted free from the Stoutland’s mouth, giving it a sharp peck with its dagger-sharp beak, and then flew over through the cell bars, landing on Kaira’s head, and nestling on her brittle hair, glowing with bright whiteness. And finally, the rest of the names seemed to flow through Kaira’s brain. Lucas. Paul. Dawn…. She finally recalled everything ofher journey, who she was, and what had happened to her. it was only a few moments until she realized where she exactly was, and who she was staring at. “Oh….” Kaira breathed wondrously. In front of her was the giinka of a Vaporeon, a mere human figure with smooth pale skin and calm blue eyes, with navy blue hair and blue fins appearing from either side of her head. She had a suit wrapped around her like a one-piece, and her long, slender legs were bare. Her tail was like a mermaid’s, and arched out from behind, resembling that of a Vaporeon’s. The rodent-like pokemon next to her was a Victini, one she had never seen before. “Arghh!” Trevor’s yell snapped her out of her thoughts and baby Dovanna cooed angrily as it shifted on her head, glaring at the pirate behind them. Kaira turned to gaze at the pirate that made his way up to her cell with a nasty glare. “Eh! So, you’ve finally stopped daydreaming! Hehe, we should be reaching our destination in about another week or so, depending on this damned weather!” Next to him, his Stoutland was burning up and growling with intensity at Kaira, and the baby Dovanna on her head. Kaira stared at Trevor blankly, not knowing what to think. Trevor suddenly reached in and grabbed Kaira’s chin, smiling deviously. “Happy to see your little birdie? Try to have as much fun as you can with it before Cap’tn Bron cooks it up for our next meal!” Kaira blinked, and felt baby Dovanna’s annoyance at the pirate. She frowned and flinched away from the pirate’s grasp, giving him an unfriendly frown. She didn’t remember ever liking this guy. Trevor raised his eyebrows. “Oh? A little grumpy from your wakey? Haha! I’ll see to having Captain Bron let ya outta yer cell for a while. It’s time we give you chances to checkin’ out our ship! We’re way too far in the ocean for you to try and do anything now.” With that, Trevor gave her a smooch from his distance, and then turned to head up the deck with his Stoutland. Kaira watched them go, feeling a disgusting feeling well up inside her. “Queee!” Victini gave an angry chatter after them. “Oh dear, I’m so sorry you had to get caught up into this,” said the giinka. Kaira turned with a clouded look. “Please….can you tell me? Who are you? how…..what’s happened to me?” The giinka looked at her with a crestfallen expression. “My name is Verdana. I am a human giinka of a Vaporeon…..and I’m sorry, but I have no idea of what your recent past has been like since you came here. but I have traveled far and wide along the seas of the world, and I have heard many stories and rumors of what has come of you. I know you are the pokemon Dovanna itself, but you are weakened from love and can never feel its power again. but I have heard that you were traveling north with the three beings of the elements, the three beings that are said to aid you in the bringing of Gaiyah. You have been shattered, by the looks of it. I can see that something has disrupted you….and I could predict that it has been done by no other than Prima Dona herself.” Prima Dona. The name brought back to her such terrible visions. Kaira felt weakened just by the sound of it. “I….I guess it has…..I’m sorry, I don’t seem to recall much of anything either—nor do I even care.” Kaira turned away with a sorrowful look. baby Dovanna tweeted above her head. “Dou?” it looked at her hopefully, trying to get her to feel the happiness she had used to fell whenever it was around her. “Quiii,” the Victini tilted its head, giving Kaira a curious look. “Oh….but don’t give up hope,” said Verdana. “You must have faith, for you are Dovanna itself. You play a big part in this prophecy.” Kaira was slowly shaking her head. “I am nothing to the world now. I couldn’t feel the feelings I used to feel when I was myself. I’m destroyed, and there’s nothing you can do to heal me.” Her voice suddenly spoke with venom. “I’ve been betrayed, and I will not forgive of that. I will never love again.” Kaira had been taken up to the deck of the ship to work as a slave for the pirates. Since Captain Bron had seen how much better she had recovered from the presence of baby Dovanna, he had decided to put her to work and let her become like their little servant to help clean u pafter the pirates’ mess. He thought that it would keep her busy, and keep her mind off of venturing out into space again, and regaining her lost sense of trance again. So Kaira reluctantly obeyed, not caring what happened to her. She had been close to finding true love, ever so close to finding what it felt like to love again and be loved back, but then it had all been taken away from her. Barry had betrayed her, and nothing else in the world mattered to her. she let herself be forced to work, let herself be spat at and taunted by the rowdy pirates of the ship. For weeks, Kaira had become so humiliated and angered by the work she was put at as a slave, haunted by her stupid past and desire to never find hope again. She soon began to realize and believe that the world was an unfair place, full of terrible things that would always bite at you and make you feel sorry for ever existing. She hated the pirates around her, and she hated the way she was being treated. She worked on and cleaned up after the messy crew, cursing under her breath and keeping a straight glare on her face through the whole day. Sometimes she didn’t even get any sleep, going through full days without ever resting or leaving the company of the crude, nasty pirates, though she was so caught up in her anger and stress that she didn’t even notice. Verdana and Victini watched her being put to work with worry in their eyes. Baby Dovanna even tried desperately to keep by her side and accompany her during her work, trying to keep her from feeling any worse when the pirates stuck around her. But eventually, Kaira began to drift further and further away, her spirit slowly being torn apart from the brightness that she possessed in her, and soon, baby Dovanna even began to see Kaira’s soul was being shattered to a mere, unhappy and hateful soul. Kaira had taught herself to stay tough and hotheaded around the pirates. They had spitted, teased, and nagged at her throughout the days she had to spend around them. especially Trevor, who would flirt and tease her, pinching at her sides and giving her admiring grins. Kaira soon became raged and distressed that she eventually became as rowdy as the pirates, fighting back and shouting spiteful comments back at the pirates’ stupid behavior towards her. Baby Dovanna was being kept under guard by the Captain and his rotten Chatot, but the little pokemon still watched with shock as Kaira constantly got into fights with the pirates, even physical fights that got her bruised and even scarred. The pirates became surprised at how much tougher Kaira had become. Trevor especially, was noticing Kaira’s new behavior and aggression towards everyone—and he was liking it. he liked to see the way Kaira screamed and complained at the mistakes she made when trying to clean off the deck, or try and organize certain parts of the ship. She cursed and yelled as she was put to work on the coldest days, shouting to the sky and cursing herself for ever existing. And that didn’t even stop the pirates from following her around. they still bugged her and annoyed her with jokes and sneers, though now they looked to her as a new figure to tease. One day, a pirate named Grutch came up to her with Trevor and his two brothers at his side, smiling wickedly at Kaira as she was hanging up a net of recently caught Magikarp. Her clothes were ragged and wet, for she hadn’t even changed them once since the moment she had first arrived on this ship. Her face was dirty and her hair was tangled and brittle, looking ready to fall off her head with a single pull. “Ay, there, maid slave!” Grunted Grutch with a snicker. “How ya doin’ hangin’ those fish? Betah you love the smell of dead pokemon lingering in that mighty fine hair of yers!” Kaira turned her head to glare at him. “Oh yes, I do love the smell of death. Reminds me of you especially!” Trevor crossed his arms and swaggered up to her and gave her a pinch on her bony hip as she bent over. “Ach!” Kaira screamed and shot up. Trevor laughed. “Hey, the boys are challenging me to a game of strip poker! Come on! We just HAVE to force you to play!” Kaira turned with a sarcastic smile on her face. “Oh, strip poker, is it? why don’t we just play truth or dare, so someone can dare me to kiss your filthy ass and whoop your stupid head off with your own sword?!” Instantly, Kaira swatted her arm at Trevor’s face, her eyes watering through her glare at the hard collision with the pirate’s dirty face. Trevor fell over and hit his head on the bucket that contained the guts of the Magikarp that Kaira had cut out. Grutch and his two brothers stared down at Trevor with astonishment. “Ooh,” they all murmured. They turned to Kaira with a raised smile on their faces. Kaira glared down at Trevor as he groaned and cursed with disgust as he lifted his head from the bucket and threw off the guts from his face. Kaira rolled her eyes and gave him a sharp kick on the butt with her dirty bare foot. “Hah! You still thinking of having me play strip poker?” “Oh, yes!” Cackled Maxwell, the blonde brother of Grutch. “Hehe! I swear, Kaira! If you play, I’ll owe you some diamonds I found five years ago! Diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend, ain’t that right?” Kaira turned to Maxwell with a raised look. “Diamonds?” Huttson, the tall, darker-haired brother, nodded with a grimace. “Maxie’s been savin’ up some pretty precious tidbits in the past few years! He’s been aiming to get a girl to join the crew and become his own female matey!” Kaira gave him a narrowed look and crossed her arms. “Hmm….diamonds, huh? How ‘bout gold? Or anything else that--” “Hey, hey!” Trevor stood up with a scornful look in his eyes. “Now, Maxwell’s just a player! He ain’t got no gold or jewelry! Why, I’ve been savin’ up treasures that the queen of England would love to buy from me!” The pirates immediately started cracking up obnoxiously and Grutch gave Trevor a rude shove. “Man, Trevor, you ain’t got a single penny to spare as a peasant! Trust me, gal! Trevor is as poor as the dead Magikarp in your hand! AHAHAHA!” They all continued to laugh at Trevor, who was turning red with irritation and humiliation. Kaira glared at them and looked at the poor Magikarp in her hand. she gave a scowl at it and threw it at Grutch’s face with a strong toss, making the bulky pirate nearly fall back. “Oh, shut up! Sheesh, you guys are nothing but douches. Tell ya what!” Kaira gave a wicked grin, showing her dirty, uncleaned teeth that almost looked as worse as the pirates.’ “I’ll play strip poker with you assholes, and anyone who loses to me owes me a lifetime supply of gold! Whether they have it or not, they’re going to have to owe me every bit of treasure they find, and then maybe I’ll even be their next hook-up for the rest of the year!” The pirates all started shouting with agreement. Trevor, who was still rash and angry, started to look hopeful. Grutch gave his brothers hard shoves. “Meh! I’ll bet you all I’ll win this round! Nobody beats me at strip poker!” “Nobody but a girl!” Maxwell shot back. “Hah!” Kaira pushed a strand of her hair back. “Puh-lease! I am no girl. I’m a mere pokemon born of garbage and fish guts, and I have risen from the sea to torture you all with female desire.” She spoke in a sassy sarcastic tone, which made the pirates gleam their eyes at her. Trevor snickered and made his way up to her side as she turned to continue hanging the Magikarp. He put his hand on her shoulder. “Hey! if you’re born from some sea garbage or Wailord poop, you’ve made a mighty fine role model for all of us!” The other pirates yelled in agreement. Kaira whacked his hand off her shoulder. “Huh! I’d take over as a role model for you guys any day. You guys aren’t even close to being as disgusting as I can picture you to be.” She turned to give him an intriguing look in her pale green eyes. That night, the wind was cold and chilly. The crew of pirates played strip poker in the bottom deck, nearby the cells where Verdana and Victini were locked in. At last, Kaira had played her turn, and she ended up having to lose. “Ohhh! Ye gotta strip, Kaira, mah girl!” Said a pirate. Kaira threw her cars down and yelled a curse word. Verdana watched with distress and horror. “What is she becoming?” She hissed, shaking her head with disbelief. The pirates were turning her into some kind of slut, and Kaira herself seemed to have forgotten everything that was meant to be her. Trevor put an arm around her. “It’s okay, treasure girl! I’ll do it with you if ya want!” The pirates all started laughing and cheering them on, but Kaira pushed Trevor away and stood up. she took an eye patch that she had hidden in her chest. “See this? I bet Captain Bron keeps a number of these in his chamber, whether they do any use for him!” She put the eyepatch on and the pirates gave a caterwauling cheer, calling her sexy names at how they admired her look in that eyepatch. Just as Kaira was prepared, there was a loud yell from above, followed by the annoying screech of a Chatot. The upper deck shook, and Captain Bron stomped in with Chatot on his left shoulder, and baby Dovanna on his right, looking reluctant and saddened. Captain Bron’s one eye looked pissed at the sight of seeing his crew messing around under hear. “Arghh! What are you mangy slobs doing?! Git your asses on the deck! I don’t care if the whole night rains the ship away! no one but the girl and the prisoners are allowed in the bottom deck!” Before the Captain could show anymore signs of his anger, the pirates all herded their way out, and before Trevor left, he turned back to Kaira with an intent look. Kaira glared at him. “What?!” “Trevor!” The captain’s yell made him flinch and turn away, heading up the deck. As soon as everyone was gone, the captain faced Kaira across the room with a glare. Baby Dovanna was looking at Kaira with a longing look, but Kaira didn’t even bother to look at the bird. “What er ya doin’ with that on your eye?” Growled the Captain. Kaira shrugged. “ I dunno. Thought it was junk you threw out from your chamber.” “Take it off! Makes you look like a whore!” Kaira tore the eyepatch of her face, and threw it in the fireplace that burned next to her. The captain said nothing as he grumbled and made his way out of the deck. Baby Dovanna cooed with a mourning tone as it gave Kaira one last look before Born banged the door shut as he exited. Kaira made her way to sit by her cell to silently curse in her mind. She kicked at broken glasses of beer that the pirates had left, imagining they were pieces of their bodies broken and stepped on. Verdana was giving her a hard stare. “Kaira! Haven’t you realized what you’re doing?” “What? Giving the pirates a hard time in strip poker and to play by those stupid rules? There ARE no rules when you’re stuck in a cruddy old ship in the middle of freakin’ nowhere.” “Kaira……you’re not like this. You’re the pokemon Dovanna. You’re not one of them.” “No, Verdana,” said Kaira menacingly, standing up to glare at the giinka, face to face. “I am no so-called love pokemon. That B.S. is nothing to me. I’ve been through it once before, and then it turned on me and left me just like that. I come from a more complex source of matter. Maybe I was never meant to love! Perhaps that why it was taken away from me so easily! I’m not meant to be the love pokemon!” Verdana gasped. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Kaira, you have a destiny to fulfill, and you’re letting it slip pass you like a Feebas in a person’s hands.” “No,” Kaira replied angrily. Her eyes were gleaming, narrowed slits. “I am no love pokemon. I was never born from the matter of love. As far as I’m concerned, I probably have no real past, and that I was probably raised as a baby upon this ship since birth. These pirates must have found me, long ago, and have kidnapped me as a baby. They must have raised me and taught me to become as filthy as they, so I can become like their own female stripper for entertainment on this ship.” Kaira’s mind was flashing into everything the pirates had taunted her with, calling her names and referring to her as their own little treasure they have finally found and created for entertainment. And out of this constant jeering and taunts, Kaira looked to it as if she had been raised on this terrible ship all her life, living up to the stupid potential she had in this pirate ship. Everything about her past—was forgotten again. “I am no Dovanna. I am treasure, a mere figure of gold for these pirates, and I have always been born and raised on this ship—as a pirate girl.” 53. THE DARK-PSYCHIC Barry trudged along the path ahead of him. A dark shadow high in the sky, towards the south, seemed to stay in its place and keep its same distance from Barry every time he neared it. He was pretty sure that the shadow was Prima Dona, for every time he stared up at the patch of darkness, he felt a strange, ominous feeling that crept him out like a dreadful nightmare. He was bound to follow Prima Dona, and once he caught up to her, he would defeat her with his power of heart-bond. No one but Chibo accompanied him, just a few feet above his head, guiding him on. “I bet Prima Dona’s headed towards the south, back to her birthplace,” said Barry to Chibo, speaking in his thoughts. “She’s probably bound to await her reconcile of dark power when Ultramaur is summoned on Dark Raven Island.” “Chii….” Said Chibo out loud. It replied to him in his thoughts. “Yes, Dark Raven Island is not much further away from the very mountain where Prima Dona had been born. And because that was the very place Prima Dona’s body had formed from her dark spirit of magic and matter, she wants to be there to await Ultramaur once the pirates summon it from the island, where it can arise and make its way to seek her, and give her unimaginable power of darkness to conquer the planet with it. she’ll be the devil pokemon’s greatest ally, and almost nothing will stop her.” “Yes, of course there will be something to stop her!” Said Barry with determination. “Kaira is still out there…..and whether she is with the pirates or not, she can still find a way. she may have lost her love, but she can find a way to return it back again, so that she can become Dovanna again. she was so close to loving, and she can find her way to become as close again.” As he spoke the thought through his head, Barry felt a tremor of guilt and regret. Anger pierced his heart, and he was bitterly ashamed of himself. It was all his fault. He had been the reason why Kaira had come to feel so hollow and emotional when she had arrived at Twinleaf, and he was the reason why she had turned her back on them and become in an even worse state again. barry had never meant for such things to happen, but they had. And now, he could feel his time coming to an end. sooner or later, this world was going to punish him for what he had done. He had messed with the Balance of Emotions, and it had affected this dimension deeper than he would’ve thought. And when Kaira had gotten so close to loving him and feeling the need to become Dovanna once again, he had soiled it. She had lost all her senses yet again, and it was all his fault. Barry would never forgive himself, and the rest of the world probably wouldn’t either. Dawn and Lucas had already run away from him, and not even Dawn wanted to be around him. Barry looked ahead of him with a deep intent in his clouded eyes. “I’m such a lost cause.” He said to himself. “Why? Why have I done such stupid things? WHY must it have been ME to have accidently done these unwanted causes? Why?!” He kicked at the snow as he stomped on, tears streaming down his cheeks. “Chiii?” Chibo looked down at Barry with a sad concern. Barry walked along the steep trail with anger. The world around him looked so lonely and unfriendly. For weeks he had traveled this path, following the dark spot that headed south, traveling through strange environments and harsh terrains. Pretty soon, it grew cold and Barry found himself walking up a mountainous trail that lead to what was known as the Kapachian Mountains. It soon grew bitterly cold, and Barry was expecting to encounter snow sooner or later. Chibo still hovered above him, keeping up. “Oh, Barry,” it spoke calmly in his thoughts, its small voice sounding sad and mournful. “Don’t feel so given up. you still have a chance.” “Huh….after the prophecy takes care of me and I die from the curse of the ice element, I’ll be done for and nothing but a useless old memory. The world doesn’t want me, and it’s waiting to punish me for the stupid things I never meant to do,” Barry kept a frustrated frown on his face as he quickly walked on, glaring up at the shadow above. If Prima Dona were looking down at him from up there, he wanted to be glaring back. Thanks to her, even his friends knew of the mistake he had made to make the world not want him anymore. “Barry!” Chibo suddenly spoke with intent and hovered in front of his face, stopping him from walking any further. The little blue pokemon was frowning at him with cute, tiny button eyes. “If you give up hope now, then yes! Of course you’ll be nothing but a useless memory to the world! But if you keep believing that you can still make a right, and stop Prima Dona, then perhaps that could change the prophecy and let the dimensions see you as a different spirit! Prove yourself to be a hero! Make a change—a good change for the world, and let everyone see what you can do before you really go away!” “You think I can just change the prophecy?” Barry shot back. “A prophecy’s a prophecy! Whether I make a difference or not, I’ll have to face my fate, whatever it is that I’m meant to face! the world’s a cruel place! I can’t change that!” With anger pulsing in his ears, Barry stepped pass Chibo and broke off into a run, squeezing his eyes shut to keep the tears from running down his cheeks. “Chi!” Chibo cried after Barry and dashed after him to catch up. Suddenly, there was a rumble in the sky and rain started to drizzle. Barry opened his eyes to a wince. “Aw great!” He yelled out loud, running on even harder. “Just what I needed!” And pretty soon, the rain went from a drizzle, to a pouring, hailing thunderstorm that soaked the mountain. Barry struggled to find shelter, heading towards a small cave in the corner around the turn in the mountain, and dropped to his knees on the cold, hard ground of the cave. He had lost track of Chibo, but he knew it wouldn’t be for too long. The pokemon was heart-bonded with him, and he could trace his presence wherever he went. But suddenly, as Barry looked up to gaze deeper in the cave, he saw a strange flickering light in the distance. The cave was like a tunnel, and Barry curiously made his way through as the cave wounded through like a large passageway. All around him, Barry noticed strange carvings and drawings of pokemon, and elements of rain, fire, and some strange markings that Barry hadn’t even known about. Suddenly, Barry stopped as he heard a strange, unfamiliar voice. “No……I’ve seen glimpses of the Black Hole, but nothing of its true future….” Barry winced. The voice was feminine, and soothingly calm. He stopped and stood behind a wall in a fork of the cave, hoping he wouldn’t be seen. “Bah! Glimpses shmimpses! I need REAL answers! Did you see anything useful, or not?” Barry flinched. That voice was too surprisingly familiar. He turned to peek behind the wall, and sure enough, there was Prima Dona, standing tall and firm with a look of hatred in her icy yellow eyes. in front of her was a strange tall dark lady that was almost up to Prima Dona’s height, though not yet as tall. She had her back turned towards Barry, so he couldn’t quite see her face yet. But her hair was incredibly long and was merely an inch or two above the ground behind her. Her hair was almost as dark as Prima Dona’s, though it didn’t seem to shine with the same richness. It was tied into strands of braids and curling strips, and she reminded Barry of the Arcade Star, Dahlia, back in Sinnoh’s Battle Frontier. She seemed to be dressed in a purple and black gown, and her skin looked as pale as pale can be, though not even she was exactly as white as Prima Dona. The dark lady nodded her head. “I will tell you anything you need to know, if I can bear to see it, Prima Dona. The spirits have been restless, and I’ve seen many things happen through the works of psychics. But for Ultramaur itself, I cannot look into its future. Remember—darkness is hard for psychics to read and understand….” “Hmph! Well, you don’t have to tell me anything I already know. I bet you’ve seen the likes of the earth beings and the dove girl? what of that? examine them, and when you’ve found anything, let me know. I’ll be on my way, but you can always communicate with me through the portals of psychics and the supernova.” And Prima Dona glittered with a shine of flashing bright light, and then disappeared. Left in her place, were three colors that hovered in front of the dark girl—or the psychic, as it seemed she was. Barry raised his eyebrows. the three shapes were the devil messengers, and they were looking at the psychic with a glittering look in their eyes, as if they had known her well before. “Hmm…I see,” the psychic was saying. Barry couldn’t tell if she was speaking to herself or not. “The three earth beings…..and the unwanted one. Yes, one of them is nearby, am I right?” Suddenly, the dark girl turned and met Barry’s gaze, eye to eye, staring right into him. Barry tensed and felt his heart freeze. The girl had green eyes, gleaming in the shadows of the cave like a Glameow’s, and her face was pale with a strange mark of an Unown ? on her forehead. Her lips had a piercing at the right corner, and they were red, red as the bright color of blood that Barry almost thought they were bleeding. She gazed into him with a studying look in her eyes, and then slowly walked up to him. Barry would’ve ran away with fear and uncertainty to be around this lady, but he felt her gaze making him hold his spot and keep his place. She stared at him with her mouth slightly open. “Barry….is it?” Her voice was a low, smooth tone. She didn’t sound young, nor old. Barry swallowed and slowly nodded his head. “Mm,” said the girl. “I’ve been waiting for you. I’ve witnessed your coming.” She paused, but Barry said nothing. He stared up at her, looking bitterly scared. The lady spoke after what seemed like hours of quietness. “Allow me to introduce myself… name is Madrid. I am a psychic, or an illusion soul. I can appear at two places at once—in the same form, or in any form I please.” Barry felt a creepy feeling crawl up inside of him. Behind her, the devil messengers hovered up higher to glare down at Barry with snickering eyes. They all glowed with an intensity that made Madrid look like a powerful, fearful gypsy that would eat out Barry’s soul. She stared down at him with narrowed, unreadable eyes. She suddenly rested her hand on his shoulder. Barry gave a small gasp. Unlike Prima Dona, her hand was comfortably warm and made him feel restored. Her green eyes flashed. “Barry, you look so scared. Please…don’t be afraid of me. I may be sly and unpredictable when I have to be…..but please. Why don’t you sit down by the fire? It must be terribly cold outside.” And without waiting for a response, Madrid gave Barry’s shoulder a pull to lead him closer towards her. he had no choice but to step forward and follow her. he tried not to glance at the devil messengers, and he kept his eyes focused for any sign of Madrid sneaking something in his neck, or casting any kind of unexpected spell on him. Madrid sighed and let go of Barry. “I’m sorry…..I wasn’t able to light a fire with Prima Dona around.” And she suddenly cupped her hands together in front of her, facing the wall that bore the markings of a strange fire type pokemon. And Barry watched with wonder as the drawing suddenly seemed to start moving on the wall, the flames on the pokemon dancing like real flames, until a spark of fire fell from the wall and dropped to the ground, creating a small batch of fire over some rocks and wood. “Whoa…” Barry couldn’t help widening his eyes with wonder. Madrid chuckled. “Amazing, isnt it? I can summon whatever I want out of any mere spectacle, and use it to look into that object’s future and soul. This is a picture of a mere Infernape itself.” Madrid pointed at the fire pokemon she had just brought to a slight life. “Can you guess what kind of Infernape it’s supposed to represent?” Barry studied the strange shape of the pokemon, carved into the wall with sketches of shades and deeply carved flames of fire at the top of its head. If one didn’t look at it closely, they wouldve assumed the pokemon was a drawing of a fire head with a stick body and a tail. But Barry had an idea of what it could really be. “It’s Lucas, isn’t it? Lucas….as his Infernape form.” Madrid smiled and nodded. “That’s right. See, I’ve managed to summon fire from this very spot he had been carved into. I can look into the element and see his past, present, and future.” Barry raised his eyebrows with wonder. “Oh, can you tell where he is right now?” “Absolutely,” said Madrid politely in her low, laid back voice. “Come…..sit with me by the fireside. I can make the images come real, and you can see what of your dear little friend.” Barry was starting to feel a little more comfortable around this lady, but he didn’t let himself want to take any chances. He had once felt the same way for Prima Dona as well, and look what that had cost him before. Barry slowly made his way to Madrid’s side, but he made sure he was cautious and careful about what he believed from this lady. She was working with Prima Dona in some way, and he was not going to fall for her tricks. But if this lady was a psychic, she could be useful at the moment. Barry really wanted to know where his other friends had gone, and especially Kaira….if this psychic could even tell where she was herself. Barry and Madrid sat by the fire and Madrid sat up on her knees. The three devil messengers watched with a cold look in their eyes, keeping their glare on Barry. Madrid had a strange, nauseating scent that smelled of spices and sweetness, that Barry was reminded of the time when he had fallen for Prima Dona. She raised her arms and the fire in front of them burned with more intensity, until Barry saw that pictures had started to form in the flames. He gasped at the sight of Lucas’s Infernape figure in the flames, running through what looked like a forest. Strange things seemed to pass by him, strange figures that Barry could make out. “Hmm,” murmured Madrid, “your friend travels far across the strange region of Askip, heading towards where Prima Dona is headed. He is aiming for Prima Dona’s birthplace, but unlike you, he is on her trail, rather than following the dark shadow in the sky.” Barry winced. “Isn’t the dark shadow Prima Dona? Or at least where Prima Dona is traveling?” Madrid blinked her glinting green eyes. “Not exactly. Prima Dona uses the dark shadow as a portal. While the dark shadow itself is a form of dark matter that travels towards the south, where Crest Peak lies at the very place where Prima Dona herself formed her own body, Prima Dona could still be on the other side of the world for all you know. See, when Prima Dona first came into her human form, her spirit was just a form of dark matter, living in the darkness of that shadow above. The same dark shadow hovered over the Crested Peak in the south, and that’s where her spirit exited the shadow to form a body of a human—the very body she is in right now.” Barry bit back the intriguing feeling from the image of Prima Dona’s glamorous “body.” He wasn’t going to let himself fall for her again, in any way. “So, Barry,” said Madrid with a half sigh. “If you are following that dark shadow… may be headed for Prima Dona’s birthplace all the same, though you are not exactly following Prima Dona herself.” Barry blinked. So this lady knew he was following Prima Dona. She promised to report anything she knew to that witch. But Barry didn’t care. He wanted Prima Dona to face him, so he could take her on and defeat her with the willpower of Chibo at his side. Barry looked back into the fire. Suddenly, he saw glimpses of each of his friends. He caught Dawn walking along a treacherous trail with a dark figure at her side, resembling Paul himself. Madrid blew a strange dust into the fire. “This is the traces of sketches from the drawing of Dovanna.” Barry turned to see that the psychic had rubbed her finger against the wall that sketched the picture of the pokemon Dovanna. Next to the pokemon was the sketch of a unicorn figure, Phandolia. “Look into the fire, Barry,” said Madrid carefully, her voice becoming even more smooth and mysterious. She put her warm hand on Barry’s head, and he turned his head to face the fire, trying to see into Kaira’s image. “Look into the fire…..and see what has become of your dear little girl that has feelings for you. she’s still alive, yes, and she is far away across the sea…..with pirates….” And Barry looked with intent as he gazed deeply into the fire, his heart pounding at the sight of Kaira. First, he saw the pokemon Dovanna form in the flames, its beautiful wings spreading around and swaying as it danced around in the fire. Then a strange dark image overcame the Dovanna image in the fire, and the Dovanna suddenly gave out a cry and shrunk into the figure of a human, becoming Kaira herself. Barry raised his eyebrows. he suddenly saw the images that Kaira had been through with him, and what she had been through in her journey. Barry held his breath. At one point, he even saw her use a strange magic of sorcery on Malidorius’s brother, Braan, wiping his memory clean at whatever he had just seen. Then Barry saw Kaira’s thoughts, and what she really felt for him. He saw his own figure enter in the flames, and he watched as his figure and Kaira’s figure danced around each other, and then commingled with each other, happily into the flames, becoming a single image and then growing to change into the shape of Dovanna once again. Barry felt a strange uplifting in his heart. “That’s what she wanted, my dear…..” murmured Madrid, her lips close to Barry’s ear. “She loved you, and almost strong enough to let it bring back her spirit. But now…she’s lost it…” Suddenly, Barry saw a haunting image of darkness in the fire, and he caught sight of pokemon in pain and the waves of the sea rising. He saw an image of what he thought was Prima Dona’s deadly face, and then he finally saw a ship clearly sailing out at sea, where the pirates of Team Solar were sailing along the region of Thelmer. He caught Kaira, dressed in rags and bruised with scars and scratches over her. she did not look like Kaira. Barry widened his eyes as he realized that the rags she had been wearing were not rags at all, but her own clothes, her own pale pink gown that had been torn and worn to make her look like some sort of……prostitute or stripper. She looked bad. She looked cool. She looked happy and rowdy for once, but a different kind of happy Barry hadn’t seen in her before. She seemed punkish and drunk as she partied with those obnoxious pirates, entertaining them as she danced around….what looked like a pole on the ship….in high heels and an eyepatch. Barry couldn’t believe it. His dear Kaira…..the most harmless, tender hearted girl he had ever known… that he thought never had it in her to hate and become so full of herself…..had become a naughty, rowdy female for the pirates. Barry even felt more sick as he realized the strange white glow that was over the ship, was baby Dovanna itself, unable to get through Kaira’s head and make her realize what she had become. Baby Dovanna looked dirty and bedraggled as well, but at least it still had its cleansing power of goodness inside it…. “She’s changed, Barry,” murmured Madrid’s voice, though Barry was so intrigued into the images he saw in the fire that he thought the voice was part of the flames itself. “She has forgotten what it was like to love altogether, and she has been tortured by taunts and teases from the rude, obnoxious crew of pirates. She’s become foul and careless like one of them, and she even sees herself as a pirate girl that had lived her entire life on that ship with that crew.” “No….” Barry gasped. He watched as Kaira and the crew seemed to be partying and dancing at the moment, most of the crew drunk and oblivious to the rain falling around them. Barry felt his heart leap with horror at the sight of the person Kaira was dancing with. Trevor was by her side, and the both of them were inappropriately dancing around each other, jumping around and colliding bodies as the pirates around them sang obnoxiously. Kaira didn’t seem to be smiling, she looked as mad as a Mankey, but she still seemed ot be violently dancing and colliding with the pirate, her eyepatch still over her left eye. “I can’t believe it…” Barry thought. How could he have let this happen…? Barry was suddenly feeling nauseous as he stared at the strange images. He felt himself drifting off to sleep, struggling to keep his eyes open. He almost felt like he would fall straight into the fire as he leaned forwards with intent but heavy eyelids. He suddenly felt the world spin around him and voices echo through his head. The three devil messengers were hovering behind his back, snickering close to his ear. “Barry….!” Hissed a voice in his head. Barry suddenly shot awake, looking around him. a strange crash echoed through the cave, and Barry almost thought there had been some sort of avalanche. The walls around him echoed with a scream, and the fire went out in front of him. Madrid had her eyes narrowed, and she immediately stood up on her feet. “Chiiii!” The three devil messengers scattered as a blue light streaked towards all of them, crashing into a sketch in the wall that suddenly cracked, and then disappeared altogether. The angel messenger Chibo had arrived and was staring not too far away, with a glare in its cute little eyes. “Chibo!” Cried Barry. “Chiii!” The pokemon dashed forwards and tried to aim a glow of light towards Madrid. Madrid hissed and held out her heads, focusing on the glow and used the strange power of psychics to stop it, and twist it in the air until it totally disappeared. Then Madrid gave Bary a hateful look, and then her body blinked, disappearing like a glitch on a computer. The devil messengers snarled and then disappeared the same way. the cave was completely empty around them. Barry turned to Chibo with a wide-eyed look, his head feeling heavy like he had slept for a long time. “What had just--” “Oh, Barry! You fool!” Chibo cried in his head, giving him a worried, indignant look. “Can’t you see what she had been trying to do to you? she tried to poison you! she tried to get you hypnotized so that she can take you to Prima Dona herself! Did you NOT see her just fraternizing with that witch before she started mooning over you?” “I saw that!” Protested Barry. “And I knew what she was capable of….I did not trust her at all for one second. But I just thought that if I played along, she could give me some useful tips on what was going on with my friends…and hey! I discovered something important! Kaira is in a deeper trouble than we all thought she would be in! she’s even worse than being shattered and distant from us!” Chibo huffed. “Well, good job on the spying and everything. But now you’ve exposed yourself to following Prima Dona. She’ll find out that you’re on her trail before you know it. you better be prepared to meet her face to face! that Madrid is as terrible as you can imagine!” Barry raised his eyebrows. “Have you known her well?” “I don’t know her well…..” the little pokemon spoke with nervousness. “But I have seen her strange power of psychics, and what she is capable of doing with Prima Dona. She’s pretty much like a double player. She’ll help anyone, whether it’s Prima Dona or the good pokemon Phandolia itself. She can be evil and help the darkest of sides, but at the same time, she can also help the good spirits and even play on Dalyah’s side as well. Either way, she’s powerful and a psychic. She is NOT to be trusted, whether she can help you or not.” Barry nodded. “I understand, Chibo. I’m sorry. but our goal is to get Prima Dona to meet us as soon as we can, so we can fight her off. I can use your power of heart bond to destroy her soul of dark and hate. We can both destroy her together, as best as we can, with two heart-bonded beings.” “It will be hard, just the two of us…..but yes. We must do what we can. Especially whatever it will take to rescue Kaira.” Barry’s eyes flashed. “Oh Kaira…..did you see what she’s become, and what she’s gone through?” Chibo sighed and looked crestfallen. “I can see it….through your mind. Yes, she’s fallen into darkness itself, for darkness is not only wandering spirits alone, but something that we can create ourselves, if we’re not too careful.” Barry tightened his fists. “I swear…I’ll destroy that ice witch. I’ll give her what she deserves……for everything she has done that’s made Kaira this way.” 54. THE STORY OF PRIMA DONA Through the lonely wasteland of the wild, over treacherous mountainous regions, an Infernape roamed the snowy lands. The Infernape had traveled far and wide, and days turned to weeks, as the pokemon pressed on with no one but the spirits in the air to guide him. the Infernape was seeking justice, and was ready to take on the evil that had separated him from almost everything that he was close to. Lucas himself was finally thankful for being the pokemon he was right now. If he didn’t have the falmes on his body right now, he knew he would’ve been long dead. The Askip region had some pretty diverse weather conditions, and taking the southern path of the region, heading towards Prima Dona’s birthplace in the mountain of Crest Peak, the weather seemed to be as deadly and unpromising the more he pressed on. Lucas was upon a mountain at the moment, still following Prima Dona’s icy trail. The mountains weren’t the Yonga region mountains, for those mountains only lie to the north. North. Lucas knew he would have to turn back to head up north once again. after he would take care of Prima Dona, he must head back to gather his friends, and continue the prophecy that must be fulfilled. But first, he must take care of Prima Dona, and somehow get through Kaira’s mind and restore her love once again. Lucas knew it was up to him. he had to save her. He was the fire, the bringer of both the element of light and darkness, the one who would aid Dawn and Paul together during the transformation of Gaiyah. But none of it could be done without the pokemon Dovanna, for Dovanna was the only way to summon back the angel pokemon Dalyah. One night, Lucas stopped near a small, snowy woodland up in the Harpa Mountains of Askip. He had trudged the snow all day, and he was exhausted. The moon was as bright and full as can be, and Lucas sat back by a tall pine tree, gazing up at the moon and the strangely shaped stars. Such strange stars, Lucas thought. They always seemed to be portraying some kind of pattern in the sky, as if trying to draw connected symbols or pictures to tell him something. Lucas sighed. he wished he had the power to read starsight, but for now, firesight was enough for him. He decided to make a fire right now, so that he can tell what was going on around him and how close he could be to Prima Dona. He leaned forward and blew out a puff of smoke, summoning a small campfire in front of him. and as he peered closely into the images that were hidden within the fire, Lucas saw all kinds of things he had been through. he saw the great river of Barboach that he had crossed earlier, and he saw himself passing the strange cave lair at the side of the cliffs where a creepy pack of Houndoom lived. Then Lucas focused in front of that, trying to read what was happening at the present time, around him right now. Lucas suddenly caught the sight of a Noctowl, swooping down to grab at a small Sentret that was scurrying across the ground, carrying the little pokemon away in its sharp talons and using Hypnosis to put it to sleep. The Noctowl disappeared into the night, and as Lucas looked up from the fire, he could make out the distant hooting and screech in the night. But when Lucas looked down at the fire again, he flinched at the sight that stood before him. A pokemon with large, devious eyes was glaring at him, and Lucas immediately found that it was a Ghastleon, none other than Prima Dona’s. Lucas heard a rasping his behind him, and he turned with a look of dread as he was facing the Ghastleon right behind him, crouching down, looking ready to spring. “Ahh!” Lucas whipped around to face the pokemon, immediately letting his fire go out. The air around him felt even chillier now that the fire was gone. “You!” He narrowed his eyes at the Ghastleon. The Ghastleon snarled and stood straight. “YOU,” replied the pokemon with a menacing growl. “What do you think YOU’RE doing all the way out here?! don’t you know how dangerous it is for an Infernape to be wandering on such cold environments?” Despite the pokemon’s desire to taunt and sneer at him, the Ghastleon’s angry expression didn’t look the slightest happy. As Lucas stared into those large, glaring eyes, he felt like he would never let his gaze be taken off from the pokemon’s intriguing expression. Lucas tensed himself. “Um….well, I don’t have to tell you that! I’m on my way to stop Prima Dona, and I’ll tell you everything I plan to do with her once I catch up. none of you pokemon can stop me.” The Ghastleon looked humored now. “What you gonna do? you gonna barf fire on her and believe she’s just going to melt and become useless? Hah! You can try. I’d love to see you do that.” Lucas growled. “Well, if you’re so clever, what else CAN I do?” Ghastleon swished its paper-thin tail and twitched its ears. “Perhaps you should at least figure out some of the history behind Prima Dona’s past. Come…..there’s a cave back here, and we’re all waiting for you.” Lucas winced. “What?! You trying to play stupid? I’m not goin anywhere where Prima Dona-” “It’s just us pokemon right now!” Ghastleon give a slight snicker. “Prima Dona’s out…..practicing her sorcery a little somewhere else. she’s left us in the cave for the night. And don’t worry! The pokemon won’t hurt you unless they are ordered to specifically by her. Trust me.” Lucas narrowed his eyes. It didn’t take a second for one to look at that pokemon to know that you could do anything with it but trust it. The forest loomed tall and dark. Paul kept a tight grip on Dawn’s hand as they both trudged through the muddy ground, stepping over sharp plants and rocks, making their way through the eerie forest. “Ugh! Just think of how the pokemon look like living here!” Paul muttered. Dawn gave a slight chuckle. “Oh, I bet they don’t look much weirder than the pokemon that live back at our Eterna Forest.” Suddenly, Paul tensed and stopped walking. Chiba, who had kept its place hovering above them, narrowed its small eyes with the same concern. “Chi….” “What is it?” Dawn asked, looking around. The forest was like a dark nightmare, as if watching a horror movie when one was lost in the creepiest part of a woodland where goblins and monsters probably roamed. “Shh! Someone’s here,” Paul lowered his head behind a jutting tree branch, and Dawn narrowed her eyes to look closely around. Suddenly, she caught sight of a flash of fire through the trees ahead of them, and then she saw what loked like a dark figure flash through the night like a Gengar. “It’s a person,” said Paul, standing up straight and grabbing Dawn’s hand again. “Come on. I think I know who it is.” “What? A person? How can you be sure?” Paul suddenly paused. He slowly blinked his eyes and met Dawn’s gaze. “I….I sense it. there was…..some sort of darkness in them that I was able to trace….and I think even you know what that might mean.” Dawn gasped. “Team Solar….” Paul nodded. “Come on.” The two of them ventured into the woods. Chiba kept its red glow from getting too bright. Paul had been feeling uncomfortable around the little pokemon, but pretty soon, he had gotten used to how much sweeter and more pleasant it was around them rather than the torturous devil Chiba that still haunted him. Paul and Dawn finally came close to what looked like a little house in the distance below. “Ooh,” said Dawn, sounding slightly hopeful. “It looks like some little old cottage house where an old lady would live, like in the fairy tales.” Paul grunted. “I’m sure no nice old lady would be living here, though.” Suddenly, a tall dark figure crept its way from the bushes near the side of the house, and revealed its full form. Paul saw that it really was a person, a lady with long dark hair and glittering green eyes that Paul himself could see from here. She seemed to be wearing a dark gown, and was carrying what looked like an Espeon and an Umbreon in her hands. She narrowed her eyes, looked left and right, and then made her way up to the cottage house, opening the door and leaving it slightly open behind her. Dawn widened her eyes. “She had an Espeon and Umbreon with her!” Paul narrowed his eyes. “Come on…” He had a bad feeling about this lady. Especially if she really was of Team Solar. Dawn and Paul crept up to a window of her house. around them, the front garden was filled with nicely trimmed grass and strange night flowers, as well as a fountain that was turned off. Dawn and Paul peered into the window of her house. “Ugh, I feel like such a stalker,” muttered Dawn. “I never liked spying on people.” Paul smeared the dusty window. He winced. The window felt terribly slimy. “Well, I bet in this dimension, everybody spies on everybody.” They peered in, and Paul suddenly realized that this lady was no Team Solar grunt. Her small house was filled of trinkets and accessories, walls decorated with what a gypsy would have. He spotted her sitting behind a small table with a strange mirror sitting upright in front of her, and Paul could see the reflection of her mysterious, pale white face. she was some kind of psychic. And she was performing some strange spell on the pokemon that stood beside the mirror. espeon was on the left, and Umbreon on the right. She was using the strange power of psi, to commingle the psychics of Espeon, and read into the darkness summoned from Umbreon. She was trying to read in the dark spirits around her……and see into the eyes of a certain dark soul. Paul tensed. A certain dark soul. This lady was probably trying to trace Paul himself, trying to trace the prophesized humans from the prophecy. What else could she be doing? “Oh no…”Paul was getting up and backing away. Dawn turned to look up at him. “What?” “She can sense us…we better get out of here…” Suddenly, a blast of light erupted from the mirror and Paul clumsily tripped over a jutting rock from the ground, hitting his back painfully on the fountain behind him. “You okay?” Hissed Dawn. Cursing with confusion, he managed to see that the lady was gazing into the mirror that revealed the image of Barry, wandering through a strange cavern-like place, with Chibo at his side. Dawn gasped. “Paul….it’s Barry.” Paul sat up and crawled over to see that the lady was muttering something in a strange language, and the caverns around Barry seemed to be glittering with a silvery kind of color. The Espeon and the Umbreon both had their eyes closed, and both were glowing. Suddenly, the three devil messengers appeared behind the psychic, and the lady turned with a smiling glint in her glowing eyes. “You know what to do.” “Chiiii…..” the devil Chibu hovered forward, and Paul and Dawn watched with horror as the little pokemon disappeared into the mirror, and the entire scene of Barry went blank. The mirror showed nothing but the normal reflection of the lady-- and Dawn and Paul from outside. Of course, the devil messengers noticed them. The devil Chiba was chattering and angrily glowing, pointing at the mirror. “Chi…..” the angel Chiba above Dawn shivered with nervousness. “Mm?” The lady suddenly turned to the devil Chiba stood up. “Oh, don’t worry. I can still handle it.” Her gaze suddenly turned to face Dawn and Paul. She was meeting Paul’s gaze, and she only glimpsed once to notice the angel Chiba. But the lady’s glinting gaze was so intent on Paul himself that he felt almost hypnotized in th trance of those sparkling green eyes. “You two,” the lady hissed menacingly, making her way over towards the window. Paul and Dawn tensed, not knowing whether to run away or not. The devil Chiba and Chibo both hovered over the lady’s shoulders with snickering smiles. The devil Chiba’s gaze was especially fixed on Paul’s. The psychic blinked slowly. “I was also expecting your presence. You’ve surprised me….I thought you were supposed to come a little later. I was expecting someone else.” And she raised her hand, making Dawn gasp and suddenly drop her face to the ground. Paul flinched at the sight of her unconscious body, and then faced the psychic with narrowed eyes. Chiba was snickering in his thoughts again. Paul felt a chill creep up his spine at the sound of the pokemon’s devious little voice again. “Prepare, Paul…..we were all expecting you….” “Prima Dona had first come to this planet as a form of dark matter, a live soul that had no real figure of body to live on physically,” Ghastleon was speaking, sitting with Lucas outside a nearby cave where Prima Dona’s pokemon were gathered. Lucas hadn’t wanted to get any closer, for he was officially aware of any obvious traps they could’ve set for him. Lucas listened carefully. “She formed her own body, didn’t she?” “Mm-hmm,” replied Ghastleon, twitching its tail. A scary looking Archeops perched on the tree behind them. “Hmph….she didn’t create us, though. We were all normal pokemon before she came and changed us.” Lucas looked up at the bird, concerned by its tone. Could it be possible that the pokemon were unhappy with serving Prima Dona all the time? “Yeah, see, Prima Dona was seeking power when she first arrived to this world,” hissed Ghastleon, giving its paw a lick. “She was hungry-- hungry for more darkness and a desire. When the dark shadow brought her soul to enter the very biosphere of this planet, Prima Dona was first dropped upon the snowy wasteland of the Crest Peak. Her soul was a mere shadow itself, concealing live matter that contained dark matter and a spirit that kept it alive. By entering this very planet, she was able to absorb the little life particles that are hidden in the atmosphere. Think of it when a tree is alive. It releases oxygen into the air to support life. There’s also nitrogen in the air for all plants and animals to stay alive. Well, the shadow of Prima Dona was able to take in all those life particles and eventually form her own body to contain her very dark shadowy soul.” “But remember that the environment she arrived in was a frozen one,” grunted the Archeops. “There’s barely any life to support out there, but nevertheless, Prima Dona was able to create her very self out of ice, becoming the ice lady witch she is. She is pretty much pure dark matter covered up by coldhearted ice.” “So afterwards she found her own pokemon, didn’t she?” Said Lucas. Ghastleon gave a scowl. “Well, she was dedicated to Ultramaur especially, for that was the pokemon that actually created her very dark spirit from dark matter. No one but Ultramaur could create a living soul out of dark matter. You can create a soul out of matter, and let it follow in the dark spirits, but you couldn’t exactly create a live spirit from dark matter itself. But Prima Dona herself was the very spirit created from dark matter. She was dedicated to her very creator, and she wanted nothing more than to become as powerful as Ultramaur itself, to serve it in this very planet and make sure it was 100% pure evil like Ultramaur itself. She was power hungry, and she used pokemon to help aid her. I was the first pokemon she really found.” Ghastleon arched its neck up to sit straight and proud. “I was born in a little ice cavern with my parents, who were both Glaceon. Prima Dona had found us, and she had destroyed my parents with her evil power of hate and anger that the pokemon had no darkness in their hearts like her.” “She destroyed them?!” Lucas gasped, his heart burning. Ghastleon narrowed its eyes and spoke with irritation. “Huh….she was confused and foolish when she first arrived here. She didn’t understand that this planet wasn’t fully evil like Ultramaur. She didn’t understand the diversity of the world, and she didn’t understand that the world was full of different souls. After she destroyed my parents and sent them to the Black Hole, she took me, hoping to raise me with a darkness that would help me grow into an evil pokemon like she wanted. “Eventually, I was fed on the fear and sadness as I stuck with this witch. I was deeply hurt and lost without my parents, and I especially hated Prima Dona when she took me in. I eventually found myself to become the ghostly spirit I am right now, for I had felt so dead and done for at the time, wanting nothing to do with whatever she wanted from me. “But then I aided her in her rigorous training. I learned to be tough and fierce, adapting to whatever was around me. I became Prima Dona’s top partner, and together, we managed to entrance other pokemon to come to her aid. Eventually, she found Celine, her own blue Milotic, and then Lapras, then Mismagius, then Spiritomb, and then Archeops himself.” “Hmph, Prima Dona didn’t need to torture me with such force and training to make me become what I am. I’ve always been this strong and ambitious.” “She didn’t just teach you guys to be strong, she taught you to be selfish,” said Lucas. He could feel it through all the pokemon. They had become more than just strong, aggressive pokemon. They had become conceited and selfish after all those years of always sticking to Prima Dona’s side. Ghastleon snickered. “Well, selfish we may be, but at least we get what we want. See, Prima Dona eventually made it so that we were more than just more-than-average strong pokemon. We became immortal like her, only able to get destroyed from the aid of light from the angel pokemon Dalyah itself. When Prima Dona had no pokemon by her side but me, she was still trying to learn the ways of the world, trying to accept that not everything was created from evil as her. She tried to adapt, tried so hard to restrict herself from every bit of selfishness inside her. She tried to be softhearted and happy, like the rest of the pokemon and people around her.“ Lucas almost laughed. Prima Dona? Trying to be good and softhearted? He couldn’t imagine. “For months, she tried hard, but there was just something about her that kept her from the happiness and goodness she tried to be. “She and I were first venturing through the cold moutains of Crest Peak, and then soon, she was taken in by a monk named Peter Freille. He was a lonely old man who had lived his whole life alone on the mountians, and he had found how lost and helpless the both of us looked. He took her in, and asked her what her name was. She told him she had no name, and that she didn’t know exactly if she even belonged to the likes of this place. So he gave her a name. he named her Sarah Madonne, for that had been the name of his wife before she died of pneumonia. “Peter Freille was moving back to the coast of the region, ready to leave the mountains. Prima Dona-- or Sarah Madonne, as she was called before-- came with him, along with me. I was still an Eevee, for this was before she got the urge to train in evil and darkness. We arrived to the town of Baruka, where Peter bought a nice, fancy house with his rich money. He spoiled Prima Dona like his own child, or wife, and she was pampered with beautiful riches and exotic outfits and pokemon. Peter even bought her the rarest pokemon that was sold at the exotic sale in town, buying her the rarest Milotic to be found. That was how she got Celine, the blue, shiny Milotic that was sold for 3 million dollars. Prima Dona even got to train Peter’s pokemon as well, for he had kept a well-trained Lapras with him as well. “Now, even though Peter had been nothing but kind to Prima Dona, given her all she could wish for, she was still as rotten as a two year old child. She never got along with the neighbors around her, and she was always mean and unfriendly to other people’s pokemon, taunting them and bragging about how much better I was compared to them. She even challenged people to battles, and she forced me and Milotic into harsh fights and both of us wounded ourselves pretty badly, depending on which pokemon we had to fight. We lost a lot the first few times, but pretty soon, she trained us and made sure we kicked extreme butt in battle. Well, she got what she wanted, and she turned us both into the two strongest pokemon in town. “But then one day, Peter had suffered a heart attack. He died, and everything he ever owned, his house, his prized, super strong Lapras, had all been put under Prima Dona’s hands. But Peter’s death had sparked a feeling in Prima Dona. She felt the feeling of sadness and shock, for that would be the last time she would ever see the kind old man. Now he was gone, and she was left to fend for herself, in this strange, unexpected world. She decided she wanted to be just like Peter-- strong, wise, and kindhearted. But she found it shockingly difficult. She was always under stress, angrily confused about why she just couldn’t keep her temper down and be a good person around other people. She could never share, she could never make friends with others because she was just so conceited and easily angered. But it wasn’t her fault. She tried to be as kind as she could be to pokemon, but she just couldn’t. she tried hard around me as well, and each day, she was so focused on being adapted to the other pokemon and people around her. She grew really thin from her stress and focus to be the good person she tried to be. One day, she even came to a temple somewhere here in this region, trying to seek intelligence and peace. But once she stepped foot on those grounds, she felt a burn surge through her body that nearly killed her. She is totally pure dark evil, and she couldn’t change it. She decided to give up on even trying to become a good person. She ventured out into the city of Heruvia, where the elite four of the Askip region live. The Champion Frollo, back then, was missing a pokemon at the time, missing his Spiritomb. Prima Dona had found it in the depths of a strange well, and she had rescued it, trying to do the good deed of returning it back to the Champion. But before she could return it, the Champion Frollo immediately accused her of stealing it. He told her he had heard of her popular attitude around other people, for his family had been neighbors of her and had constantly had to put up with her nagging and angry mistreating of their pokemon. He didn’t believe her story that she had actually rescued his pokemon. He accused her of theft, and wanted her arrested.” Lucas raised his eyebrows. “That must’ve pissed the crap outta her.” “Pissed she was,” said Ghastleon, “for that was when she immediately used the strongest of her dark powers to destroy the Chmapion and send him to the dark hole. She took his Spiritomb, and that’s how I first got to meet Hagava, Prima Dona’s own Spiritomb now.” Lucas glanced over at the cave. Prima Dona’s pokemon were talking in low voices about something, and he couldn’t see pass Mismagius’s dark shadows to glimpse Spiritomb. Archeops spoke. “Pretty soon, she decided to catch more pokemon and train them to be like her. She realized that it was just totally impossible to be good, so she looked to the good side of being bad. She looked to it as an answer to solve all her problems, to force and fight with others to get what she wants. It was all about winning for her, and it was all about being unstoppable. That‘s how she eventually found the rest of us. After Spiritomb, Prima Dona had killed a family camping up in the mountains after they had started a fire that nearly killed her. She took their Misdreavus, and trained it to feed on the fear and pain that it needed, and evolved it into a deadly, creepy ol‘ Mismagius it is now.” Lucas looked at the Mismagius in the cave. It seemed to be snickering about something they were discussing. “I was the last, of course,” said Archeops. “I‘ve only been with Prima Dona for about….two centuries or so. And she had already figured everything about her past and who she really is long before that. After the incident with Spiritomb, she had returned back in the mountains to seek darkness from the very Pokemon that created her. She spoke to Ultramaur, and the pokemon gave her a view of her past, and told her who she really was. She understood, and her mind was set on what her goal must be. It was all about being powerful, and she wanted nothing in the world to stop her. She changed her name from Sarah Madonne, to Prima Dona, sorceress of darkness and cold, evil hearts, creation of the devil.” Lucas nodded. Sarah Madonne. Such a strange name for Prima Dona. He would’ve never thought of her more than the evil witch she was, but surprisingly, she did have a past, and she had actually tried to become a good person. It reminded him of another soul, of Kyra Elizabeth Flockheart. She had no good heart, but unlike Prima Dona, she was able to make a choice. She could’ve tried to be good, and then all would’ve probably been different. But she hadn’t, and she had stayed the bad, bratty person she was, and had met her fate. She couldn’t turn back now. “Well…thanks for the story. I guess you pokemon like it that you’re servants of Prima Dona?” “Not servants!” Hissed Ghastleon, springing to stand on all fours, its eyes blazing in the moonlight. “We are her aids, her partners by her side, that seek what she seeks, whether she tells us or not!” Archeops screeched and spread out its wings. “We are minions! Life-long partners of Prima Dona!” “But… can be much more than that!” Lucas was trying to protest. These pokemon had been forced to obey Prima Dona, but they didn’t have the dark matter within them like she did. They were born of free, natural earth, and they didn’t have to follow in pure darkness without a choice. “You could live a more heroic, thankful life, as wild, free pokemon without a witch like Prima Dona to tell you what to do! You can be--” “Silence!” Ghastleon leaped against Lucas, pinning him against the tree. Archeops squawked at the collision and hovered above the perch, glaring down at Lucas. Ghastleon stared evilly into Lucas’s eyes with hatred. “We pokemon are brought into this world to serve a purpose. That purpose is to make use out of our existence, and we are meant to dedicate ourselves to this planet, to thrive in the nature around us. But! This is the fifth dimension, and it’s just the other side of nature, where nature comes from WITHIN. I’m not going to waste my time as a lonely old pokemon with no family in the mountains, growing to be a sad, melancholy Glaceon. Nooo…..I became much more than that. I became Ghastleon-- pokemon of deep, dark secrets. I will serve Prima Dona, whether I stand that naggy old witch or not! There is nothing you or your stupid prophecy friends can do about it!” Suddenly, a light glowed from the left, and two large, slender pokemon moved towards the shadows on the river like serpents. One was a proud, smiling Lapras, and the other was a fierce-looking blue Milotic. Atop the Milotic’s head, was Prima Dona. The devil Chibo was at her side. Archeops screeched. “She’s arrived with what she had gone out for….” Prima Dona made her way towards the ground, and came up to Ghastleon and Lucas. She glared down at Lucas with dangerous, red piercing eyes. “Let him go, Ghastleon,” she said edgily. Ghastleon hissed with disgust and whipped its body off of Lucas. Lucas fell to his knees, panting. Ghastleon and choked him against that tree. Prima Dona chuckled evilly. “Well, hello there, my dear earthling! Hmph! So sorry you have to be a pokemon. Matters would’ve been different if you were still human.” And as Lucas slowly looked up, Prima Dona was aiming at him with her spear, and he suddenly felt his body shrink as he was being sucked into the sharp point of the ice dagger. 55. SAILING THE SEAS OF THELMER Kaira opened her eyes to a strange cry outside of the deck. She winced, rising up and rubbing her sticky, crusted eye. Her left eye felt thick and smudgy under the eyepatch, and she was starting to hate wearing it. “Ugh….what in the heck?” Kaira grunted, hearing the strange cry again. it sounded like a two year old trying to imitate a Dialga. The cry was annoying and funny-sounding, but Kaira was in no mood to laugh at the moment. “Trevor, shut up!” She yelled, pushing the door of the bottom deck open. She glared at him from across the ship as he and a pirate named Yaeger were trying to taunt a Wingull flying above by imitating its cry. “You sound like a dead Staraptor!” Trevor turned with a raised, humored look. “Eh? Well I try!” And the pirates around him started laughing. Kaira took a small knife that she kept by her side, and flung it towards Trevor, stabbing the pole just exactly an inch above his head. Trevor immediately stopped laughing and looked at her with confusion. The other pirates laughed and started taunting Trevor. “Ayyy you gonna get owned by yo girl over there someday!” Grutch cackled. “She’ll be whoopin’ your ass like a Kyogre whoops a Magikarp!” “Aha!” a pirate named Damien gave him a nudge. “Imagine one day havin’ to kiss her! she’ll be a bride sooner or later!” “Yeahhhhh let’s make it come true!” And all the pirates started cackling and snickering with agreement. Kaira almost felt sick. She laughed out loud. “Please! I’d marry a smelly old Feebas before I get a load of that garbage man!” Trevor raised his eyebrows at Kaira. “Oh, you don’t mean that! ya see this?” Trevor opened up his raincoat and showed his bare abs. he had no shirt underneath, and besides scars and scratches, he actually did have some pretty fine muscle packs that Kaira was almost astonished. “Yeahhhh, you kow you want some!” He gave Kaira a devilish smile, raising his eyebrows. Kaira flinched and crawled out of the deck, narrowing her eyes. “Yeah, how’d you get that? doing sit-ups from humping dead Magikarp all day? I bet you think of me when you do!” The pirates cracked up and Grutch hit Trevor on the back. “That’s a good one!” Trevor gave a low growl to the pirate, looking annoyed and unwilling. He turned to Kaira. “Well, sure!” He said sarcastically. “Of course I think of you! I think of you 99% of the day! When I drink, when I party, when I steal, even when I make out with Captain Bron in my dreams!” Kaira bit her tongue and tripped the pirate passing by, carrying a tray of beer. The pirate fell to the ground, but not before Kaira grabbed a glass and drank half a glass in two seconds. She threw the glass down overboard and groaned, feeling lightheaded and dizzy. “Grrrr….YOU!” She ripped off her eyepatch, revealing a bruised, pinkish mark around her eye with a nasty, crusty scratch underneath, and then immediately ran towards Trevor, who was laughing along with the group of pirates, and she leaped on his side, tumbling to the floor, pinning him on his back with herself on top. She gazed into his scared eyes, feeling blinded by anger and drunkenness. “You know……I’d much rather kiss your own ass before I kiss that filthy mouth of yours.” Trevor raised his eyebrows. “Oh, yeah? Ehehehe, why don’t ya do it then?” “Yeah?” Kaira said mischievously. “Make me.” She was starting to feel nauseous. Trevor snickered. “Come on, I don’t have to make ya! I’m your hot, sexy dream man! I’ll give you ANYTHING you want!” Suddenly, Trevor’s dirty, naughty expression on his face seemed to change in Kaira’s eyes. She suddenly saw that dirty blonde hair of his become cleaner and more shapely brushed, and those sarcastic brown eyes of Trevor suddenly became playful and excited. Pretty soon, she wasn’t looking into the dirty face of Trevor, but Barry, who seemed to be facing her with a mischievous glint in his eyes as she was holding him down to the ground. Kaira immediately lost her wits and let out a scream. She smacked her lips tightly against Trevor’s dirty mouth, and then the both of them both rolled away as the ship gave a harsh sway in the wind and waves. The pirates all shouted and yelled with pleasure at the sight of Trevor and Kaira kissing like this. Trevor himself felt surprised and a little unprepared for the kiss, but he soon became as intrigued as he wouldve imagined, and he closed his eyes to let himself fall through the daze of kissing this beautiful girl. Kaira herself didn’t know what she was thinking as she had her lips pressed against Trevor’s. all she saw was just herself throwing up, and spinning around the ship like a dizzy Spinda, and she felt like if she didn’t keep her lips pressed like this, she would barf out a tremendous amount of vomit. The two of them rolled down the ship, clutching to each other like an inseparable couple, crashing through the room at the end of the ship, where Captain Bron and Verdana were discussing something in private. They crashed through the weak, rusty doors, and rolled over to hit the wall on the other side of the Captain’s room. “Eh?! What in the world?!” Captain Bron sputtered in confusion, turning to glare at the two unexpected visitors. “Arkk! What world? What world?!!?!” Squawked his Chatot, jumping up and down on his left shoulder. “Douuuu!” Baby Dovanna gave a startled cry at their presence, and widened its big blue eyes in shock at the sight of seeing Kaira like this. Verdana turned and Victini gave a surprised squeak at her feet. “Fools! Trevor, you son of a--!” “Ugh! That was awesommmme!” Trevor was lost in a happy daze as the captain yanked the pirate off Kaira. Kaira struggled to rise up, her head feeling like it was going to fall off. “Umph!” Her mouth felt totally disgusting, and she ripped off a part of her ragged gown from the back and wiped it roughly against her mouth. “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!” Bron was yelling straight at Trevor’s face, snapping him out of his dreamy thoughts. “Huh! What?” Trevor blinked a couple times before meeting the captain’s stare with shocked, scared eyes. “She kissed me! She jumped on top of me first!” “Eh!” Bron turned to glare over at Kaira, who had her back turned as she bent over to barf into a bucket of Magikarp by the couch. “You girl! Git yur lil ass over here!” Kaira shot up and huffed. “Oh! Shit! That was terrible!” She whipped around to face the captain and stomp over to him. she glared at Trevor, and gave him a quick slap on the cheek, making his head flinch to the left. “Damn you! next time we kiss, I swear I’m gonna make you--” “SILENCE!” Captain Bron’s voice startled both of them and snapped them both into focus. The pirate looked pissed and red with anger. baby Dovanna hovered a little way to Verdana to avoid his sweating stench of stress. “Now! I don’t give a damn what your reason is for this, so I’m just gonna let you off with a warning! Next time I see an act like this again, it’s man overboard for ye!” “Oh, sure!” Kaira crossed her arms and smiled. “I would love that! Trevor, how bout I make out with the captain instead?” Trevor gasped. “He’ll crush you!” He sputtered, not thinking what he had just said. Captain Bron whipped his arm around and banged Trevor against the mouth, making him fall all the over to Verdana’s feet. Verdana gasped and looked down at Trevor in horror as he buried his face in his left arm, cursing in a muffled voice at the pain from Bron’s blow. Victini squealed and jumped back, staring at Trevor with shock. Kaira grunted. She clenched her teeth, feeling how weak some of them were becoming, and then managed to spit one of her own teeth out from the corner of her mouth. “Baby,” she muttered loudly enough for Trevor to hear. “Now!” Bron turned to Kaira with a terrible frown. “I didn’t say man overboard for YOU! instead, to avoid anything like this ever happening again, you get the job to stick your position as a lookout on top of that pole in the center of the ship!” Bron pointed to the tallest pole on board. Kaira winced. “What?! A lookout?” “Ye darn right you’re bein’ da lookout!” Captain Bron cracked his knuckles. “It’s been awhile since I had one of me own, but now that I see it may be the best way to keep you from interaction with THAT lunatic, then you’re required to get it! I’m pissed and tired of seeing that stupid slob mooning over ye like a sissy! NO ONE turns into sissies on my ship!” Kaira huffed. “Fine!” She stomped out of the room. “I’ll be spitting at the pirates below! Don’t blame me if I throw up from that far either!” And she banged the door shut. Kaira was standing atop the top pole with a look of hatred in her eyes. She wore a new eyepatch, this time over her right eye. All she could think about was torturing Trevor and one day kicking him overboard when she got the chance. But she was waiting for the right moment. When they neared the island of Dark Raven, she would find a perfect spot where there looked like there would be enough Carvanha and Sharpedo to eat him up when he fell over. Kaira’s lips twitched a slight smile at images of Trevor being ripped apart by those pokemon, pure bloody gore just tearing from his flesh… “Douu!” A coo came from behind, and Kaira turned to see that baby Dovanna was hovering above her, looking like it was panting and scared. Its once beautiful white feathers were now a dirty, damp tangle of an old Swanna. Kaira heard obnoxious laughing from below. Trevor and two pirates were looking up at the bird. “Oh, so now it’s come to hide with its little ol’ playmate!” Trevor called up at it. “Hey! her hair’s perfect for your nest! But so’s mine! Why don’t yah come down and nestle with me, little birdy? Eh? Come on, show of those fine, sexy feathers!” And Trevor gave a whistle that got the other pirates murmuring with attracting agreement, gazing up at the little pokemon like it was a hot sight. Baby Dovanna gave an angry tweet and pecked its beak towards them, its blue eyes narrowed into an angry look. But as Kaira studied the little pokemon, she realized that it had no hateful expression. Only stress and disappointment portrayed in the big blue eyes of baby Dovanna, and when it gazed at Kaira, it met her eyes with a saddened longing look. Kaira blinked and winced. “What? Why do you always look at me like that?” “Dou….” The little pokemon seemed to be almost glowing, but it looked so bedraggled that Kaira didn’t even notice. Kaira rolled her eyes and gave the bird an intent look. “Hey! I thought you’re supposed to be powerful or something? Why don’t you use those magical, musical attacks on Bron? Or the other jerks on his ship? Why do you have to let yourself be tortured and pushed around by these idiots? You have powers, don’t you?! I don’t! but at least I don’t let myself get pushed around!” “Dou…!” “You let that Chatot fly over you and squawk taunting cries like it thinks you’re helpless and useless around this ship. Why don’t you fight back?! Sheesh! If you’re not going to use your powers, it would make sense to give them to ME.” And Kaira turned around to face ahead of the sea with a frown of frustration and distress. Baby Dovanna flinched at her statement. “Douuuu…” It hovered up above her shoulder. Kaira turned to look at Dovanna with her frown. The little bird’s eyes seemed to be deepening, looking intent as it tried to stare into Kaira’s own eyes, as if trying to convince her of something. Kaira almost felt a strange feeling well up inside of her, but it went away again. She shook her head and clenched her fists. “Look! I bet you wanna get me outta here, don’t you? I bet if I don’t even have to climb on that pint-sized body of yours, for you can probably lift me up with some strange psychic power inside of you or something. But NO! Instead, you’ve let yourself be weakened by these pirates constantly giving you stress and everything that has made you the tiny, weak pokemon you are! Ugh! Isn’t that right?” “Dou!” Dovanna’s eyes looked pleading and apologetic. Kaira realized that it really wanted to escape with her and get out of this terrible nightmare, but it just couldn’t…..for it has become malnourished and weak, unable to use its powers correctly. It looked sorry and downhearted at Kaira, trying to tell her to forgive it. it was flapping its wings in the air, and hovering around in a strange fashion. Kaira watched the pokemon with mad green eyes, wincing with confusion. What the heck was it trying to do now? Suddenly, the pokemon started glowing a little brighter than it had, and for a moment, Kaira saw that it almost looked bright and happy again. A flock of Wingull seemed to be attracted by the little pokemon’s glowing sight, and they all fluttered around Kaira and the little bird, giving out happy, surprised cries. “Ugh!” Kaira flinched at the Wingull that fluttered pass her, feeling irritated. Suddenly, she felt a wet drop land on her left shoulder. She widened her eyes, and screamed at the splotch of poop that had splat on her bare, bony shoulder. “Wahh! Arghhhh! You disgusting stupid birds! OUTTA MY SIGHT!” Kaira waved her hands wildly, swatting at all the Wingull. “Shoo! Shoo!” She scared all the pokemon away, and they flew up high in the distance of the sky. “Dou!” Baby Dovanna suddenly wasn’t glowing anymore, and it was hovering there, back to its old, raggedly looking self. Kaira turned to baby Dovanna with a glare, feeling the anger pulse through her. “YOU just get outta my sight! SHOOOO!” She would’ve slashed at the little pokemon if baby Dovanna hadn’t gotten out of the way and flew lower down the ship, crying in despair. Kaira was thankful that none of the pirates had been watching her, for they seemed to be focused on playing a stupid game of cards in the captain’s room. Everything on the ship seemed empty of pirates, and Kaira felt alone to be stuck high up on the tallest pole, looking out for any land or weather changes. Kaira winced and wiped the gooey stuff off her shoulder, but she screamed at the feeling of the wet, slimy stench. “Achh!” She shook her hand and ripped her eyepatch off, rubbing it against her hands in a fit, that she accidently dropped it, and somehow got the knife it her pocket ot fly out and splash in the water to the right side. She watched as her eyepatch blew away in the wind, eventually falling into the water as well. Kaira narrowed her eyes and felt the water with anger. she clenched her fists and let out a piercing, yelling cry of distress. She felt like immediately jumping off this pole, right now, and end the stupid life that she had lived. “Kaira!” Verdana’s soft, indignant voice sounded from behind. Kaira turned to see that Verdana and Victini had climbed up the pole to reach her. Verdana stood in front of Kaira with a calm, concerned gaze in her aquatic blue eyes. “Kaira….I saw you and Trevor—obviously.” Kaira rolled her eyes. “Oh, yeah! right, you were with the captain. What the heck did he want from YOU anyway?” “Well, like I said, he uses me as a guide to find his way around the waters. He has no map, so he needs to have someone that has enough knowledge of the seas around this region. So when he captured me, he forced me to be useful as I can be towards his crew, or else he’ll sentence me to death towards Prima Dona.” Kaira huffed. Prima Dona. The name seemed to always set her up and make her remember the most terrible, humiliating memories. “Well, obviously, you’re no help to me either. You can’t even take me across the sea to escape this hellhole, because you’re too worried about your own death.” “Kaira…” Verdana’s voice was intent. “You can help yourself. You can find yourself, and then once you see who you really are, you can find a way to escape. You, baby Dovanna, and Victini and I. We are all secretly looking up to you. please…try to think. Why did you kiss Trevor?” Kaira laughed. “Oh, because I was drunk, and I had no idea what the heck was going on when I puckered my lips like that I guess.” “Well, weren’t you in love with someone else?” Kaira raised her eyebrows and shrugged. “Dunno. Maybe. But even if I was, I barely remember it now, and it’s had no significance in my life. Come on! If I really forgot about the most important things in my life, they probably meant nothing to me, or would never have an importance with me! Pah! As far as I’m concerned, I have no life.” Kaira noticed a lopsided fingernail and started chewing on it from the side of her mouth. “As far as I know, I’ve probably always been a pirate girl my whole life, and that I must have been born and raised on this ship since the pirates somehow kidnapped me to raise me as their own little stripper chick.” “No! you can’t believe that!” Verdana’s eyes had a mad blaze o them that Kaira hadn’t seen before. “I don’t know how you get such an idea like that…..but Kaira, if you have any traces of your memories before you arrived on this ship, please don’t let them slip away. I know that you once lost your memories once before, when Prima Dona first transformed you into a human and banished you from this dimension. That time, your memories had been forced to be wiped away, from magic and sorcery between Prima Dona…and the Balance of Emotions from two different dimensions. Now, Prima Dona hasn’t used any kind of spell or anything that has wiped you memory. The only way you could’ve forgotten almost everything, is because you let yourself forget them. you let yourself ignore the past and focus on what’s going on with you right now, and what’s going on with you right now is stress and frustration as you face the pirates each day. You MUST try to find yourself!” “Argh! I have no idea what you’re talking about!” Snapped Kaira, giving the giinka a swat that barely missed her. kaira felt so enraged and deeply affected by emotion that she barely heard anything that Verdana had said, or what was coming out of her own mouth. “Just get outta my sight! You’re nothing but a stupid pokemon slash human that can’t even be powerful enough to use the advantages of both creatures! Get outta here and leave me alone!” “Squiii!” Victini jumped up at Kaira’s command and Verdana backed away, looking at Kaira with shocked confusion. “But Kaira….” “GO AWAY!” Kaira ran forwads with her straight in front of her, ready to push the giinka off the pole. Verdana gasped and leaped to the net behind them, and jumped to the bottom of the ship. Victini squealed and followed down after the giinka. Kaira watched them both go with venom in her eyes, her heart beating with hatred and anger. 56. CREST PEAK “Chibu?” Barry hissed through the shadows of the dark cave. The pokemon was glowing yellow and football shaped-- but it wore no halo, nor did it have the diamond shape on its tail. Chibo gasped and started glowing with intensity. “The devil Chibu! Barry…!”But before Barry could even make a break for it, the devil Chibu lunged forward and captured Barry in a glowing vortezx that made him freeze. Pretty soon, Barry’s mind went blank with fear and he soon found himself faling into a deep unconsciousness. Chibo glared at the devil Chibu and braced itself to attack the intruding pokemon. But the devil Chibu was prepared. It struck Chibo and then hovered around the frozen, glowing body of Barry, and then they both disappeared. Far across the highest Harpa Mountains of Askip, a tall, pale white lady stood at the foot of a clear, dark tide pool. Prima Dona almost blended in with her surroundings like ice or snow herself. She had a wicked smile on her face, and hovering above her shoulder was the devil Chibo. To her heels, was Ghastleon, hissing with impatience and agitation. “It’s all right my precious,” she reassured her Ghastleon. “We’ll soon get what we’ve been waiting for.”She glanced at her tall ice spear in her left hand. Inside it, not only bore her own pokemon, but also the child of fire, Lucas the Infernape himself. She cackled slyly. “It’s a pity you had to be a pokemon at this time, Lucas, my sweetie. You were a good boy, and I have to admit, out of all the earth beings, you were the one I had least trouble with. But now I can use that! You will be my aid, like the rest of my pokemon! You will learn what it’s like to not only be a pokemon of a trainer, but a pokemon of MINE, of Prima Dona myself. I will teach you the arts of fighting for darkness and ambition, to get what you want, and what you deserve.”From the dark tide pool in front of her, the water started to swirl in a whirlpool-like motion, slowly as if plotting to sneakily swallow up the world. A light glowed from the very center of the pool. “Ah! Here we are! At last you’ve arrived, my dear devil Chibu.”And out from the pool, the little football shaped pokemon rose from the water, with a shining light underneath. Barry’s body was frozen and shining, his eyes wide open with fear, and to his side, Chibo hovered with an angry look of determination. The devil Chibu growled and let Barry land in front of Prima Dona’s feet, and released him from the freezing light. Barry coughed and blinked his eyes to focus, looking wildly around him. He was in an empty, snow barren landscape where there didn’t even seem to be mountains around him in the distance. “Wha?! Hey, where am I?!” He felt like he was on top of the world.“Oh, you’re in your worst nightmare, my dear Barry,” chuckled Prima Dona’s cold, edgy voice.Barry slowly looked up and met the gaze of Prima Dona, as she stared down at him with ice blue piercing eyes.Barry glared and slowly rose to his feet, slowly backing away. “Prima Dona.” He muttered challengingly. Chibo hovered above his shoulder, looking both worried and prepared. He had been on Prima Dona’s trails for weeks now, and finally he had reached her up to her birthplace just like that. He cast a glance at the devil Chibo, and the devil Chibu hovering above her, for it must have been them to summon him all the way here so quickly. Prima Dona was smiling with undisguised satisfaction. “Well! I’ve been expecting you. So how do you like it? This is my home! My very birthplace when I first created the body of my own.”Barry huffed. “It looks like a terrible landscape in the middle of nowhere!”Prima Dona laughed. “Hah! You would know! See, I first arrived from that very pool right behind you there, where the dark shadow dropped me off.”The dark shadow. Barry looked up and noticed that half the sky had a darkness to it that gave him the same feeling that the dark shadow had given him when he was following it.“And the shadow, my dear,” continued Prima Dona, “is also in charge of the little Shadow spirits that follow you upon earth, to haunt you with mischievous trickery and lies.” Barry felt a shivering feeling as he suddenly thought of his Shadow that had lead him to the strange part of Crestfall, where he had found Dawn. Gazing up at the blackened part of the sky, he wasn’t surprised to know that it was the exact the very place those Shadows really belonged. “But those are pretty pointless!” Huffed Prima Dona. She was glaring at him with a fierce, cold smile in her glinting eyes. “The real reason why I brought you here is so you can pay for what you’ve done to this world. Because of you, I was able to take charge of Kaira’s feelings. Because of you, you made the dimension angry and took part in the prophecy as ‘the unwanted one.’ But before you really do meet your death, I wanna thank you for what you have done.” She was suddenly looking at him with new, satisfied and admiring eyes. “I almost thought you were the dark one, the one to bear the darkness that would summon Ultramaur. I thought it would be you to make my next heir, to stick by my side and serve in the power of the devil pokemon itself. But I was wrong.” Barry glared at her, feeling the winds blow around him with ferocity. He could feel Prima Dona’s powers surging around. “Everything I had done had been an accident! I never meant to hurt Mesprit—or ever fall in love with the likes of YOU.” “Hmph! And was it an accident to have humiliated dear little Kaira like that?!” Barry flinched with a piercing heart. Prima Dona pressed on. “Was it an accident to ever even meet Kaira and make her feel happy? Was it a mistake to be the only person who ever understood who she was, and then just dump her like that? Hm? Was it ALL a stupid, useless mistake?!” Prima Dona suddenly lifted her spear and struck the black sky above her, making the earth shake around them. barry gasped and tensed with fear. “Tell me, fool!” Barry saw the black half of the sky suddenly swirl with a darker blackness. He noticed how the shadowy part was only hovered in the sky above Prima Dona, and that his half still had a brighter whitish gloom. But he saw that the blackness was forming, overcoming his half from where he stood. “Barry! Don’t listen to her! you’ve got to stay strong! Use all your wits and strength within you from the power of faith and love! Use it to avoid the darkness she is trying to send over you, and use it to defeat her!” Chibo’s little voice echoed in his head as the messenger pokemon hovered by the devil messengers’ sides with their guarding stares. Barry closed his eyes for a moment, thinking of all the moments he had shared with Kaira, and everything about her that had made him feel strong and proud to have met her. He opened his eyes and faced Prima Dona with a challenging glare. “None of the moments that involved love and meaning were accidental. Those moments with Kaira were MEANT to happen.” “Oh! Hah! But you never realized it!” Cackled Prima Dona. “But now I do,” Barry spoke with determination. “I was sorry to have ever ignored the fact that she really did love me when she had the chance, and now that I’ve come to accept it, she is already gone. But I can bring her back. I was so close to doing it before, and now I get get even closer yet again. And this time I won’t fail!” “Oh?” Prima Dona tilted her head and smiled. “How are you going to do that?” “Chi!” Chibo was rising, and ready to glow with brightness. The devils looked at the little pokemon like it was crazy, spitting hisses at it and looking ready to attack it. “Chibo!” Yelled Barry, making his voice sound over the winds. “If Kaira is still anywhere out there, land, sea, or matter of nothingness……please! Let her know how much I love her! use the power of heart boning, and trace my real feelings for her, and let her feel how much I really do think of her!” And the little pokemon shone with blue brightness, closing its eyes and focusing on Barry’s heart within. Barry suddenly felt himself glow with a brightness as well, as the pokemon tried to read his feelings. But suddenly, the sky swirled with a strange twister above, and then disappeared. But right at the appearance of the twister, the pokemon suddenly gasped and fell to the ground with a quick, terrified scream. Chibo stopped glowing, and suddenly lay on the snow, unmoving and a strange, pale sickly blue. “Chibo! Noooo!” Barry suddenly felt his chest twist with pain and he let out a yell as he fell to his side, feeling like he had just had a seizure. “Ugh….what happened?” “Ahahaha!” Prima Dona’s expression suddenly went wild with craziness. “You see?! The power of love and heart bonding doesn’t work here where the greatest amount of darkness lies! The dark shadow sky above my very birthplace has been growing with evil as I live on. And slowly, each year I am alive, the dark sky feeds on my darkness, wherever I go, and expands to become stronger. One day, my darkness will become so powerful that it shall take over this planet!” “But you can’t get any stronger than you already are!” Yelled Barry, glaring up at Prima Dona as he rose to his knees. he felt too weak and too cold to stand up straight. “Dalyah is still alive—still out there somewhere! The light of the angel pokemon keeps the balance of darkness and goodness in proportion, and even though it may not be here at the moment, your power is not going to get any more useless than it is!” “Useless?!” Prima Dona looked pissed. “Hah! My dear….my powers are by far…way more useful than you can imagine.” She suddenly struck the sky above him, where a small amount of light still shown between the gaps of the dark, forming sky. Barry gasped at the strange glowing figures that fell down from the light sky. he widened his eyes with astonishment at the sights he was seeing. The figures that were falling from the sky were all the friends and family he had once known at some point in his life. He caught a glimpse of Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu, falling from the sky to land on the snowy ground to fade away again. then he caught Champion Cynthia, landing to the ground with her Garchomp and Milotic. She and her pokemon disappeared as they landed on the ground. “All these people and pokemon…” Prima Dona’s eyes were ice cold. “….each of them shall soon discover the truth behind your terrible mistake.” “No….” Barry gasped breathlessly. Prima Dona continued on menacingly. “They will soon learn of the terrible act you had performed on Lake Verity, accident or not. They will soon understand WHY you are not in their world at the moment…..for wouldn’t you think your poor little family would be worried about you right now?” Barry held his breath, staring right back at Prima Dona with alarm. Of course he wanted to know what was going on with his family….and what they were really doing at the moment. How had they reacted to their strange disappearance? How long had they really put their families into worry….for their long time absence? “They…..they don’t know, do they?” He breathed. He couldn’t imagine how much Professor Roawn could’ve found out…. Prima Dona was smiling with deviousness. “Oh, don’t ask me, Barry! Hah! I’m NOT your mother.” And suddenly, a strange spirit started to glow from the back of her. a figure that almost reached her height stepped from behind, looking warm and so full of wisdom next to the crazy, cold form of Prima Dona. Barry took a step back. “Dad!” “Barry…my son….” Palmer’s spirit in the fifth dimension looked so translucent, though at the same time, it was bright and glowing with intensity. “You couldn’t have….could you? what is this terrible mistake you have made? What is the reason for you and your friends’ deep trance for so long?” “I….” Barry didn’t know what to say, but he suddenly caught something in his father’s voice that sparked him. “Did you say trance?!” Prima Dona huffed and crossed her arms. Palmer looked into Barry eyes, stepping up to him just a yard away. next to him, a strange portal formed and Barry saw himself looking into the town of Twinleaf, his own hometown, and he suddenly felt the saddest feeling of all—the feeling of being homesick. How he missed the sweet-smelling atmosphere of his own birthplace, the very place where he had been raised and the very world where he had grown up with pokemon of his own. But then he found himself looking right into Professor Rowan’s lab….and there he was, sleeping like a baby in a bed at the corner of the lab. Barry flinched. “WHAAAT?! I AM DREAMING?!” Palmer nodded with a mourning look in his eyes. “We all thought you were dead….Professor Rowan found your body in Mt. Coronet after he heard Dawn and Lucas were found atop the meadow in Floaroma. Paul’s brother, Reggie, was looking for him, and he had found Dawn and Lucas, asleep next to each other by the hills near Mt. Coronet. Rowan and I investigated the place, hoping to find the rest of you guys there…and sure enough, we found you, all by yourself in the deeper caves of Mt. Coronet. You, Dawn, and Lucas have all been asleep for the longest time now….we have almost come to accept the fact that perhaps you all are really gone..” “We’re not gone! We’re more alive than you think!” Barry protested. “Or….at least we were, anyways….” He couldn’t bear to explain to his father how things had been going on their strange journey behind the eyes of imagination. “But wait! Dad….you found me in Mt. Coronet? The last place I was before….I found myself here?! Wasn’t there anyone else with me?!” He felt his heart pound with intensity. Palmer suddenly looked crestfallen. “Well…..we found Paul a few days later, for it took a little while longer to find his body. He looked like in the worst shape of all, for he wasn’t even breathing when we found him. but he has been in the same strange sleep trance as you guys—unmoving without a single shift in your sleep. You all lay in the lab of Rowan’s like dead bodies, nothing on you alive except the slow breaths you take at some points.” “But…..what about….” Barry felt his eyes already water with tears. “I’m sorry…..the only one we never found…was Kaira. We couldn’t find a trace of her body anywhere….and goodness knows what has happened to her.” A distance away, Prima Dona gave a cold snicker. Barry gasped. “You—you NEVER found Kaira?! She was right beside me when we were whipped away! how could you….” But he understood before he even asked the question. Kaira belonged to this world. The rest of them had been teleported through the portals of the dimensions, and apparently, they had fallen into a sleep that they would never awaken unless they returned through those portals again. it was like the works of the spirit world in the fifth dimension—when one fell into a dream, they would wake up in the fifth dimension part of the world, where they would perform and see themselves alive in another place in their dream, while their real body still existed in their own world. The messengers must have done this, Barry tought. When Chibu had heart bonded with Kaira, it must have been able to take both he and her to the fifth, simply by putting them into some kind of sleep that would have them wake up in the fifth dimension—though their waking in the other dimension would be real, and no dream at all. The messengers had a strange ability for that, and Barry understood how Chibo and devil Chiba had done the same to Dawn and Lucas, and Paul. But Barry’s heart faltered with sadness at the thought of Kaira. She was part of this workd herself….and she really did belong here. when her spirit had transported through the portals, her entire spirit must have gone through without a trace of herself back in the dimension of earth. Barry looked down at himself with a piercing emotion. His pokemon were standing around him, all with worried, longing faces as he slept on peacefully, looking like there was nothing going on with his other spirit in the fifth dimension at the moment. Palmer’s body was kneeling next to him by the bedside as well, and his head was buried in his arms in a deep sleep. Palmer’s spirit was right there, in front of Barry right now as well, though in the fifth dimension from his dreaming trance he was in on earth.“Barry….I’m sorry. If…if Kaira is with you right now--” “Oh, come on!” Yelled Prima Dona impatiently, stepping up to the both of them with haste. The devil Chibu and devil Chibo stayed behind to hover above the unconscious body of Chibo, and Barry couldn’t see what they were doing to it as Prima Dona stomped up to Palmer’s side. “Tell him the reason why you’re here! tell him the real secret about why Kaira is what she is, and how that has driven the rest of you to awaken in this dimension of dreams and inner spirituality!” Prima Dona flashed Palmer a deepening glare, and as Barry watched his dad turn to look at Prima Dona straight in the eyes, and felt a surge of hopelessness. “No! Dad, don’t!” And suddenly Palmer knew everything. He turned to Barry with a shocked, look, his eyes wide and dazed form the cold stare of Prima Dona. “Barry—it’s true? You…messed with Mesprit, the Being of Emotions?” “Dad, no! you—you can’t believe her, it was all an accident!” “And now he knows!” Prima Dona stepped in front of him and Barry never saw the angelic spirit of his father again. “Now he knows, my love! For he is dreaming next to you like a desperate father, and has awakened to meet his dreams here in the fifth dimension at the very region of Lluyan. But I have pulled him over here! by the powers of darkness to control the darkest of portals, I have summoned him over to meet you one last time, to understand everything that has happened before you DIE. He will wake up in his own real world, back by your side, understanding everything about where you are—and WHY you are here! But! When he awakens, you won’t be on the bed in front of him anymore. No, my dear. You will meet your fate, and your destiny will come to take over with what was prophesized to be done. You will die in the fifth dimension, and your body and spirit in the other world shall vanish just like that, while your one real spirit within shall disintegrate into the Black Hole of nothingness.” Prima Dona was stepping up slowly to Barry. Barry gasped and stepped back, stopping just as the back of his heel nearly tipped back into the pool behind him. He glanced behind him and saw that the pool was a jet black color now, swirling in a vast, terrifying sight, ready to swallow him up. Around him, the wind blew with more and more chilling fear. The skies above were now showering dark shadows instead of the glowing angelic figures that Barry had recognized. But Barry saw that he did recognize those shadows. They were still people and pokemon he had known throughout his life, though they were in their shadowed, evil dark form. They all were missing faces, and they were nothing but mere Shadows of darkness that didn’t disappear like the angel spirits did when they touched the ground. “NOOO!” Barry suddenly saw his own father once again—and this time, he was a Shadow of darkness, with nothing but the matter of evil within him. Barry almost let himself fall back into the whirling tide pool with shock, but Prima Dona suddenly grabbed his arm and pulled him up to her face so that he was staring straight into her eyes, which had now turned into a bright green gaze. “Please don’t fear,” she was speaking in a sarcastically innocent tone. “These are just Shadows, and they really can’t touch the world like their real mirrored images. They can only play funny tricks, and mess with the knowledge upon the dimension they exist in. But, pretty soon, they will become more than just that.” Prima Dona’s voice turned into a menacing hiss of evil. Barry felt his spine tingle as she spoke right at him, while her eyes bore into his at the same time. It was almost enough to make his heart freeze, and he was feeling a coldness that he would have never felt from the cold winds around him. “When the dark shadows cover the entire sky, Ultramaur shall be summoned. You see……ever since you have arrived in this world, the dimension was growing angrier and angrier, and the planet within wanted to punish you. of course, the planet within is Gaiyah the pokemon itself, but since there is no Gaiyah—Dalyah and Ultramaur would be the pokemon within. But without Dalyah, there’s only Ultramaur. There’s only darkness. And darkness has been getting stronger each day, each year, and so I have been feeding on my evil and darkness from Ultramaur within to form this dark shadow above, to make it grow stronger. And when YOU came, the spirits were stirred. They became disturbed, and that was what got them easy bait for the dark spirits to take over more and more, and the more stronger the dark spirits became, the stronger and bigger the dark shadow became. Even though you havent seen this dark shadow for itself just yet….the weather HAS been showing signs of growing stronger with darkness.” Barry recalled all those moments when the sky appeared dark to his eyes, when every time he was anywhere except the Spirit Garden, the weather always portrayed a gray darkness to it. in Crestfall, in the Yonga Mountains, even in the humid region of Tunka. He realized that the planet was trying to warn him, trying to show signs of darkness and gloom through the gray cloudy days, for there really was a powerful dark force getting stronger somewhere else, because of the aid of Prima Dona, and himself as well. “No…” Barry repeated, slowly shaking his head, his eyes full of fear. “I’m not like you. I’ll NEVER be like you….” “Oh, but you are like me, in many ways!” Prima Dona let out a girlish giggle. “You’re headstrong and ambitious like me, and you’ve always wanted to stand out and be the one who’s right over everyone else around you—just like me! And just like me….you are the strong cause of this dark shadow. At your arrival, it grew more stronger. When Kaira’s spirit was slowly lighting up though…..I was getting worried. I felt the dark shadow slowly ebbing away because of the renewal of her love—the renewal of the love pokemon, but then YOU destroyed it.” She looked at him proudly. “You destroyed her power of love, and at the same time, she’s become WORSE. The dark shadow has really been aided, and I am proud to see it coming back again! pretty soon, the dark shadow shall fill the entire sky, and when it does, I shall be able to summon the call of Ultramaur, whether those fools of pirates make it to that island or not! Ultramaur will be HERE, ready to do its job! Those pirates are just to keep Kaira from having any contact with this part of the world ever again! I have sent them that message, through the works of the devil messengers!” “No! Kaira! You can’t!” “Hah!” Prima Dona pushed him from her, and he nearly fell back in the water. “I will, my love! I will! HAHA! Too bad you never got to see what it would be like to be a servant at my side! But I’m glad someone did!” Around him, the winds grew more powerful, and the sky was dark with extreme blackness. But as the sky portrayed its jet black color, the snow around Barry was still clear and pure white without a single shadow. The spirits had stopped falling, and Barry felt nothing but the chilling power of the snowstorm overtake him. in front of him, Prima Dona rose her arms and hovered higher in the air, and aimed her spear at the ground. “HIYA!” A strange, burning shape of a pokemon appeared just a few feet from Barry. He widened his eyes. “No….LUCAS!” It was an Infernape, and it was staring right at him with shocked eyes, scared as a small, lost Starly. It let out a cry of terror as it met Barry’s shocked gaze. “Hah! And now, my fire child…..DO WHAT YOU WERE MEANT TO DO!” Through the blinding blizzard, Barry saw Prima Dona shoot her spear right towards the pokemon, and as the dagger hit the very back of Lucas, the pokemon flinched and froze, suddenly turning a red, anonymous glowing color. Barry watched with awe as Lucas burned with all his might, melting the very spear of Prima Dona. Suddenly, the earth shook and all her pokemon that were concealed inside rose from the grounds, cracking through the snow and ice, letting out cries of pain and surprise at their sudden summon from the spear. The largest of her pokemon, Celine and Lapras, rose with a loud caterwaul through the storm, making the blizzard seem more powerful. But at the same time, darkness seemed to flow in the skies. Above Lucas was Prima Dona. Above Prima Dona, was a strange swirl of dark blackness that seemed to match the pool behind Barry. Barry glanced at the pool, and he found that he could never lift his eyes from that very pool again. his eyes blended in with that terrible blackness, until he realized he was blind and couldn’t see a thing. All he could hear was the last of Prima Dona’s voice. “And now….my dear love….sleep well.” Barry heard Lucas’s terrified Infernape cry as his body fell back into the dark blackness of the pool, sinking in for a second, and then slowly rising up again, in a mere block of ice, concealed in like the dead soul he was. 57. THE SUPERNOVA STAR Lucas stared at the frozen glacier in awe. Barry's body was frozen like a mere statue, and the glacier was as clear as a glass window. His eyes were open, though they seemed to be a dazed, unblinking frozen calm. Above him, Prima Dona was cackling. "AHAHAHA! FINALLY! Now! It's time I take matters to my dear creator! I've sacrificed this very human before the dark shadows, ending the disturbance in this stupid dimension. The spirits can calm now, though it's already too late for them to suddenly fight back the dark spirits that have overtaken them. Chibo! Chibu!"the two devil messengers were hovering up to the evil witch, and Prima Dona was rising higher into the dark sky. "Come, all my dear pokemon!" Prima Dona's pokemon all gathered beneath her, for they were no longer able to be summoned by her very ice spear. she had sacrificed it for Lucas, so that he could use the fire within to call Ultramaur through the dark powers of her spear. And he had sacrificed the spear while he was at it too. Prima Dona was herding her pokemon away, so that they all disappeared higher into the darkening black sky. Lucas hid beneath a jutting burrow in the ground. He couldnt bear to look at the terrible witch. He watched as they all disappeared in the dark sky. He whimpered. He was all alone in the frozen wasteland of Prima Dona's own birthplace. Pretty soon, she will return, whether she had noticed his absence or not. She would be returning, and the next time she and her terrible pokemon came back, they wouldn't be alone. Ultramaur would even be with them. She had summoned him using her dark magic against the black sky, as well as Lucas's own power of fire to draw it near. Lucas crawled from the burrow. the land around him was white and covered with snow. Despite the jet black darkness of the sky above, there seemed to be no shadows from the sky above. Everything still seemed as bright and white as blankness. Only the sky above portrayed a strange blackness that didnt reveal shadows below. But that still made Lucas feel even more crept out and scared. The land seemed to have a strange calling within, and as Lucas tried to burn with warmth and fire, he could feel no intensity from this place. The land had a heart within that was as cold as the deepest depths of the ocean. Lucas turned to look over at the glacier of Barry. The pool it floated upon seemed as still as can be. It reflected the dark extreme blackness of the sky above. The glacier didnt even seem to move with the wind. Barry's body was as still as the water. Lucas looked over ahead of him, slowly making his way to the little blue shape that was half buried in the snow. Chibo's small, helpless body looked dead and defeated. "It can't be dead," Lucas thought, gazing down at the unmoving pokemon. "It's a.....messenger of Dalyah. It can't be dead...." But looking at the blue body with its sickly pale color, with no glowing brightness around it, the pokemon looked utterly defeated. Lucas didnt know what to do. He knew his fire powers were useless up here in this frozen wasteland, and that if he even tried to let out the fire to free Barry, it would just be as useless as trying to light a match in the water. It wouldn't work. The power of ice and darkness was too strong up here. the sky seemed to be getting even blacker than it already was every time Lucas looked up at it. He blinked back a tear and picked up the little Chibo. He carried it up to Barry's body in the glacier, and let his warm Infernape hand touch the image of his face. But Lucas flinched as something sparked him as he touched the glacier. The glacier was as cold as he had ever felt, and a single touch almost froze even his own burning hand. Lucas glanced down, gasping at the other sight he noticed. Where Prima Dona had been hovering, there were strange fragments of what looked like coal. But as Lucas kneeled to feel them in the snow, he realized it wasnt coal at all. They were paper-thin flecks, and as he smeared the tiny tidbits together, they seemed to blend with each other and form a larger shape together. Curiously, Lucas narrowed his eyes and tried to clean up the entire collection of black fragments. But before he could finish half of it, he was given the most anonymous feeling of his life. The dark flecks were pieces of dark magic that had come from Prima Dona's spear when he had melted it. Part of it had survived, and still lay here in the very snow. This was dark magic. This was what was able to have created Prima Dona herself, long, long ago by Ultramaur himself. And they were able to do it again.Paul sat in front of the psychic Madrid, fighting the fear that pierced through him. Dawn was locked in the basement, all by herself without a single pokemon to protect her. As soon as Madrid had found her and Paul spying on her, she had put them all to sleep, and the next thing Dawn knew was that she was locked in a dark room where the door was high above from her reach. She could hear the footsteps of Mardrid, and the voices of Paul and the angel Chiba as she waited helplessly for what was to come. This psychic was working for Prima Dona, and who knew what she wanted to do with him." know your purpose in this very world, dont you?" Murmured Madrid, her cat-like narrowed green eyes stabbing into Paul's gaze. Paul looked back at her carefully. He nodded. "I am the bringer of darkness. I was meant to summon the likes of Ultramaur and let the very pokemon find its way forward, to commingle within the light of Dalyah.""You want to create Gaiyah again, dont you?" Madrid's eyes were peering at him. She had her hands clasped around something round and circular, though Paul couldnt make out what it exactly was. Above her shoulder, the devil Chiba hovered with a glaring look at Paul. Paul tried not to look at the terrible little pokemon. He did not want to have anything to do with devils or Prima Dona anymore. Madrid chuckled when Paul said nothing. "I am a psychic, as you know.....and I am able to tell the very diversity of our world....track every move of whatever spirits i want. I know where Dalyah could be, and that's why Prima Dona wants to have as much to do with me as she can."Paul raised his eyebrows. "You....know where Dalyah could be?"Mardrid chuckled again. "Fool....of course I know where it could be. Why.....Dalyah has gone to where all good pokemon go when they've been defeated, though for Dalyah, it shall not be temporary. all started when Gaiyah first came into this world, and created the very planet itself. It created the pokemon from within, along with the people that were meant to summon the pokemon and control their power with their strange diversity of intelligence. But the people also saw how strong Gaiyah had been. One day, Gaiyah had risen from the earth to punish the humans for their foolishness and bad choices they have made against the very pokemon of the planet. It was angry with their power, and what their difference from the pokemon would have them capable of doing. And it was at that very moment when he had risen from the planet, that a very human named Zan-Xuin himself battled Gaiyah for himself.""Zan-Xuin..." Paul echoed the name. "The man was a scientist, and he had trained pokemon to become ever so strong, though he was part of the reason Gaiyah was angry. Because people weren’t exactly like pokemon themselves, they were using pokemon as particular slaves in battle pretty much, using them as creatures that would serce htem in pointless battles against one another to show off skill and strength. Gaiyah didn’t want the pokemon of its planet to be treated this way, so it rose, ready to befall a curse upon the people. So as it rose from the waves and the volcanoes within, it gave a mighty roar that changed the course of each person’s spirit. Now if people were to die, their bodies wouldn’t disintegrate back into the earth. The remnants would eventually disappear into invisible matter of dust, and make its way to be vanished into the Black Hole, where not even the ashes of their bodies would be seen again. you’ve heard this story before, have you not?” Paul nodded, watching her carefully. Chiba’s eyes were glittering on him as the psychic spoke with intensity. “Well, I bet you haven’t heard of the story behind Zan-Xuin have you? there is a region why the strange anonymous region of the north is given that particular name. a strange man born of darkness and psychic with his very own pokemon, was intensely curious about the rise of Gaiyah itself. It was very rare for a person to be born with the gift of both psychic and darkness at the same time, but surprisingly enough, Zan-Xuin was born with it. because it was such a long time back near the early beginnings of the planet, Zan-Xuin was the first being to ever possess those rare abilities. And he was born with the pokemon of both psychic and darkness as well, including his most prized pokemon that looked up to him as its trainer—the very pokemon of Cresselia and Darkrai themselves.” Paul tensed. Memories of the legendaries were flooding back to him of his last encounter with those pokemon back in his own world, in the Sinnoh region. “Now here in the fifth dimension, Zan-Xuin was able to control these pokemon with…..powers a little different than the ones in your own. He confronted Gaiyah itself by luring it with the darkness of Darkrai, and the calling bright light of Cresselia. Gaiyah was just hovering above Zan-Xuin, and then instantly started a battle. Zan-Xuin used Darkrai and Cresselia to fight their hardest against the pokemon itself…..and believe it or not, the power of psychic and darkness was almost as powerful as Gaiyah’s inner strength itself.” “What exactly is Gaiyah?” Paul asked, narrowing his eyes. “I mean…what type is it?” Madrid’s eyes glittered before she spoke again. “It’s a pokemon born from YOUR very planet in earth. Remember that it really doesn’t belong here, but from earth, where Arceus banished Gaiyah forever. Gaiyah was born from Arceus’s creation of the planet of pokemon, made up of the powerful grass that grows within the earth, as well as the waters of the treacherous seas…..and the fire of the natural volcanoes of the earth.” “No way—Gaiyah is THREE types of pokemon?” “Four, to be exact,” muttered Madrid. “It is a mere dragon type as well, for it bears the features of the most powerful type of pokemon there is. Dragons are well connected to the earth as well the elements of fire, water, and grass. While it bears features of a dragon and looks almost closely related, it is pretty much just a mere pokemon fire, water, and grass.” Paul blinked with awe. Such a powerful pokemon at that…. “Anyways…..while Zan-Xuin battled on Gaiyah relentlessly thorugh the night, he never got to defeat the pokemon in the end. The pokemon defeated Cresselia and Darkrai, and killed Zan-Xuin with one powerful attack, known as Earthen Dire. Zan-Xuin died, and his body disappeared up into the Black Hole. “But even though Zan-Xuin was defeated, Gaiyah was left weakened and almost utterly destroyed. But the pokemon wasn’t able to die. Instead, it split into two pokemon that would live on stronger to keep both spirits alive, creating the very pokemon of Dalyah and Ultramaur. This was the start of the pokemon of goodness, Dovanna and Phandolia, as well as the bad spirits in the world, like Prima Dona herself.” Paul nodded with understanding. “I take it that the very place Zan-Xuin battled Gaiyah was upon what’s now known as the mountain of Phandolia?” “Correct. And in order to restore the rightful balance of spirits in this world again, Gaiyah must be recreated on that very same spot, in this very dimension. Remember that this world is always controlled by the influences of your own earthen planet that you come from.” Madrid raised her eyebrows. “Whatever you have done in the first dimension will be affected on the other side of dimensions, here in the fifth. So be careful next time you try to mess with Darkrai and Cresselia. There’s a reason why those pokemon are so rare in your world as well.” “Heehee, that’s right, purple head!” Chiba snickered. “Break a twig in your own world, and you could be breaking a twig that’s in the hands of a soul in this fifth dimension! Be careful where you step, and always think of others around you….” “Anyways,” Madrid interrupted Paul’s silent thoughts with the devil pokemon. “I have here…. a ball of supernova.” Madrid brought up her hands to the table in front of Paul. She had been cupping her hands around a circular object. She suddenly opened them, and revealed a strange glowing ball of glimmering light. Paul felt suddenly entranced by the light, but then he flinched back with a sickly feeling. "This is the light that bears the spirit of Dalyah.” She spoke dangerously. “I am a mere psychic…..and I am the only descendant of Zan-Xuin myself.” Paul gasped. “You? A descendant of Zan-Xuin?” “Zan-Xuin died before he could pass on any of the supernatural psychic-and-dark powers that he possessed. But he was married to a lady born of psychics herself, and she was only pregnant with me at the time. After he died, she died of grief, and amazingly enough, through the powers of dark and psychic, I was born from her right after her death.” Paul narrowed his eyes in disgust. He rose up, slowly taking a step back. “You….were born after your own mother’s death?” How was that even possible? Madrid chuckled. “Oh…..through the very works of psychics, darkness, and even a disturbance from the other side of the dimension probably.” She gave him a wink. “Anyways, I have managed to live through time, using the power of psychics and dark to create what was called ‘magic.’ Or in other words, you could call it sorcery. I was able to live on without death, without ever becoming old, and able to live and see through the changes of the natural world through eternity, and I’ll admit….I HAVE been living in hiding and secret, for over centuries of countless years, since the transformation of Gaiyah itself.” Paul felt crept out. “You’re even older than Prima Dona.” “Hmm….it wasn’t long until Prima Dona was born. After the very creation of Ultramaur, the pokemon had used the magic of darkness out in space to create Prima Dona. After Dalyah had defeated Ultramaur in battle, though, it had been locked away in the powers of the Black Hole, and had no connection with its own planet, except through the aid of Prima Dona herself. Eventually, Prima Dona became powerful enough so as to create Ultramaur’s own little messengers, the devil Chiba, Chibo, and Chibu.” Next to her, Chiba gave a shudder, and the devil Chiba snickered with pleasure. “And with the aid of Prima Dona and her pokemon, she was able to free Ultramaur as she battled the pokemon Dovanna herself, letting it disappear under the works of sorcery and matter, leading to Dalyah’s downfall. Without Dovanna, and without the goodness of love, Dalyah became weaker, and Ultramaur was able to battle its way out of the Black Hole. And ever since Ultramaur has defeated its way out of the Black Hole, Dalyah has been missing, captured in a very dimension that no one but the messengers can find their way through.” The supernova ball in Madrid’s hands glowed with a brighter intensity. She gave a narrowed glance at it. “But….I have here, the light that was once part of Dalyah before.” “The light?” Paul peered at the ball, but it stung his eyes so badly that he nearly yelled with horror as he flinched his head to the right with his eyes squeezed tightly shut. He never wanted to even glimpse it again. “What in the world IS that thing?! Ugh… eyes…” He felt like he would go blind. Madrid’s hard expression didn’t seem to change as she looked up from her own gaze at the bright ball. Her own bright green eyes didn’t seem to be affected by the extreme light intensity. “This……..the star that once fell from the sky when Dalyah had been battling Ultramaur. See……it used a move that was supposed to be super effective against a devil pokemon like Ultramaur….it used a move called Lustrous Beam, when it would summon the light of its angelic soul to destroy Ultramaur. But instead, it hit a star, and the star was destroyed by the powerful attack, and its fragments eventually disappeared into matter in space. But one fragment of the star fell to this very planet. When I had found it, I realized that as it was surrounded by the planetary pressure around here, it wasn’t able to disappear like the rest of the fragments. It was still a live part of the star. and it bore the light of Dalyah since its own attack had struck it. within time, I kept this piece of star safe, calling it the supernova ball. It bears Dalyah’s own brightness within its soul, and with it, you can even summon Dalyah itself.” Paul felt his heart tighten. How could he know this strange cat-eyed lady was telling the truth? He glanced at the angel Chiba…and the pokemon was peering at the bright ball with an intent gaze. Paul felt sick just by looking at the pokemon. That light was terribly blinding to him, and to see how Chiba was taking it all in just scared him. But in his head, he heard another voice. “Chiii!! Yahh! Agh! No! take it away!” The devil Chiba was twitching in the air furiously, and backing away from Madrid as it twisted and turned in the air like its body was psychically being pulled apart. Madrid glanced at the devil pokemon and let a humored smile creep up her face. And at last, Paul understood. That star—the very object in Madrid’s hands—was part of the key to Dalyah itself. It bore the light that was part of the angel pokemon’s soul, and if it just got a little more powerful… could really summon the likes of Dalyah itself. “Dawn….” Paul looked up and caught his breath. “We need Dawn. She is the bearer of light. She is part of the prophecy. She is the key to Dalyah! I-I must find her!” “Nonsense,” Madrid was holding the horrifyingly bright star in to her chest. The ball looked even more distinctive over her dark clothes. “You think I’ve explained to you all this just so you can help yourself as to save the world? No…...I’m not going to let you fulfill the prophecy. I’m not letting you bring up the darkness of Ultramaur to commingle with this light of Dalyah. I’m here to make sure this star piece destroys you….and that I make sure Dawn is kept in a place where she would never find this star again….” “Chi!” Instantly, Chiba lunged forward and tried to grab at the star in Madrid’s hands, knocking the psychic over the table. Madrid let out a grunt and hissed. She wasn’t the type of person that would let out screams or squeals. But she rapidly fought back at Chiba with a powerful swat with her right arm, sending the little pokemon flying back against her wall between two funny shaped picture frames. The little pokemon squeaked in pain and glowed with a shocking red color. The devil Chiba immediately shot forwards to attack at Chiba, but just as it passed by Madrid, the star’s extreme brightness overtook the devil pokemon and the devil Chiba screamed in a high pitched pain that nearly broke Paul’s ears. “Ugh…” Paul squeezed his eyes shut. He wanted so badly to spring into action and help the little angel Chiba, but the brightness of the supernova star was so intensifying. Devil Chiba was the devil. Paul himself bore the darkness of the devil. The light of Dalyah was more than intensifying to them. it was deadly enough to lead either of them to their deaths. Paul whipped to the left and immediately ran through the halls of the house, squeezing his eyes shut and pressing his hands over his ears from Chiba’s loud, terrifying squeal. “Ugh….” Madrid rose up from the table and pointed a finger towards Paul, holding the supernova star against her with the other hand. “After him….” The devil Chiba shook itself and let out an angry “CHI-CHIII!” And it shot passed Chiba, giving it a harsh shove before gliding through the hallways of the house after Paul. Paul found himself running through many doors and strange passageways. What was this? A house of many ways? It really looked like a small cottage house from the outside, but there seemed to be a strange heck of a lot of hallways and wide empty rooms full of nothing but trinkets and pictures on the wall. Some were pokemon, and Paul recognized many of the dark, psychic, and ghost types. Suddenly, he tripped over a pile of chains that wriggled from the floorboards. “Chiii!” The devil Chiba’s echoing cry came from the hallways down to his left. Suddenly, a bright light exploded from the right. Paul ducked and let out a painful yell, and the angel Chiba appeared from a tall archway to his right. “Chi!” It hissed to him with an urgent look on its face. it was carrying the supernova ball in its tiny hands. “Paul?!” It was Dawn’s voice, coming from underneath the chains. Paul lifted up his head and gasped, realizing the basement was right under hear. He pulled off the chains and opened a door in the floorboards, gazing down at the face of Dawn. “Dawn!” He instantly grabbed her hand and pulled her out. She huffed and climbed from the basement, smelling like smoke. “Ugh! It’s a Wurmple hole down there!” She suddenly gasped and shut her eyes, though she didn’t seem to be feeling the pain Paul was going through right now. “Oh, that light is so bright!” “Dawn……you’ve got to understand!” Paul was speaking quickly. “I really shouldn’t be here with you—not right now at this moment!” “What?! What are you talking about?” Dawn’s voice was urgent. “We must summon the light and dark together…” she turned to face Chiba holding the supernova star. “And I think we’re very close….” Her eyes were going into a clouded daze. She was staring directly at the ball. “Paul….Dalyah is somewhere within the star. we can summon it using the light form that very star, by enhancing the powers within me—as the bearer of light. We must do this together!” “AGH!” Paul suddenly flinched and fell to his knees. the light was literally burning his skin. “I can’t! You beling to the light, I belong to the dark! The only way we can be brought together, is if Lucas himself draws us close! For he’s the power of fire!” Suddenly, a crash from the left exploded, and Madrid was standing there with the devil Chiba hovering above her shoulder. She was staring at Paul with calm but narrowed green eyes. “That’s right, my little children…..and don’t forget. There won’t even be Dalyah without the aid of Dovanna. You can use all the light and goodness in you that you can. Without the love from Dovanna itself, there will be nothing.” “Oh no…” Dawn gasped, her eyes full of shock. “Chi….” Devil Chiba was growling as it started shaking with pain again from the light. Madrid was making her way forwards up to Paul. “Now… take care of you…and banish you. Prima Dona wants you both dead….and she told me specifically for YOU to die right in front of the eyes of Dawn….since she didn’t get to see Barry himself at her feet like this…” Dawn gasped and put a hand to her mouth. “Barry….?” Paul was yelling and clutching the top of his head as he bowed on his knees. he couldn’t go forward where Madrid and the devil Chiba were….nor could he go back behind him where the light was burning his death. But suddenly, Chiba started crying. “Chiii….Chiii…” and it closed its eyes, focusing a red glowing light on Paul. It held the supernova ball tightly in its hands. Far away, back up in the Harpa Mountains, Lucas suddenly lifted his head up to see a strange glow from the snow behind him. The angel Chibo was glowing. He hurried over to it, and his heart sank when he saw that it was not at all moving and looking like it was coming back to life. Its eyes were closed, and its body lay motionless. But it seemed to be glowing, and Lucas could finally feel a warmth in its heart….a fiery warmth that he had never felt since he got here, and since Barry had passed on. The angel Chibo seemed to be communicating with someone. And it was the angel Chiba, back in a strange, faraway forest of darkness……and light…… 58. OPENING EYES “We’ve changed our courses, just to let you dogs know,” grumbled Trevor, walking pass Kaira and a small group of pirates. Kaira looked up and frowned. “Why? I thought we were going to see the devil pokemon.”“Well, it turns out that Prima Dona has found her own way around without our help. The sky’s become as dark as the shadowlands, haven’t you noticed?” Trevor glared at her with tired eyes. Ever since Kaira had kissed him like that, he had been trying to avoid her with an uncertain look on his face. Kaira didn’t care. As far as she was concerned, she hated every single pirate on this ship, and she would much rather die the next day than live her life forever in this nightmare. She wanted to see that devil pokemon and somehow escape on that island, for if that was the island of the devil, it probably wouldn’t be much worse than the ship she was upon. Grutch huffed. “Eh….”Trevor continued to explain. “Prima Dona’s been working on the dark shadow in secret for countless centuries. Finally, it’s become large and powerful enough to spread across the entire world, and once it covers the entire atmosphere, Ultramaur may be summoned, with the aid of the darkness within the prophesized human. But! That doesn’t mean we should land upon Dark Raven to drop this hussy off.” He cast a nod at Kaira, giving her a haughty grin. “Prima Dona doesn’t want this girl to get any closer to the lands of the Askip, nor any other land in this world when the summoning of Ultramaur is taking place. The dark shadows need to be free from all goodness and light, especially this girl right here.”Kaira rolled her eyes and stood up. “Oh, please! Make it quick! We’ve been sailing for how long now? Just get me to the island and get it over with! I wanna end this shit so badly!”Trevor and the other pirates all started murmuring lazy laughs at her snide remark. Harvard gave her a nudge. “Aw, come on, princess! You don’t wanna stay and be mine? I can make an awesome spouse, ya know!”Kaira gave him a smack on the face that got the other pirates staring at her with awe and interest. “Only when I find myself in hell after I die.” She spat and stalked away, her head held high as she passed Trevor. Not looking back to care what the pirates were obnoxiously laughing about after she left, she gazed out at the horizon with narrowed eyes. The sky really was a strange dark gray, though not the same dark gray that was portrayed for any sign of bad weather. As Kaira glared up at the sky, the dark clouds glared back down at her, though she saw that the clouds alone weren’t the dark grayness that made her feel anonymous. The sky itself was a pure dark grayness, as if its natural color was this terrible shade. Kaira growled and cursed. “Gaiyah….Ultramaur….Dalyah….what B.S.” She raised her voice to a yell, facing the sky with a look of rage on her face. “If there are any such pokemon out there, show me a sign! Why don’t you HELP me here in my stupid life?! Huh?! My whole life I’ve either been looked down upon, or looking down upon others myself! And what has the so-called earth pokemon done for me?! Why hasn’t ANYONE helped me?!”Behind her, Verdana and baby Dovanna were watching her, standing by a thick pole where Victini clung to. Verdana was watching with disappointment, slowly shaking her head. Kaira continued to yell. “I hate this world! I hate this planet! I wish I was never born! Whatever I really am, or WHOEVER I really am—a pokemon, a spirit, or a useless dead person—I don’t care anymore! I wished I never lived! I have nothing in my life to feel thankful about, and even if I have, I’ve forgotten all about it! I wish I were DEAD RIGHT NOW!!!”And suddenly, as if responding, the sky thundered a low grumble and a small amount of drizzle started to pour. “Quii?” Victini looked up with alarm. “Dou….” Baby Dovanna suddenly hovered off of Verdana’s shoulders, gazing up at the sky. Verdana gasped. “No….Kaira!”“Ugh! Rain?! Great! Thank you!” She was screaming, her face full of rage. “Just exactly what I needed!”“Hey! Storm! Captain! Storm incoming!” A pirate ran across the ship towards where Captain Bron was driving. “Everyone! Git all the Magikarp you can find and hide under the decks!” Bron was yelling. “This storm’s gonna get mighty worse! Hurry up now! Scram!”And instantly, the ship was crowded with a bustle of pirates running and yelling here and there, trying to clean up their gameboards, and trying to find their way into the deck or the Captain’s room. Suddenly, the drizzle turned into a soaking downpour within a few seconds. Kaira huffed and flinched, feeling uncomfortably cold and wet. The sky was an even darker gray, and almost looked black. Kaira ran forwards and took Verdana’s hand. “Verdana! Come on! Now’s our chance!”Kaira looked up at the pale bluish face of the Vaporeon giinka. She realized how easy it had been for the giinka to flee this ship, but she couldn’t since the captain was constantly aware of her to direct them towards the right direction around the region of Thelmer. But now that they weren’t exactly looking forward to the island of Dark Raven anymore, Verdana was no longer much of a use. Kaira turned to climb upon the bar that lined the side of the ship. “Wait! What are you doing?!” Yelled Verdana over the thundering rain and crashing waves. Victini clung to her shoulder with baby Dovanna above. The little fire type was obviously frustrated and fearful of the treacherous storm. Kaira turned with a wild look in her eyes. “I can’t take it here! You wanna escape?! Well, let’s get it over with as soon as we can! Are you going to help me through these waters or not?!”“Kaira! These waters are dangerous! You’re just willing to jump?!”“How else are we going to escape?” Snapped Kaira, glaring down at the giinka. “Well, fine then! If you’re still willing to help out these nasty pirate freaks, then be my guest!” She turned and instantly disappeared as her body flung off the side of the ship. “Douuuu!” Baby Dovanna instantly flew down towards the crashing waves below. “Kaira!” Screamed Verdana. Without thinking, the giinka leaped off the boat and splashed into the water. Victini teleported as soon as she was off the ship. The waves thundered and crashed around her, but the giinka was a skilled swimmer, and she easily found Kaira struggling under the waves as she was being thrown around the water like a dead fish. Kaira felt Verdana’s grasp around her waist. The giinka had its tailfin clutching her. As the waves crashed around Kaira and rapidly clogged her breath, she felt as if her disastrous life was finally at its end, becoming the worst before she would die. She felt the deadly waters wash through her and cleanse her of her long time dirty self, though at the same time, wash away the rest of the life she had left in her. Kaira fell into a deep sleep, letting the ocean waves flood over her vision before she closed her eyes and stopped breathing. Kaira saw pure darkness. At first, there was nothing but silence, and darkness that was even darker than if she had her eyes closed. But then a strange light seemed to glow in the distance, seeming so far away. Kaira couldn’t tell if she were asleep or awake. She didn’t know what she felt, except that she was bitterly cold…and dangerously weak….“Kaira….”The smoothest, most handsome voice echoed through Kaira’s head. She slowly opened her eyes, and she was looking into the light of the heavens, and she thought she could see a glowing shape run down towards her. “Kaira….?”The voice spoke again, this time, sounding familiar. Kaira felt her heart lighten. She had heard this voice before, and she had never forgotten it since then. Her eyes brightened at the sight of Phandolia prancing down from the lighted heavens above. The silver unicorn pokemon was as valiant and beautiful as she had last seen it. Its silver eyes glittered with the most distinction, and Kaira already felt her long time broken heart slowly heal at the sight of this pokemon. She watched as it transformed into a man, becoming the tall, slender shape of Lan, dressed in a silver pale robe that matched the fur color of Phandolia. His hair was as bright and silvery as the pokemon’s mane. He was gazing at her with warm, welcoming eyes. “Oh, Lan….” Kaira felt a softness in her heart that she hadn’t felt in so long. “Is it true now? Have you come to take me home… the light?”Lan smiled and Kaira was surprised to see that he was chuckling with humor. “Oh, Kaira my dear. You are not dying. You’ve been rescued, and you’ve been washed ashore near the land of Harpa.”Kaira winced. “Harpa?”She suddenly looked around her. She was lying on her side, laid upon a rock in the middle of a dark ocean. The sky was none but a pure black above, and the ocean was the same darkness it reflected. To the left was a beach covered in snow, not too far away from where she was lying upon. Lan was kneeling down in front of her on the same small rocky platform. Baby Dovanna was hovering over his shoulder, gazing down at Kaira carefully.“W-where am I?”“Verdana brought you here,” replied Lan calmly. “Verdana….” Kaira’s head felt so washed up that she had to struggle to remember the name. but luckily, she didn’t have her memory literally erased a second—or third—time. “A good giinka she was….she rescued you and brought you here. I’ve been watching you carefully, so I decided it was the right time to finally come down and meet with you again.”“You’ve watched over me the whole time?!” Kaira would’ve screamed, though she felt so weak and her voice was so hoarse that she barely raised her tone. “Then why didn’t you help me or show me a sign? I…..was miserable on that ship….”“And miserable you were,” Lan sounded sad. “I didn’t come down to help you, because you had lost all trust in me, and everything that had to do with your life.”“What do you mean I’ve lost trust in you?” Kaira’s heart ached to be beating so hard. She felt like such an old person, lying on a death bed. “I’ve always had trust in you…and I’ve always longed to see you again. You… really should’ve--”“Your attitude on the ship and everything you were going through with those terrible pirates were poisoning your mind.” Lan was speaking carefully. “With all that hard work and all that interaction with such obnoxious men, your mind became traumatized. You had already arrived on that ship with a broken heart, ready to give up, and ready to just let yourself meet whatever your fate would take you.”Kaira’s mind was spinning. “Oh you’re right, Lan. I’m so sorry. I’ve…I’ve been bad. I’ve made mistakes…I’m sorry. I was just…I was just so broken. I didn’t know what kind of things were taking over me. I let myself become the brat I was.”Lan slowly nodded. “Do you even recall why you were so broken when you arrived on that ship?”Kaira couldn’t think clearly. She felt like she could just drift off into an everlasting sleep without ever waking again. “I don’t know…..I can’t remember at the moment….”“Your memory wasn’t erased a second time, though your feelings and emotions were what caused it to go away. Just like making foolish choices in life, one can befall a state in which they no longer see themselves or recognized where they even are. Those pirates tortured you, didn’t they? They made you feel even more humiliated than you already felt. And eventually, they drove you to your craziest that you learned to become as obnoxious and well adapted to them as they made you.”“I guess I have……”“Kaira….” Lan put a hand on her shoulder, looking deeply into her eyes with a warm look. She looked back, feeling a strange feeling that surged through her, making her feel uplifted and thankful to be here with Lan right now. “You played an important role in this world before the pirates kidnapped you. The reason why I didn’t show up to help you is because I wanted to see you find your own way. You had baby Dovanna, and you had hope within you. I was disappointed to see that you didn’t use that hope to keep you on your feet each day you spent with those pirates, and help keep a positive attitude.”“What exactly happened, Lan?” Kaira asked softly. “What was I like before I arrived on that ship? I…I don’t remember anymore…it’s been so tough. I had gotten to the point when I just visualized myself as a person who had lived my whole life upon that ship, kidnapped as a baby against my will….”“Try to remember,” Lan’s eyes bore into hers. “You remember me, don’t you? Look into my eyes and try to think why you know me, how you know me. Who am I, but a mere legendary of the world, Phandolia, the pokemon of goodness?”And as Kaira looked into those shining silver eyes, as beautiful as she would ever see, she suddenly recalled the moment she had last been with Lan—with Phandolia. She remembered prancing through the clouds and the heavens above with this man in his beautiful pokemon form, and how he had made her feel happy and thankful like she’s never felt before. And she suddenly remembered who she was herself as well. She had been the pokemon Dovanna, the pokemon of eternal love, one that had stuck by Phandolia’s side so long ago…..before she was banished and brainwashed of such feelings, and had her memory wiped out by Prima Dona. She had arrived to this very world, so that she can find herself again, and become restored as Dovanna so that she can summon the light of Dalyah, the very angel of the earth and fulfill the prophecy of Gaiyah. And remembering her purpose, her mind suddenly came back to when she had first arrived here with her beings of earth that would bear the elements in the prophecy. Most of all….she remembered Barry, and how she had been so close to being his true love. Of course, she had never totally forgotten Barry, but her agitated feelings had caused her to forget the real reason why she and him were so far apart, and what was the importance that had taken place between the both of them. She remembered him as the unwanted one of the prophecy. “Oh dear….” Kaira suddenly looked away from Lan’s eyes. “Barry……I can only predict he’s in trouble right now…..Prima Dona….”“Barry is in deep trouble at the moment,” said Lan gravely. “Really?”“Ever since you left, your friends had split up in their own ways, trying to find what’s left for them to do in this world. Without you, the whole process of bringing together Ultramaur and Dalyah together with the elements of darkness, light, and fire would be pointless. There must be love, as well as happiness and a good spirit in order for Dalyah to truly come back. My spirit isn’t enough. Happiness and a good heart must have a sense of love as well, so you are needed to take part in the summoning of Dalyah as well in order for Dawn to restore its existence on earth.”Kaira blinked, her eyes going into a daze. “Dawn….” She remembered all the tough times she had with her, from irritation, to jealousy, to a closer, friendlier bond……before she had officially been scarred by the sight of her pressing her lips against Barry….“Right now, Dawn is trapped in a dark forest where she bears the very light of Dalyah itself.” Lan was looking at her intently. Baby Dovanna was quietly cooing with concentration. “She is ever so close to being able to summon Dalyah back…but she is unable to do it without you. Especially since she is in the hands of Madrid, a terrible psychic lady that has lived since the splitting of Gaiyah.”“Where’s Barry?” Asked Kaira urgently, rising up to stand on her feet. “I have to see him first. I know this can help me. If I can see his face just one more time……I bet I can feel the love that has really been inside me before…..and that I can use it to help Dawn summon the likes of Dalyah. Lan… know where he is, don’t you?”“I can take you to him,” said Lan, blinking his eyes carefully. “But you must be strong. He is in the land of Prima Dona, frozen in the element of ice at the very heart of her birthplace. Prima Dona is not too far away, and she is close to summoning Ultramaur herself. When the devil pokemon is revealed, you must have Dalyah summoned at the right time so the transformation of Gaiyah can begin.”Kaira nodded. She let a smile etch her face. “Thanks, Lan.”Lan dipped his head. “I will do anything for the aid of Dovanna.” He spoke with wisdom and gratitude. “Am glad that you’ve opened your eyes….before it was too late.”Kaira looked around. The waves were as calm and still as the night, and Kaira felt as if she were surrounded by darkness except for the shine of light from Lan and baby Dovanna. “Where’s Verdana now? And Victini?” Kaira knew the pokemon had been a fire type, and that it must have been dangerous for it to be out in such a storm.“Verdana has returned to her home in the middle of the sea,” said Lan warmly. “Victini has escaped ashore, and will find its way into the wild where it belongs. It communicates with Verdana, though. For those two share a bond that will teach each other the ways of both the land and sea. While Verdana swims the hearth of the world’s oceans, Victini roams the land in secret, communicating with each other to let each other feel for their friendship and support.”“Oh….” Kaira didn’t exactly understand, but she hoped that both of them were alright, and that they were free from the pirate’s control. “I….I hope they know how thankful I am to have met them. I know Verdana never got to see me for who I really was…”“She’ll understand,” Lan smiled at her gently. “She has heard of the many legends and rumors of what’s been going on around the land and sea, and she’s heard stories of you and your friends’ travels. She knows you really weren’t the girl she was worried for on the ship.”Kaira sighed. “That’s good.”Lan looked out at the shore, gazing up at the black horizon. “Well……I must take you as soon as we can. Prima Dona is so close to summoning Ultramaur. You must act and help your friends right now.”And Lan transformed into a gracious unicorn pokemon of Phandolia. Kaira felt a rush of exhilaration run through her and she hopped upon Phandolia’s back, feeling lightheaded and giddy to be riding the pokemon. And baby Dovanna landed on her shoulder, holding tightly. It cooed happily in her ear, and Kaira smiled, giving it a tickle at its chest. “I’m sorry for ever leaving you…” she thought silently, knowing the pokemon would already understand. “Dou….” Dovanna nestled comfortably on her shoulder. And Lan rode off, galloping into the night with Kaira at his back. It didn’t take long at all for him to reach the top of the Harpa Mountains, at the very place of Crest Peak. Kaira felt the darkness from the sky above bear an even deeper and stronger sensation of evil when she arrived here. The action of dark spirits were most powerful here. This was Prima Dona’s home. This was her very birthplace of her body. Phandolia landed beside a pool where a glacier floated. Kaira narrowed her eyes at how dark the pool was. It reflected the darkening image of the sky above, and she felt a sensation of dread as she stared down into it. The pool was probably an everlasting depth, where if she were to fall in, she would probably fall on and on forever until she found herself in the Black Hole of nothingness. Kaira slid off Phandolia’s back and baby Dovanna hovered off her shoulder. Kaira walked forwards, examining the glacier and stopped with a dazed look in her eyes as she saw the body of Barry, frozen in the glacier with his eyes open, looking blank and distressed. She felt her heart ache at his unmoving body. He had finally met his fate. He was trapped in the element of ice, where the dimension would rid him of his presence for his unwanted acts. But Kaira could bring him back. She must bring him back…or at least find a way to love him again so that she can restore herself as the pokemon Dovanna. Phandolia was watching her with patience, as still as a statue. Kaira slowly brought her hand up to touch the glacier upon Barry’s face. “Barry….I love you…..I still do. I haven’t forgotten anything that has gone through between us…” she spoke in the most audible whisper, and she put all her feeling into the glacier, and suddenly, the entire thing burst and Barry fell in her arms. Kaira gasped, holding onto him as he fell forwards onto her. She slipped to her knees and let him fall to her side. He was still unconscious. Kaira gazed at the water as the particles of the glacier dissolved into the blackness. She turned to gaze at Barry’s pale, lifeless face. “Barry…..please,” her eyes were filling with tears. She let her hands rest on his shoulders. She couldn’t bear to stare into those lifeless eyes. She felt all the need to just reach out and kiss him…..and free him from this terrible state he was trapped in. She closed her eyes and focused on the feelings within. She pushed away the coldness that echoed all around her. She focused on all her love and happiness for having Barry around….and suddenly, she heard a sound. “Uh…” Barry was suddenly stirring, and his eyes closed shut. Kaira opened her own eyes and looked hopefully down at Barry as he blinked and gazed back at her with a clouded, unreadable tired expression. “Oh….what happened?”“Oh, Barry!” Kaira gasped, she threw her arms around him as he lay there in the snow. “I’m so glad….you’re alive.”“Alive?” Barry spoke quietly. He gently pushed Kaira off of him and gazed back at her with a confused look in his calm eyes. “Um….I’m sorry…..what happened? I don’t know….who you are.”Kaira suddenly felt alarm drain through her. She felt her heart beat with shock. “What?!” Her gasp was a mere whisper. “W-what are you talking about…”“I don’t remember anything…..I’m sorry. Who are you? Who….am I?” Barry slowly looked around. “What is this place…..?”And Kaira thought she would fall back into the earth and let the snow swallow her up. She had brought Barry back to life……but it was like he was starting his life all over again. He had no idea whatsoever.She turned with a look of horror on her face as she glanced at Phalndolia and baby Dovanna, who were both looking at her with a sorry expression. “Just as I was afraid of…” whispered Phandolia. “Barry has been confined to ice—an element of coldness and bitterness, freezing not only his body and soul, but the memories in his head. Prima Dona has made it so that he has no memory of his own, just as she had done to you before.”“No….” Kaira whipped her head to face Barry’s apologetic and confused expression. “That can’t be… can get it back!” He HAD to remember his memories. Not just for her—but for himself and his own good as well. Kaira loved Barry, and she wanted more than just for him to be happy for her. She could not let everything that he’s been through just go to waste. She knew he can remember. She stared at him with alarm and intent. “Please……you must remember…”For a moment, Barry and Kaira both stared at each other with awe. And then suddenly, Kaira slowly brought her face closer to his, closed her eyes, and gave him a kiss. She felt her heart throb right at the moment, and then suddenly she felt herself fall through a feeling of nausea, happiness, and….a feeling she had never understood or felt before. Barry too, felt bewildered at the sudden kiss, and he soon closed his eyes and let himself feel the intensity of what felt like love and happiness. It seemed like hours before Kaira lifted her face away, and stared into Barry’s eyes with a calm, clouded look. Barry looked equally dazed, and he slowly blinked and met her eyes. “Kaira….”“Oh, Barry!” Kaira felt like crying. Barry stared at her for a second, and then threw his arms around her, hugging her with a warm, thankful feeling. Kaira could feel it pulse through him. He loved her. Despite all that they’ve been through, and everything that had tried to separate them, he loved her. And she knew she loved him. Kaira was lost in her feelings. Finally, she let Barry go and gazed into his eyes. He was almost smiling at her. “Kaira….I’m so sorry….”“No, it’s alright. I understand…” Kaira replied with an intent voice. She looked to her left. She let out a shocked, quick gasp. Phandolia was gone—again. Baby Dovanna was the only pokemon hovering in the distance just a few yards away from her and Barry. The little pokemon was almost transparent and blended in with the snowy around it.Barry sighed. “I didn’t know my real feelings for you were as close to love….at least not just yet.”Kaira looked at him with patient eyes. Barry was looking sorry. “At first, when I found out how much you truly loved me, I was ashamed for not have taken notice….but I still wasn’t sure with how I felt about you and your feelings myself. But…..after what I had been through with Dawn….after how I’ve seen how it deeply hurt you and destroyed you, I realized where my true loyalties and feelings lie. I guess I really was in love with you.” He looked at her with a calm smile. “I—I’m sorry for what you had to see…..and everything you’ve been through.”“Oh… glad to hear it from you finally,” murmured Kaira. “But are you sure? I mean……it’s not up to me to decide where you should go. If you really love Dawn….I’m fine with accepting that. I will still have a place for you in my heart…..and I will still know what it’s like to have a feeling as powerful as……love.”“Oh, please,” Barry almost chuckled. “I’m not in love with Dawn. At first I thought I wasn’t, and then I was for a while, but then I realized that I couldn’t be in love with someone……if I’m already feeling for someone else.” He looked at Kaira with new eyes. Kaira felt like her heart would burst. She didn’t know what to say to Barry. Just a few moments ago, she was fearing for everything he had forgotten. Now she was ten times as scared at what he really did remember and what he truly felt. Barry put an arm on her shoulder, and leaned a little forwards. Kaira was almost expecting a second kiss, and she held her breath. “I want us to be together, Kaira. I want us to understand both of our love. Not just for your sake of being Dovanna, but for both of us too.”Kaira felt dizzy, and then suddenly a piercing feeling hit her. “If I become Dovanna again…..” she realized with a shock. “I’ll….I’ll never see you again, or Dawn, Lucas, and everyone else back in Sinnoh. I….I would be restored to my rightful dimension….where I belong….”Barry raised his eyebrows. “Oh…..are you sure? I mean…..your rightful place is…where your heart really lies…”Kaira felt confused. She had finally felt the power of love. But she understood that love was more than just feeling happy and an everlasting thankfulness. Love was full of stress, full of confusion and even a hateful feeling that was even more powerful than hate alone. She had gone through so much with her love for Barry, and she realized that not only has she known all along what it’s like to love, but that there was more to it than just the feeling of love itself. And now she was looking into Barry’s eyes, knowing she had completed her feelings of what the pokemon Dovanna really possessed. “Barry, I don’t know…..I really do love you, and I always will, but….”Suddenly, there was a rumble. Kaira and Barry looked up to the sky above and Barry stood up, taking Kaira’s hand and helping her stand. “Prima Dona……she’s summoning Ultramaur. Pretty soon, we’re going to have to contact Dawn somehow…..”“Ultramaur,” Kaira narrowed her eyes. “We must hurry.”And a strange glow erupted from behind them. The two of them turned to see that a fiery pokemon was making its way up to them, carrying a small shape of a glowing blue light.Kaira gasped. “Lucas! And Chibo!” 59. THE CALL OF THE DEVIL Barry stared at his little heart-bonded partner with awe. The little pokemon was lying lifeless in Lucas’s warm Infernape hands. It looked like a dead football, without its pale bluish glow. “Chibo…..” he breathed. His mind was spinning with various memories he had had with the little pokemon since it heart-bonded with him. He could almost feel the pokemon’s warm spirited presence wherever he went, and now he could feel nothing behind the pokemon at all. He couldn’t believe how close he had been to losing his memory forever—to losing all memories he had of him and the little pokemon as well. He turned to Kaira with look of gratefulness and relief, though with worry. “It’s gone….Prima Dona defeated it. She…” He closed his eyes, trying to remember what had exactly happened. “She used the power of her darkness within her spear and paralyzed it—I don’t know if it can ever come back now. I can’t even feel its voice anywhere within me.” Lucas whimpered in front of him, looking like a sad delivery pokemon holding up a failed object in its hands towards Barry. Kaira stared at the little pokemon with wonder. “Wait….it’s not dead.” Barry gasped. “It’s not?” “Look…it’s slightly glowing. And not just from Lucas’s fire either.” Baby Dovanna tweeted and hovered above Kaira’s other side and gazed at the little pokemon with big blue eyes. Barry watched the small messenger in Lucas’s hands. They all stared intently at it as a bright blue glow slightly circled its body. Suddenly, Kaira gasped and looked up from the pokemon. Barry turned to Kaira. “What?” “It’s communicating. Another messenger is contacting it. I think…..” Kaira turned to baby Dovanna. “Is it Chiba? Or….Chibu?” “Dou….?” Dovanna was staring intently at Chibo, trying to study it. Lucas let out a small cry and lighted with fire. Suddenly, Chibo hovered off his hands and its unmoving body seemed to carry itself a foot above them all, as it glowed with a brighter intensity. A blinding blue light erupted from above the pokemon, and suddenly the area around Barry, Kaira, Lucas, baby Dovanna, and the angel messenger was lighted with a shining glow. Above in the top center of the light, a two figures suddenly appeared and came forward, until the sight of Dawn and Paul came into appearance. “Paul……Dawn……” Barry stared at them both with awe. Dawn was bright and shining as the sun, and Paul….he looked distinctively and creepily dark as he stood right next to her, his face sharp and unreadable. Hovering above both of them was the small red shape of Chiba—the angel Chiba. In Dawn’s hands, she carried a circular shaped glowing ball that seemed to brighten her body as she clasped her hands around it. the light was blinding, and it seemed to be hurting Paul. He collapsed to the ground next to her. “Paul…!” Barry was about to run up to him, but Kaira let out a hand. “Wait! Dawn……is that…” “The light of Dalyah?” Dawn looked at Kaira with a raised expression. “Yes. Apparently, this piece of fragment was once part of a star that Dalyah struck with its power of angelic light. This piece fell to earth, and it has concealed a connection to the pokemon itself.” “Use it!” Cried Barry, suddenly feeling excited. “Hurry! Prima Dona’s gone up to summon Ultramaur now! wherever she may be, it probably isnt too far form the Black Hole or something! You must use it so when she does bring the devil--” “Calm down!” Dawn was speaking urgently. Her face was distressed and she suddenly looked down at Paul. “It’s hurting Paul! We must do something about him before we take matters to Dalyah. Remember, Paul himself is the one that shall bring forth Ultramaur, not Prima Dona.” Next to her, Paul was shifting and crawling away, and baby Dovanna helped guide him to the back of Kaira and Barry. “It’s blinding me….burning me….” He muttered darkly. Barry turned to see how distressed his face was. it felt strange to be around him again, and in a state like this. “Gee…..hey there Paul,” Barry couldn’t help saying. “It’s been such a long time since we’ve actually seen each other like this. What happened to you and Team Solar?” Paul growled and tensed his body, turning his head to look down and face away the blinding light that shone from Dawn. “Please…don’t blame him for anything he’s done,” Dawn was looking at all of them with sadness. “He’s decided to make better choices, and he is willing to take part in this prophecy with the rest of us. He’s changed his ways…..I’ve changed his ways.” Dawn then looked at Lucas, smiling, and then from Lucas to Barry and Kaira. “And anyways, it’s nice to see you again—all of you.” her eyes were suddenly looking more calm and thankful. “I’ve missed you all.” Barry smiled back and hesitated, not knowing what to say back. But to his surprise, Kaira spoke first before him. “Nice to see you too, Dawn, Paul. I’m glad we’re finally all in this together.” “Oh Kaira…..” Dawn was looking right at Kaira with a sorry look in her eyes. “I’m sorry for the idea you’ve gotten about me. I – I never wanted anything like this to turn out between us. I thought we were going to become great friends and….I’m sorry you had to see what you saw…” Barry bit his tongue, noticing the way Dawn seemed to be trying to avoid looking at him. Kaira said nothing for a moment. Barry wondered what could be going through her head. Baby Dovanna was staring at her intently. She nodded her head and smiled back again. “It’s alright.” Dawn looked at Barry, her gaze looking a little troubled, but happy to see him as well. “Barry….I wouldn’t ask any more of you….so…..” Barry chuckled nervously. “Hehe, me neither. We’re still good friends, though, right?” Dawn blushed and nodded. “Of course.” “Ugh… kids going to carry on with that waste of mushy stuff?” Grumbled Paul behind Barry. “Or are you still scared about taking over the world?” Dawn laughed. “I guess we can discuss this later. Where is Prima Dona? Oh! And we still don’t have all the messengers with us!” Dawn looked around, from Chibo in Lucas’s hands, to Chiba at her side. “Where’s Chibu? And what happened to poor Chibo?” “Where exactly did you find that fragment?” Kaira stepped forward, eying the lighted ball. “She stole it from ME,” murmured a menacing, creepy voice. Barry and the others turned to the left. There, standing by the dark pool, was Madrid, glaring at them with glittering green cat eyes. next to her, hovered the devil Chiba, glaring at them with a menacing stare. Barry jumped and widened his eyes at her. “Whoa! Where did YOU come from?!” Dawn was staring at her with the same surprise. Paul barely lifted up his head to peek an eye over his shoulders to growl in frustration. Kaira and Lucas stared at her with a narrowed glare. Madrid stepped forward, with the devil Chiba hovering by her shoulder. Her expression was focused and angry. “I knew I’d find you here. You think you can just get away with that star and summon Dalyah, don’t you?”Dawn backed away with a look of fear. “Of course! I’m the element of light….and with the power of light, I can restore the pokemon Dalyah from this star, and with the aid of Kaira—or Dovanna as she is—the pokemon can come forth and fulfill the prophecy! You’re working for Prima Dona, aren’t you? You’re here to stop us. Well, you can’t!”Madrid chuckled. “Such brave words,” she muttered quietly. Barry narrowed his eyes at her. “You were with me by those caves! You tried to kill me, or at least get me into the hands of Prima Dona!”Madrid turned to look at Barry with a smile. “Oh, hello there, Barry. Nice to see that you’re still alive, or at least what’s left of you.”Barry frowned with offense.Paul rose to his feet. “Madrid, you have lived since the splitting of Gaiyah. And you wish to stop us from ever getting the pokemon back together. What ARE you going to do? The power of psychics is useless up here. This is a barren frozen land of darkness, not psychics. The power of darkness is strong here—and I can feel it, which is why I’m lucky enough to stay alive by the side of that terrible star. But the power of darkness is also enough to make sure your stupid powers of psychics don’t interfere with us!”“Hmph….fool,” Madrid’s eyes flashed and the devil Chiba scoffed. “Didn’t you listen to a single thing I told you about in my story? I bear both the power of psychic and darkness….just like Zan-Xuin himself.”Suddenly, the black sky above both of them rumbled, and Barry looked up to see a strange gap above them swirl with a paler blackness. The figure of Prima Dona suddenly came down, and this time, she was alone. There was no devil messenger, or any sign of her pokemon. She glared down at all of them with a haughty smile. “Ahahaha! So! We’ve come to our final countdown, haven’t we?” She hovered above them all, flashing her sharp red eyes over all of them. Lucas growled and started burning with flames, and next to Barry, Kaira remained frozen. The light in Dawn’s hand suddenly grew a little paler. Prima Dona suddenly focused her gaze on Kaira. “Well, my dear. Nice to see you looking fresh and yourself again! What?! Has your love become so powerful that it even freed the little imp at your side?!” Prima Dona gave a taunting smile towards Barry and laughed. “HAH! I’d like to see you two kiss! I bet you’d kill him if you bore the love as strong as Dovanna yourself!”“Shut up, Prima Dona!” Kaira snapped, glaring up at the icy witch. Barry gave her a raised look. He was surprised to see her speaking this way. Perhaps she still held on to part of her bitter attitude she had developed with the pirates. “I’ve conquered my fears, and solved my problems! I’ve learned more of what love is really about! And now that we are all together—all four of us—we are ready to take on you and your stupid Ultramaur! Where is your nasty little pokemon now? Have you even summoned it yet?”“If you haven’t,” Paul was yelling up at her, “I will!”Prima Dona started cackling, and the gap above her suddenly spun with more intensity. Barry felt a tight feeling at the sight of the terrible witch hovering underneath that horrifying swirl of darkness. He was expecting the devil pokemon to just suddenly appear any time soon from that very gap. “Kaira!” Prima Dona was glaring furiously now. “How will you defeat me?” She spoke in a sweet, but angry tone. “You aren’t even Dovanna yet! Hah! And up here, you’ll never transform into Dovanna. The darkness around this place is too strong, and it will keep any form of light from getting any stronger! Just look at that piece of junk in Dawn’s hands! It’s barely having any effect to its surroundings! And you think Dalyah can just be summoned just like that? You’re wrong!” Prima Dona was suddenly glowing with a white brightness around her icy body. “With the power of darkness……and the cold from the very core of my heart…..” she was speaking in a chanting tone, half-closing her eyes and spreading out her arms. “….I bring you forth Ultramaur…..the pokemon of darkness—the devil itself.”Barry heard a chuckle from Madrid. “Nice knowing you, and good luck,” she was speaking to the devil Chiba. Barry watched as the pokemon rose up towards Prima Dona, letting its small body disappear within the swirl of black darkness. As soon as the pokemon disappeared, Prima Dona flashed open her eyes. “The messengers have all returned,” she hissed, staring out ahead. “The messengers of Ultramaur alone can serve a power of darkness to draw the pokemon nearer. Now that they’ve all returned to the Black Hole, they will summon a call for Ultramaur, and guide the pokemon to the very force of darkness that has been created over this world itself. Over the terrains and landscapes of this planet, the dark sky spreads and fills the entire world with a shadowy darkness. Ultramaur will appear here on this very mountain, where I will summon its power and let it destroy all of you.” Dawn gasped and looked at Lucas with horror. She looked up at Barry with a look of awe. “No…..this is why we should’ve made it to the northern mountains of Phandolia! The light is stronger there….and the force of angels is much more powerful. We wouldn’t have to be coping with this!”“Hah! She’s right, my little wannabe,” Barry looked up at Prima Dona. She was glaring at him. “If only YOU didn’t screw up the paths that you earthlings were traveling, just like you did in the other dimension, things probably would’ve been different!”The sky above Prima Dona was starting to rumble. “But now things have changed…” Kaira turned to Dawn. “Give me the star,” she said urgently. “I must find the aura of Dalyah.”“Oh….are you sure?” Dawn slowly handed her the star. Kaira nodded, her eyes full of an intent focus and determination. “With the aura in me, I can trace the angel pokemon and help it find its way back. I can let it know that I’m back, and that I’ve returned to this world.”Kaira held the star in her hands, and Barry gasped as she started to glow with an even brighter intensity that Dawn had. Paul was the first to flinch and back away, and the rest of them slowly stepped back with awe as they watched Kaira close her eyes to read the aura within the star. “No…” Madrid was staring at them with a shock. She cast a glance up at the sky. “Prima Dona….they’re….” But the ice witch was chanting, clasping her hands together and uttering a strange language that was probably communicating with Ultramaur. She was glowing with a brightness as well, and was too intent to notice the dark psychic. “Oh! Barry, Paul…look!” Dawn was gazing at Chibo in Lucas’s hands. The angel Chiba was hovering above his head, glowing with hope. Barry turned to see that Chibo was starting to glow as well. The light behind Kaira touched the little pokemon, and suddenly, Chibo was hovering off Lucas’s hands again, and slowly opening its eyes. Barry heard its dear little voice from the outside, as well as in his head. “Chi…….”“It’s alive…..” muttered Paul with awe. “ACHHH!” Suddenly Kaira screamed and she fell back with a rapid collision to the snow. The star flew out of her hands and rolled to the left. Madrid rushed over to it as quick as a Ninjask, and grabbed the star, holding it selfishly to her chest. “See?!” Prima Dona was glaring now. “You’re too weak here! You may have defeated the spirits within my stupid Team Solar grunts, but you’ll never defeat me!”And suddenly, a flash of darkness erupted from the gap. There was a rumble in the sky, and pretty soon, the rumble became a growl. Barry looked up with horror as he heard a strange, creepy-sounding snarl that sounded like a Lucario or a Giratina. Dawn fell to her knees. “Ugh! The darkness!” She was squeezing her eyes shut and covering her ears. ”Dawn…” for a second, Barry almost wanted to wrap his arms to comfort her….but suddenly, Kaira shot up to her feet, glaring at Prima Dona. She uttered something under her breath that Barry couldn’t understand, and then suddenly, a glowing light erupted from the star in Madrid’s hands. The light struck out and hit Prima Dona. “AGHHHH! NOOO--- WHAT THE--”And Madrid let out a groan, suddenly dropping the star and letting her head hang. A wave of darkness and a strange purple light blasted over Barry and the entire area, and Barry felt himself shut down. 60. THE DISTORTION WORLD Lucas opened his eyes, finding himself lying on a cold stony ground. He looked around. He was in the middle of nowhere, and the sky above them was a dark black, though not as jet black and shiny as the sky back on Crest Peak. The entire area looked like an unborn landscape. Everywhere was just gray rocks and a stony ground. It was as if Lucas was in a cave, though the cave was outdoors. Lucas thankfully wasn’t alone. “Ahh! MADRID, YOU FILTHY IDIOT!” Came the voice of Prima Dona.Then suddenly, a squawk erupted after the angry voice of Prima Dona. “ACHH! I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU--” SQUAAAAWK!Lucas winced and looked around him. He couldn’t find any sign of Prima Dona, or his friends. “Ow! Hey! Whoa, there! Haha, look at you! I guess I’m not going to be as scared of you anymore!” Barry’s voice sounded humored. “OH, SHUT UP, THE LIKES OF YOU--” SQUAWWWK!”“OW!” Barry yelled back. “Hey, that hurt!”“Well, serves you right, Barry!” Dawn laughed. “I mean, you never made fun of Lucas this way!”“Well, it’s different with Lucas,” Kaira chuckled. There was suddenly more squawking and angry, strange cries. Lucas turned and peered around a lopsided boulder to find that Madrid was standing with Barry, Kaira, and Dawn to her left, and Paul to her right with Chibo and Chiba hovering above him. They were all looking down with a half-smile on their faces at a pokemon that seemed to be thrashing around in a fit. The pokemon was a bird, an Unfezant, and a female one by the looks of it. It was angrily squawking and spitting gross blobs of greenish-gray liquid, and the others ducked to try to avoid its attack. Lucas narrowed his eyes, confused, and then nearly burst out with laughter as he realized what had happened. He couldn’t see Prima Dona anywhere, and the pokemon’s angry eyes were as blazing and piercing as the icy witch’s. “SQUAAAAWK! I’M GOING TO KILL YOU ALL! ARGHH! BY THE POWERS OF ULTRAMAUR!” The four foot bird pokemon was flapping its wings angrily, though it meant to annoyingly beat at the people around it rather than fly away. Lucas couldn’t believe it. Prima Dona—a mere scraggly pokemon in the form of a bird. How amusing! He had no idea how it happened, and he almost thought he was still lost in the most ridiculous dream. Prima Dona whipped around and spat a blob of green spit that hit Lucas above the eye. Lucas flinched and let out a startled Infernape cry, burning with shock. Everyone tutnred to look up at him. “Lucas!” Kaira cried. Lucas knew he wasn’t dreaming. Humiliated and angry, he wiped off the gooey slime off his head and glared at Prima Dona. “Awwwwk! How DARE you get me caught up into this! I blame everyone and every damn thing around me!” Prima Dona started cussing and cursing in her pissed off high voice. Lucas growled and stood tall over the pokemon. She was now just a few inches shorter than he was. “You spit at me like that again and I’ll have your feathers sticking up your butt!” “HAAARGH!” Prima Dona pecked at him with her sharp beak, making him yelp with pain. “You dare speak to me like that again and I’ll make sure there’s nothing but dead smoke come out of YOUR butt!” “Calm down, will you?” Madrid let out a sigh, though Lucas could tell that even she was trying to keep herself from cracking up. Prima Dona was in such a ridiculous state. “Alright, I bet if I work back my powers, I can somehow turn you back….” “You better get me back to the way I was before I whoop your ass for getting me into this in the first place!” Prima Dona’s bird-like eyes weren’t much different from their normal piercing glare of hatred. She glared up at the tall, darkly dressed Madrid with her feathers fluffed out. “I blame all the curses of evil and misery to YOU, Madrid! What in the name of Ultramaur have you done to me?!” “Well….” Madrid’s pale face blushed from trying to hide her humor as she looked down to meet Prima Dona’s gaze. The others snickered and Dawn and Barry couldn’t help whispering to each other about her funny form. “SILENCE YOU!” Prima Dona shot a blob of spit towards the both of them, but they managed to duck just in time. “Whoa!” Barry huffed. “Ew, that’s gross! Is that all you can do now?” He turned to Lucas. “Hey, Lucas! How bad was it? Rather have her spitting crap at us than dark spirits and ice shards!” “I will DESTROY the next soul that makes as much as a chuckle!” Prima Dona demanded. “It seems as if my power of dark-and-psychic teleportation has interfered with the likes of commingling,” explained Madrid. “Huh?” Asked Barry. “Say again?” Madrid met his gaze. “When Prima Dona was summoning Ultramaur, I caught a glimpse of the eyes of the very devil itself. I thought if I used some of my powers of sorcery on the supernova star, it would help destroy the very star forever. But I guess I accidently teleported us all instead of just the star. it shone intense light, and it spread my power with the rest of you all around it.” “You tried to teleport it?” Kaira looked at her with a wince. “What’s the point of that? wasn’t it just going to get destroyed anyway once Ultramaur entered through the gap?” “Not exactly,” said Madrid. “I was afraid it would destroy Ultramaur instead, so I wanted to send it back to outer space, where it would eventually die off and disappear like the rest of the star fragments had done. But when I used the psychics of teleporting it away, the light burst and overcame all that was around it, teleporting anything close to its surroundings to where….I was planning to teleport it.” Paul grunted. “So where are we exactly?” “Are we on the next planet or something?” Asked Barry. Lucas gasped. “Wait… does that mean Ultramaur has been released into the world without our presence there to control it?” He couldn’t imagine letting lose the most powerful devil pokemon onto that planet without their aid, or even Prima Dona’s. “No, fool!” Prima Dona yelled, giving her wings an angry flap. “Madrid’s foolish powers caused Ultramaur to whip itself back into the gap! Idiot, you!” She was screaming at Madrid, arching her neck up at the psychic. “Because of what you made that star do, it has burst itself right when Ultramaur was ready to peak its nose into the world, and the light from that star caused Ultramaur to retaliate and send a darkness over us all as we teleported! We’ve wound up in the dimension of NOTHING! We are literally in a state of no space and time!” Barry winced. “Um… mean like the distortion world?” “Arkkk!” Prima Dona squawked. “Whatever you’d like to call it, we have been whipped away to NOTHINGNESS! This truly is the dimension of nothing, where no time or space controls! Just look at this place!” Everyone just looked at Prima Dona like she was crazy. But Madrid was nodding. “She’s right, believe it or not.” “What?!” Barry and Dawn both gasped with shock. “We’re in the distortion world?!” Dawn looked pale. Madrid crossed her arms. “I guess Ultramaur got scared of the bursting star and used an attack that would send us to the Black Hole, though luckily, my teleporting process caused us to make a turn in that direction, and instead, led us behind the Black Hole, on another dimension around it. And the dimensions behind the Black Hole of nothingness, is the mere dimension of no space and time. For the Black Hole is controlled by absolutely no influences from your world, or any other dimensions, the world behind it is just a mere dimension of nothing—no time and no space.” Lucas turned to meet Dawn and Barry’s gazes. He let out a low cry to them, knowing that the three of them had already been here once before. “So this really is the distortion world,” breathed Barry, looking around. Kaira looked at him. “You’ve been here before?” “I don’t know! This doesn’t look too familiar….wasn’t the distortion world full of floating rocks and stuff?” “Keep in mind that there’s nothing to control this place,” said Madrid. “Over time, things change. But here, since there’s no time whatsoever, nothing can possibly change. This place will be the same as it was, no matter what you do to it. Watch.” Madrid picked up a rock and threw it up in the air. It froze when it was about six feet above the ground, with no space to hold it correctly in place, and then it disappeared. It was laying back where it had been sitting before she had touched it. No time had passed since it had been picked up. Paul winced. “Hm….I’ve never really understood this particular place. But I know one thing—the pokemon Giratina lives here. And I guess it must have been able to control the action that goes on around this dimension, doesn’t it?” “No, dammit!” Squawked Prima Dona. “Nothing can control a place where no time and space alters, unless they are time and space themselves!” Lucas turned to look ahead of him, remembering well. “Dialga and Palkia….” Prima Dona cast him a furious glare. She could understand his language perfectly well now. “Well, we know what to do,” said Kaira, blinking her eyes with a strong look. “Hehe, no not really…..” said Barry quietly. “Well, we must find Ultramaur,” said Kaira. “Madrid, you said that the supernova star that contained Dalyah’s light exploded?” Madrid nodded. Her calm expression and her glinting green eyes were still the same. “The power of darkness was overpowering it, so it exploded, but before it was completely gone, it managed to strike Ultramaur so that the pokemon got badly attacked and retaliated with a power that sent us all behind the Black Hole’s dimension. Fortunately, Ultramaur was teleported as well, and it must be somewhere in this dimension. If we can find it, we can teleport ourselves out of here and do whatever we plan to do with it.” “What about Dalyah?” Dawn asked. “What can we do without the star?” “We have you,” said Kaira, looking intently at Dawn. “And we also have the power of my inner aura of Dovanna. If we can find Ultramaur and bring forth Dalyah, then we can recreate Gaiyah as soon as we can.” “And can we do it in this very dimension?” Barry asked. Kaira shrugged. “Perhaps….we’ll have to see if we can.” “Argh!” Prima Dona started flapping her wings. “I’ll tell you what we’re going to do! NO ONE’S getting their hands on my Ultramaur! Only I can control what happens to my own creator next! I won’t let anyone--” “What can YOU do?” Paul said challengingly. “You’re just a cranky old crow now. You can’t defeat us.” Prima Dona spat an angry blob of spit, this time, barely missing the corner of his eye. “I have my pokemon! They are here somewhere—I left them with the devil messengers to take care of Ultramaur! And when I meet with them, I swear--” “I bet your pokemon would laugh to want to obey your commands now,” said Lucas, sideways smiling. “WHAT--” Prima Dona whipped around to glare at Lucas. “Oh, I’m going to kill the likes of…” she suddenly flapped her wings and used a powerful Sky Attack towards Lucas. “Wahhh!” Lucas dodged the powerful attack. That could’ve done a lot of damage to him especially. He faced up at her with a challenging look, burning with envy. “No!” Dawn cried. “You mustn’t fight! We have to get out of here now!” “We’ll have to find Ultramaur,” said Kaira in a low voice. “And in a place like this, it will probably be difficult.” Prima Dona boosted up a powerful Tailwind that almost tipped everybody over from behind. “I’ll tell you what we’re going to do! First, I’m going to kill this bratty little impudent--” she struck a another Sky Attack towards Lucas, almost getting him this time, “—then I’m going to kill the rest of you! no one messes with my creator pokemon!” Suddenly, a powerful flash of flames shot at Prima Dona, making her scream and fall to the ground, nearly colliding with Madrid. But the flames hadn’t come from Lucas. A caterwauling cry echoed from behind like a call in a cave. Lucas turned to see a family of a Gallade, a Gardevoir, a Ralts, and hovering above them, was the glowing shape of Chibu. In front of them ran a familiar Monferno whom Lucas recognized immediately. “Ch-Chimchar?!” He couldn’t believe his eyes. The Monferno stopped running and frowned at him. “What?! Hellooooo? What does it look like I am?” Monferno blasted a Mach Punch at the ground, breaking a rock in two, though a second after, the rock immediately reformed again. “Oh, my gosh, you evolved!” Lucas brightened with happiness. “I’m so proud of you!” “Chibu!” Cried Kaira happily as the little pokemon hovered around her, squealing happily. Baby Dovanna was tweeting and chasing after it with a playful glint. “Hey, is that—Chimchar?!” Kaira was gazing at the Monferno with awe. “Ah, shut up!” Prima Dona shook herself and spit. “This isn’t the time to celebrate anything! I’m going to find my pokemon, and then destroy you all! If I’m not capable of my powers now, then Ultramaur will surely help me! And THEN you’ll all be sorry!” with that, Prima Dona spit again and took off into the sky, flying away into the black, dark distance. “Hey! wait!” Called Barry, frowning. “Lucas!” Monferno leaped to his side. “You won’t believe what I’ve been through! as soon as I found Gardevoir and her family, they were nourishing her, and together, we took revenge for the destruction of our home! Chibu helped guide us, and together, with the work of the angel messenger and the psychics, we vanquished all of Team Solar! You won’t be hearing from them for a while.” Lucas gasped. “Team Solar? What did you do to them?” “Well, first we confronted Dionza near the strange shadowlands of the Askip. Chibu destroyed her with the simple power of angelic light, and without her, Team Solar would eventually grow weaker without such a strong leader. And once we take care of everything else in the prophecy, they are all pretty much good as done!” “Oh, Monferno!” Dawn hirried over with a delightful look. “And the psychic family? Oh my gosh, what happened to you all?” “Guys,” Madrid was looking up at the sky with a narrowed gaze. “We can discuss everything while we chase after that nasty bird. Prima Dona still needs to be watched over whether she is human or pokemon.” Prima Dona immediately took off in the air, flying away up into the darkness. Paul kept up with the others as they all hurried after Prima Dona. Luckily, the distortion world contained no time or space so they were able to keep up with the same speed, no matter how hard they tried to run. “This is a continuous flow!” Kaira cried, noticing that they passed by the same area of rocks over and over again. “Just pay attention to the surroundings! Even though we run perfectly straight, we wind up in the same exact area as a few seconds ago!”“Wait….” Madrid stopped and everyone turned to face her. “I think certain gaps and formations in some of these rocks can actually lead somewhere. Someone try stepping around this rock right here.” Madrid pointed to a boulder nearby that seemed to have a glittering sparkle on the other side. When Paul tried to peer around the rock and get a better look at the sparkles on the other side, the sparkles seemed to crawl away and he still kept his vision the same on the rock, no matter how he tried to get around the boulder. He winced. “I’ll try, but if I disappear or if anything bad happens to me, someone better come in after me.”Dawn laughed. “Well, you know it won’t be me,” she was looking at him with a mischievous glint.Paul gave her a slight smile. He turned and stepped passed the rock, walking on until a strange gap seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, leading on and blending with the rest of the surroundings like it had always been there before. Paul turned and looked back with a raised look.Barry crossed his arms. “Hah! I have no idea how that just happened, but okay! Look for sparkling pretty rocks,” he winked at Kaira. Suddenly, Prima Dona swooped over them and let out a piercing screech, nearly missing a fierce grab at Barry’s hair as he ducked and avoided her grab. “Fools! You still won’t stop me yet!” She hurried on past Paul and squawked in the distance. “Quick!” Madrid’s smooth voice was urgent. “After her!” And they all took off running. Paul found it strange to be having this psychic lady on their side all of a sudden—or was she even on their side? She was confusing, and he still didn’t trust her whether she was a help to them or not.“Hey, I don’t trust having Madrid on our side like this,” he muttered to Dawn as they ran on. “I mean, who’s side is she really on? Just moments ago, she was trying to destroy the supernova star from any easy connection with Dalyah. Now, she’s running with us to stop Prima Dona with whatever she plans to do when she finds Ultramaur.”Dawn shook her head. “It’s confusing. But all the same, we need to make sure we find Ultramaur before Prima Dona does—especially you.” She looked at him with determination. “You are the prophesized bringer of the devil pokemon, and we need you to take a big part in this.”Paul nodded and cast a glance to where Lucas was running with the Gardevoir family and the newly evolved Monferno. “And Lucas must take his part when the both of us have brought the angel and devil pokemon together.”Suddenly, there was a crash in the sky and Paul and Dawn stopped in their tracks. Ahead of them, everyone else was by Madrid’s side as they all stared up at Prima Dona, who had crashed into a rock that hovered in the air. Dawn looked around with awe. “Floating rocks…..I remember this very part of the distortion world!”Everywhere around them, rocks were floating most of them were about a meter or longer from each other, all in different shapes and sizes. They were barely shaking, for the space and time weren’t holding them correctly. Prima Dona was cursing and shrieking at her clumsy collision with the rock. “Blah! Damn this world! If I had the powers to destroy this place--”“Look!” Kaira pointed to the horizon. “Something’s coming…..”A dark figure of a pokemon was flying its way down towards them. A loud piercing screech sliced through the air. As soon as the ominous form came into view, Paul realized it was an Archeops, the colorful silly-looking, but terribly strong pokemon bird. It stretched out its claws to grip around Prima Dona’s smaller shape of a bird, but Prima Dona immediately struck back with a single swipe of both her talons. The Archeops twisted its body in the air and fell to the ground, crying in pain. “Now that’s what you get, my unreliable Arceops!” Spat Prima Dona. It was her own pokemon that was her own Archeops. “Now by the powers of Ultramaur, I command you to--”And suddenly, out of nowhere, a purple flash crashed into Prima Dona and pinned her to the ground, cutting off her rapid scream.Kaira and Barry watched her with curiosity. “Hey!” Barry cried. “It’s Ghastleon!”Lucas watched with humor as Prima Dona flung off her own pokemon, sputtering in anger and confusion. “Fool! I’m going to kill you all!”Ghastleon hissed with frenzy and got up to its feet, shaking itself. Archeops let out a high-pitched growl, widening its eyes at Prima Dona in confusion. “What in the world?! Prima Dona?!”“Yes, it’s me, you stupid useless fool!” Spat Prima Dona. “I can prove it to you! I’m off to find Ultramaur and ask for its gift of darkness to revive me!”Kaira, Barry, Dawn, Paul, and Madrid were looking at her like she was crazy. Kaira stepped forward, narrowing her eyes down at Prima Dona. “So, you speak to your own pokemon now? What do they have to say for themselves? Are they sorry for ever serving you?”“Oh, I speak to them all right!” Prima Dona huffed. “Only difference now, is that they talk back! The hell with you little--”“Excuse me?” The Archeops stepped forward, growling at Prima Dona with its gruff voice. “I’ve seen the very pokemon Ultramaur for itself! If you want me to show you the way, you got to--”“Show me now!” Prima Dona started flapping and rising to the sky, glaring down at Archeops like a punkish little bird. “Or I’ll rip the feathers off your filthy neck!”Archeops growled and looked over to Lucas. “You have a bone to pick with Ultramaur yourself?”Lucas crossed his arms. “Well, if you all want to get out of this distortion world, the only way is to let us deal with it. Madrid’s powers are useless when there’s no space and time, just like Prima Dona’s.” He narrowed his eyes at the Unfezant.Madrid stepped forward. “Do your pokemon know the way to Ultramaur? I thought you said they were all sent to the Black Hole to await your upbringing of Ultramaur.”Prima Dona hissed at the psychic’s face and turned to Archeops. Archeops’s stern gaze was focused on her. “Ghastleon and I came back to retrieve the devil Chiba. Ultramaur needed one more messenger to totally prepare for Prima Dona’s summoning, so while we were going back to the Crest Peak to catch devil Chiba, we got caught up in your stupid teleporting.”“It wasn’t MY teleporting!” Snapped Prima Dona, looking ready to peck the eyes out of Archeops. “It’s that blasted psychic! Curse her! I will never trust you again, Madrid!”Madrid mumbled something under her breath and kept her expression glinting and narrowed.Dawn and Paul stepped forward. “Well,” Dawn was speaking, “just like Madrid said, there’s no real power of sorcery and psychics to use here. There’s no space for such power, and the only way we can get out of here is if we find a way to deal with Ultramaur—in this very world.”Kaira nodded. The three angel messengers were hovered around her, and Chibu was right over her head. “Prima Dona, just stick with us for now. If you really want to get out of here and use your powers again, then you should cooperate.”“Fine, my LOVE!” Prima Dona spat back sarcastically. “This fool of an Archeops says he knows the way to Ultramaur! Show us now, fool! Or else we’re all doomed to everlasting lives of shit!”Archeops rolled his eyes and flew up into the sky. “Very well! Follow me…” Lucas watched as he started flapping to the north, or whatever direction it was that was ahead of them. He looked back at Ghastleon, who was crouching behind him with its gaze focused on Prima Dona. It snarled as Prima Dona turned to give it a haughty smile. “Why, Ghastleon, my love! Why so quiet? I’ve always expected you to be annoyingly talkative if I got to know your language.”Ghastleon hissed back at her and Prima Dona just narrowed her eyes. “Fine then!” She turned and flew after Archeops, muttering curses under her breath about how bitchy her other pokemon were going to be.Lucas turned to face Ghastleon. “What’s that all about?”Ghastleon walked passed him, frowning. “I ain’t talkin’ to that pile of feathers! Embarrassing to be speaking to your own trainer when they have absolutely no more power over you….”Lucas watched him follow after Prima Dona and Arcehops, and then turned to the family of psychics. “You guys alright?”“Oh yes,” Gardevoir breathed. “This place has no time whatsoever…… really reminds us of our garden.”Gallade and Ralts nodded with solemn looks on their faces. Monferno stood next to Kaira and Barry, who were walking along after the Prima Dona and her pokemon. “Man, I would sure hate to meet Giratina right now,” said Barry. “That’s a pokemon that DOES have power here in the world of no time and space. Wonder what would happen if Giratina interfered with the formation of Gaiyah?”Lucas saw that Kaira’s face was a determined, but dazed as she looked on forwards, her green eyes seeming to look richer and stronger. Her expression seemed to look less frail, and Lucas could see the obvious glow within her. She was full of love and strength, and if she had to become Dovanna at any point soon, she would probably be perfectly ready. 61. DARKNESS THROUGH DARKNESS As Kaira and the others pressed on, the tension around them seemed to be burning up with a stronger intensity, even though there had had absolutely no space or time in the atmosphere. To her side, Barry held her hand with a strong, but slightly nervous expression that he tried to hide. Hovering over her head, were the three messengers, Chibu, Chiba, and Chibo. Baby Dovanna was also perched atop her shoulder.Just to her left side, Madrid kept up with the same determined look as she glared up at Prima Dona and Archeops in the sky. Ghastleon padded up ahead, right below the two birds. Behind them, Dawn and Paul were side by side, with Lucas on Dawn’s other side, chattering with Monferno and the family of psychics. As Kaira looked on at the sky where Prima Dona and her Archeops flew, she couldn’t help chuckling at the constant blabbering and arguing the two pokemon seemed to be spatting at each other. She turned to Barry with a playful smile. “If Prima Dona were a permanent pokemon, she would make the perfect spouse for that Archeops.”Barry widened his eyes and laughed. “You think?” “Prima Dona wouldn’t be a perfect spouse for anyone,” hissed Madrid, glinting her eyes at them. Kaira looked up at the psychic. “Hey, I have a question. Are you on our side, or what? What do YOU plan on really doing? Are you willing to have Ultramaur become one as Gaiyah again?” Madrid looked at both Kaira and Barry carefully. The angel messengers and baby Dovanna were listening with intent. “Well, the only way I can escape this unaltered hole of no space or time, then yes. I am willing to risk the possibilities of ending all of Ultramaur’s darkness in the world and restore the rightful pokemon Gaiyah. There really is no other way to deal with this. Prima Dona knows it herself as well.” “Without Ultramaur…..” said Barry, his eyes going into a daze. “…Prima Dona may never be the same again.” Paul gave Barry a sharp look. “I’m sure Prima Dona will stay the same whether she’s got powers or not. Nothing can change the inner soul of that witch.” “I know that!” Barry huffed. “I meant…..she won’t have complete power over the dark spirits of this world anymore. She’s just going to be a cranky old lady roaming the world with dreams of someday taking over the way she wants to.” “It’s the dreams that count though,” Kaira was saying. “Remember that the dreams in the other dimension can come alive if they are filled with enough belief of the spiritual mind. In our own world on earth, you met people in their dreams,” Kaira was looking at both Dawn and Lucas, and even Paul. “Their minds have been altered to look through the portals of their world, and peek into the other dimension for temporarily. When they awaken, their minds are completely back into their own world, and therefore, escaping the fifth dimension until they sleep and find their way into that world again.” Madrid murmured under her breath. “That may be true….but that doesn’t go for the same as dreams in here. If one is already in this dimension, then they couldn’t dream their way into wherever they want into this dimension. Their dream…….is controlled by the works of the Spirit Garden.” She cast a glance at Barry, knowing he had visited there once before. “The Spirit Garden is where all the memories of the ones in the other world go to, as well as the memories in Gaiyah’s very dimension. Prima Dona’s hopes and dreams can become strong enough as to come alive there, but they will never escape and find their way into the real world like the other memories and beliefs will, since she is in this very dimension herself.” “Right,” Kaira was nodding, eying Prima Dona pecking at Archeops in the distance. Ghastleon seemed to have broken his promise of never speaking to Prima Dona, for he seemed to be snarling something up at the both of them. “The only way Prima Dona can have control of her own dreams… if she finds her way into our world after Ultramaur is gone.” Barry gasped. “That will never happen! If there’s no Ultramaur, the portals to our own world will be closed correctly again by Gaiyah! She’ll never have a chance….” “But wait….” Dawn was speaking with calm. “I can dream myself into wherever I want.” She and Paul both met each other’s gazes for a moment and then she looked back at Kaira. “I can go into the condition in which my mind is altered into a dream, peeking into wherever I want in this world. I can literally dream my way into anything happening right now at the present.” “I think that’s just what you were blessed with when you came into this dimension,” said Paul. Chibu was nodding. It’s voice echoed in Kaira’s head. “Her light shines through the portals and therefore, she can find her way into any place she wants to, with the enhancement of her dreams. This, you can use during the summoning of Ultramaur.” Kaira was listening carefully, and her eyes were going into a clouded, focused expression. Suddenly, a roar was heard all around the area. Everyone stopped and looked around. The floating rocks had become more spread apart, and the noise of the roar seemed to echo all around like they were inside a cave, for the special parts of this region was not even determined by space itself. The roar sounded very faint, though at the same time, it sounded like it was very near…. “Ultramaur,” Madrid muttered with disgust. She turned to the family of psychics that Lucas and Chimchar walked with. They were all closing their eyes, almost looking as if they were trying to meditate in this strange place. Lucas was looking at Kaira with hope in his eyes, making little noises. Kaira understood the Infernape, and so did Chibu. “Oh….” Kaira spoke in her thoughts. “He says it’s the very soul of a pokemon nearby. We must be close to Ultramaur….” Chibu looked up at the sky. “Chi!” It called a stop to Prima Dona and Archeops. Both the pokemon turned around. “Agh! What is it now?! where is Ultramaur?!” Prima Dona huffed. Paul suddenly stepped forward, his eyes unblinking with awe, and his head held high. “The force of darkness……it’s still powerful enough to be felt in this very dimension. “ And suddenly, the ground around them started to shake with tremendous power that everyone yelled with surprise and fell over. “Ahh! What’s going on?!” Barry was looking at Kaira with alarm. Kaira gasped. “No…..this can’t be happening. The movement of the surface…it can only be controlled by space and time. And no pokemon can do that except--” At the very center where everyone had fallen, right in front of Paul himself, the ground split and a deep, darkly black spot shone from the crack in the ground. A gaseous gap of dark black clouds suddenly lifted from the cracks and hovered right above the crack, in front of Paul. Paul was staring at the gap like it was enhancing him to a trance, ready to swallow up his soul. “Whoa…..” Barry was staring in awe. Kaira felt him grab her hand and hold it tightly. In the midst of everything going on, she felt a spark of happiness and relief to have Barry by her side like this. But the dark gap was overpowering. Kaira could feel it hurting her. “Ugh…’s aching….” Kaira muttered, clenching her teeth. Barry turned to her with a widened look. “What? Are you okay?” “The darkness……that’s not even Ultramaur….” She was heaving. “Not Ultramaur…?” Barry turned with confusion as Dawn started backing away, seeming to glow with a powerful bright light. “Paul!” She screamed. “Get away from there…’s going to take over even YOU!” But Paul was rising up to his feet, and focusing on the dark swirling gap. It looked like the dark shadow Prima Dona summoned in the sky, though this time it was up close. Ghastleon was hissing by Lucas’s side, and Prima Dona and Archeops hovered a little lower above the two, eying the gap intently. Prima Dona was uttering something as she stared meticulously at the expanding gap. Suddenly, bright colors had started to circle the gap. Pretty soon, the colors sharnk, and Kaira widened her eyes with shock as she realized they were the three devil messengers—Chibu, Chiba, and Chibo. They all hovered at the top, staring over in Kaira’s direction with snickering smiles. Kaira rose and took a step back. Barry kept to her side. “No…..what do THEY want now?” He gasped. “Chi!” Chiba was shaking with agitation and fear. “Kaira,” Chibu spoke in her mind, “I must go. These devils are ready to control the powers of their own devil pokemon itself, and it’s too overpowering for us. We must leave.” “Where will you be going?!” Kaira was speaking aloud. “We must summon Dalyah right now! then you can fight back these demons!” “It’s too powerful!” Chibu;s voice was screaming in her head, and the little pokemon was squeezing its eyes shut and backing away. “I’m sorry……we’ll do the best we can!” And the three fled off, dashing higher into the strange darkening sky. the devil messengers all cried out in a creepy, high-pitched squeal, and followed the pokemon up in the sky. Barry watched them go. “No……Kaira! Is it really that bad? Can’t you transform into Dovanna now and summon Dalyah out of Dawn’s light?” Kaira suddenly felt a jab in her heart and the dark gap suddenly let out a mysterious growl. She fell to her knees and looked up at the gap with narrowed eyes. “It’s coming…..” And Prima Dona was cackling with intent, her voice getting louder. “Aha….AHAHAHA! COME FORTH, MY DARLINGS!” Madrid was staring at the Unfezant with concerned, alarmed eyes. The gap suddenly grew a strange stretchy shape above, and out of the dark shape, the pokemon of Prima Dona arose. Lapras, her shiny Milotic, Spiritomb, and Mismagius, all looking hard and serious. They hovered to the ground just a few feet from Prima Dona, Ghastleon, Archeops, and Lucas, and just a look at their eyes, Kaira could see that they had achieved something deadly and anonymous, and have been transformed into much more dangerous, uncontrolled souls themselves. “Those pokemon are filled with darkness,” she said, looking up at Barry. “Ultramaur has given them the real power to withhold the spirit of the devil. They have achieved a power that will allow them to control the good spirits over any pokemon—and the only way to stop them is to use the light of Dalyah itself!” “That’s exactly what Prima Dona will want!” Gasped Dawn. And the dark gap suddenly faded away, revealing a large, gigantic shape of a ghostly, fearsome pokemon. It was the ugliest Kaira had ever seen. The pokemon was about twenty feet long and twenty feet high, and had a menacing, grossly face that glared with anger and power. It had extending wings to its sides—though they didn’t look like wings at all. There were arching craws lined up on the wings, as well as a flowing paper-thin veil that aligned the claws behind the wings. “Hey!” Barry flinched and took a step back. “That is NOT Ultramaur!” And Kaira noticed the looks on Dawn and Lucas’s faces. They recognized this pokemon before. This was not the devil pokemon Ultramaur, but the fifth-dimension form of Giratina, the renegade pokemon of the distortion world. Kaira had almost feared it to be the very devil itself. Prima Dona was looking at the large pokemon with disgust. “HEY! WHAT’S GOING ON?! THIS ISN’T THE DEVIL! WHERE’S MY ULTRAMAUR?!” But suddenly, the Giratina threw back its head and let out an anguished cry. Kaira gasped. The pokemon was in pain. she could tell my the wounds over its ugly features that it had been fighting fiercely, and whoever had given this pokemon the battle must have been as deadly as Giratina itself—if not worse. Paul was glaring up at Giratina. “No! this is not Ultramaur! But we are yet, still close enough!” And Paul suddenly closed his eyes and spread his arms out. Giratina roared in pain and looked ready to fall back and explode, but suddenly, dark shadows swirled around it from behind, holding it up and making it cry with more distress. The dark shadows suddenly blended in, and hovering above Giratina, was a dark, wide shape of what looked like a giant bat, or a monstrous dragon. Kaira felt her heart ache with such darkness at the sight of the pokemon hurting Giratina. It had a wingspan that was as long as Giratina’s body itself, so that it covered the already black sky with an overbearing darkness of shadows. It’s face was long and pointy, with a growling snout that showed tiny but powerful scissor sharp fangs. Below its forehead were two slits that looked like they had been carved with a dagger. They didn’t look like eyes at all, for they were red, glittering shapes of slits that looked like they had been cut and were bleeding. But the pokemon’s eyes were deadly enough. This was the pokemon Ultramaur, and Kaira couldn’t even deny it. The monstrous devil pokemon hovered higher and opened its mouth wide to let out a loud, howling call, revealing the ugly pattern of deadly sharp teeth in the back of its mouth, and then gave one huge flap of its dark, gigantic wings. Giratina was caught in the vortex of its wings, and the pokemon gave out one more terrible roar, and disappeared back into the crack of the ground in front of Paul, never revealing itself again. Kaira and everyone around the devil pokemon stared up at Ultramaur with awe. Prima Dona looked the most excited at the sight of Ultramaur itself. Her eyes looked ready to pop out, and her feathers were shivering with nervous excitement. Ultramaur glared down at Kaira, who was the first sight that was facing it. “You…..” the pokemon was speaking to her in the most ugliest, deepest voice that Kaira almost didn’t recognize it as a real voice. Kaira gasped and felt her heart race. Barry looked up at the pokemon. “You speak?” “Grr……….” Ultramaur was staring down at Kaira with its red slits growing narrowed and sharper. The pokemon was hovering closer to her, casting a shadow over the land. “I’ve been waiting a long time for you to come back…….” It’s voice was like the devil itself—deep, monstrous, and a mix of what sounded like a voice and a growl. Kaira felt ready to be swallowed up by this darkness in no time. “Waiting for me…..?” Kaira managed to say. She tried to stand still in her spot. “I knew you were still alive……” Growled Ultramaur angrily. “I knew the idea of getting rid of you would fail. You were still alive…….whether you were in the form of Dovanna or not.” “Oh! Ultramaur! I can explain that!” Prima Dona suddenly piped above, fluttering her wings and gleaming up at the pokemon. “I banished her, remember? I sent her soul to waste, and she became weak and powerless as a mere human in the other world!” Ultramaur let out a deep growl that made the world shake. “That act was a fail!” He roared, giving a flap of his monstrous wings that sent the sky in a swirl. “Dovanna was still alive—and she still had a chance!” “That’s right,” Dawn was speaking defiantly as she looked up at the devil pokemon, holding her hands to her heart. “Kaira found a way to love—a power that not even you would ever destroy.” “SILENCE!” Ultramaur’s voice howled over the area like the call of the grim reaper. “The power of love has brought you back—and this time, I will destroy you myself—forever. This is the place where no time and space alters, and because I have defeated that fool of a weakling, Giratina, I can have my complete control over the alter of spirits traveling through a dimension where no space or time is present. The darkness is powerful here, and more populous.” Ultramaur swiveled what looked like a long, arching tail from behind, pointing towards Prima Dona’s pokemon that stood with the same look in their eyes. “There’s more on the dark side than you can bear, and we will all defeat you, and that angelic little Dalyah that you’ve been dreaming of.” Prima Dona shot to the sky to reach the side of Ultramaur’s head, and Archeops flew to join the rest of her pokemon. Ghastleon dashed over with the others as well. Prima Dona was cackling with satisfaction. “Well, Kaira! You had your chance! And you got it! too bad it’s going to be taken away from you a second—no third!—time!” she cast a menacing bird-eyed look at Barry. “And we can all thank YOU for ever letting it happen in the first place!” “Noooo!” Barry yelled as Ultramaur sent a shot of darkness towards Kaira. Kaira gasped and dashed away, barely missing the collision that exploded on the ground behind her. “Kaira!” Screamed Dawn. Lucas and Monferno were crying helplessly for her. Kaira looked up, realizing she was right to the side of where Gardevoir’s family seemed to be in a strange sleeping condition. But she could feel a strange energy pulse through them. these pokemon had been under control of never going on with time before, and now that they were here, something anonymous and important must have been going through with them. But Kaira had no time to focus on them now. Kaira turned, facing the incoming pokemon that looked like a black jet coming towards her. Prima Dona kept up by its side, grinning with evil as she focused on Kaira with hungry power. Kaira closed her eyes, and braced herself. “Chibu……Dalyah……the power of love…..” she murmured both in her head and under her breath. “Come forth….bring the light within me….” And a bright light shone in front of Ultramaur, making the pokemon howl with surprise and pain. Prima Dona had let out an irritated cry and fell to the ground on her chin. Everyone turned to see the blindingly beautiful sight that had stopped the devil pokemon in its tracks. The glowing image of Dovanna was hovering over the devil pokemon, with a defiant, revived look in its hazel green eyes. 62. THE SPIRIT OF TREES AND WATER Barry stared up in awe at the beautiful sight that conquered over the dark and ugliness of Ultramaur. Kaira was a Dovanna. She was a mere, powerful legendary hovering before his eyes. And her image looked exactly that of the baby Dovanna, though except she was much more magnificent, with a height of over fifteen feet, and a wingspan that was probably as much as Ultramaur itself. She was majestic and beautiful. Her face was that of a dove, though her eyes were still the same, familiar green gaze that he had gotten so used to. And her feathers revealed a pure white brightness that glowed and lighted up the area, blinding the darkness of Ultramaur itself. But besides the devil pokemon, Barry himself felt a little affected by such beauty. She was stunning, and so full of vibrant love thriving in her, that Barry felt a little scared. He also felt ashamed as well. To think he had ever done anything to have destroyed the love from this very pokemon……it made him feel weak and unwanted. “URGH…..” Ultramaur was struggling to hover off the ground. Prima Dona flapped and whipped around to face Kaira as Dovanna herself. “Fool! what do you think you’re doing?! You think you can defeat us just like that?! hah! We’ll defeat you with an even more humiliating strategy than before! And this time, Ultramaur will be in it. not just me!” Dovanna was narrowing her eyes. “You’ve had your life captured in darkness that was impossible to escape.” Her voice was still the same, though it seemed to cast a more vibrant, powerful echo that whirred around them. Barry almost felt lost with astonishment. “Unfortunately, that would lead to your end. Evil may satisfy you, but it will eventually betray you in the end. You will die from your darkness, Prima Dona, just as you have been born from it.” And with that, Dovanna rose higher and let out a powerful beat of its wings, casting a powdery sparkle of what looked like glittering snowflakes over Ultramaur and the small bird of Prima Dona. “Arkk!” Prima Dona squawked and tried to maneuver behind Ultramaur, but the devil pokemon threw her off and whacked her with his tail in irritation. He beat back the glow of light with his own powerful bat-like wings, and let out a roar of defiance, throwing up a dark shadow from its throat towards Dovanna. Behind him, Prima Dona’s Milotic had slithered at the base of where Ultramaur was hovering, ready to cast a defense for Dovanna’s next attack. “That’s not fair….” Muttered Madrid, who was standing with Lucas and Monferno at her heels. Barry cast a glance at her, and watched as she looked around with secretive eyes. she bent over to whisper something into Lucas’s ears. The Infernape raised its eyebrows, and uttered a cry, suddenly running around the psychic and disappearing behind a strangely glittering rock. Monferno curiously followed after him. Barry winced, and watched as Madrid watched them go. The look on her face was still unreadable, and her eyes were just their normal narrowed glint with no expression. She turned back to watch the fight with her arms crossed, seeming to not care about who would win. Barry glared at her in disgust. Double-agents. They were no help, whether they served each side or not. “Dawn…..” Paul was making his way to Dawn’s side just a distance from Barry. “Can you read Dalyah anywhere? Dovanna needs help…” “I’m trying to, Paul,” replied Dawn, squeezing her eyes shut and kneeling to the ground. “I….I can’t find the light of the supernova star.” “Perhaps now that Dovanna’s here, and Kaira become her true self now, you can probably find it easier,” Paul was speaking with intent. “Look into yourself…..find that light. Use it to call the pokemon Dalyah….and guide it to come here. this may be a dimension of no time or space….but with your light, you can break through any portals and help guide Dalyah to even a place like this.” “I’m trying….” Barry could see Dawn was trying hard. He looked up and saw Dovanna and Ultramaur fiercely battling, along with Prima Dona and her pokemon trying to aid the devil by its side. He narrowed his eyes and looked to the ground, feeling strangely sorry for himself. He regretted it so badly to have ever taken the love from Kaira like this……and now he had no purpose to save her. he was the unwanted being, and even though he had escaped that, he doubted that the world even forgave him, or that he even had a significance still. He turned to the boulder where Lucas and Monferno disappeared into. Looking at Madrid one last time, he crept towards the boulder and disappeared behind it. Barry found that the area beyond this rock was not much different from the place he had just been in. but it was like closing a door to the next room. Barry could no longer hear the battle, nor could he see it as he looked back. He was already in another part of the dimension, where there was absolutely no space or time. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of a fiery flash in the distance. He made his way passed the floating rocks around him, and then found that Lucas and Monferno were dancing around the family of Gardevoir, where Gardevoir, Gallade, and Ralts were hovering above the ground, in a sitting position with their eyes closed and arms all holding each other in a vertical line. Barry raised his eyes with curiosity. They were meditating. And around them, Lucas and Monferno were dancing like Indians around a fire, though this scene looked as if the fire were dancing around the Indians. Lucas and Monferno were both brightened with flames as they circled around the family, murmuring strange noises that sounded like a funny monkey song. Their low uttering cries mized in with the murmur that came from the psychic family themselves. Barry almost laughed. He wanted to step in and say, “Hey, Lucas! This is an entertaining circus show, but shouldn’t you be on the other side of this place, helping Dawn bring forth Dalyah and commingle it with Ultramaur?” But he was too focused on the scene in front of him. he wasn’t aware of the strange dark figure suddenly approaching him from behind. A warm hand touched his shoulder and he flinched, turning with surprise and gazing up at the pale face behind him. “Madrid!” He hissed. “Shh,” the psychic put her finger to her small, bright red lips. “Don’t disturb them,” she looked up at the family that the two fire types were circling. Her green eyes glittered. “They’re performing what’s called psi-summoning.” “Psi-summoning?” “They’re making a call……a call to a seemingly distant world, trying to bring forth something that can probably help us. Just watch.” Barry turned to the scene. Lucas seemed to be doing more than just putting on a show. As the two fire types circled around the meditating family, their fiery glow started to mix with the purple light that had formed from the center of them all. Suddenly, a strange pink-purple gap started to form over the heads of Gardevoir’s family, forming a spiraling purple gap. And from the swirling gap in the air, the form of a lady came forth. The lady was a mere dazzling sight, glowing with the features of a goddess. Her sight portrayed a bright glow of blue and green. Her hair was a blue-greenish wavy flow that would’ve reached the ground behind her heels if it weren’t flowing behind her from the breeze in the gap. Her face was pale and bright, with calm bright eyes, one blue and one green. Her lips were an olive green color though, and her fingernails a pattern of light green and dark green. She wore a gown that was patterned with an aquatic blue and a pale forest green, with a thin veil wrapped around her slim waist. Her feet were bare with toenails patterned with the same green color as her fingernails. And her expression was calm and unreadable. As she stepped out of the gap, hovering to the ground in front of the psychic family, Lucas and Monferno stopped their dancing and stood to either side of her, smiling up at her with wonder. The psychic family opened their eyes and stopped humming. They brought themselves to the ground and stood with calm pleasure at the lady in front of them. The lady had noticed Barry and Madrid, who were staring at her with the same raised expression of awe. “Dear souls of earth….” The lady spoke in a smooth, calm voice, looking over Lucas, Monferno, and Barry especially. “You have come forth to fulfill your destiny for the other side of your world, in the fifth dimension itself.” Madrid was giving Barry a gentle push to make his way towards the lady. Madrid slowly stuck by his side as well as the lady spoke. She blinked her eyes at Barry. The right eye was a sky blue and the left was a bright green. His heart thumped. The blue eye reminded him of Dawn’s own eyes, while the green eye reminded him of Kaira’s. this lady seemed to be looking into his soul with eyes that seemed to warm him, unlike the piercing, cold look from Prima Dona when she stared at him. he suddenly felt strange. “You each have a purpose, don’t you?” She murmured. Barry said nothing for a moment, and then sighed. “I….I thought I did. But it’s plainly clear I’m the unwanted one. I’ve made terrible mistakes in the past, mistakes that have made a bigger impact for me and everyone around me more than I know.” “This isn’t all your fault,” spoke the lady. She let her gaze fall into Barry’s. “The works of the devil and angel pokemon aren’t controlled by your world, though the thriving spirits and happenings in their dimension are controlled by your world. And the dimension has called upon the very beings that would have an impact to save the very dimension by their existence on that world. With Paul, he has brought forth the devil Ultramaur. Dawn herself must find a way to conquer the overpowering darkness from the devil and Prima Dona, and summon Dalyah as well, with the aid of Dovanna, who has finally returned. Lucas…..” the lady turned to gaze down at the Infernape to her left. “as the bringer of fire, Lucas must use the fire to burn the hearts within the angel and the devil, to make them become one again and recreate Gaiyah. Therefore, the prophecy will be complete, and the world of the fifth dimension can be restored and free from dark spirits interfering with the spirits born from the aid of your own world.” Madrid let out a hiss. “Your own world….” She was looking at Barry. “Because of your world, and because of all the bad things people do in that dimension, it has stirred the spirits of the fifth dimension to become easily confined to darkness. And with the help of Ultramaur, those dark spirits have gotten stronger, eventually leading to forces as bad as Team Solar.” “I know that,” snapped Barry with irritation. “Don’t remind me….” “Barry, you must look into yourself,” said the lady. “You may have been the unwanted being for the fifth dimension, prophesized to be defeated and punished by the ice in that world, but it has changed. Think of Kaira. Her love freed you from the ice. Her love warmed her heart and powers to free you, and broke through the portals to change the prophecy. Can’t you see how strong love really is? And because you aided her love like that, you really DID serve a purpose. You were the one to have brought Kaira’s love back, so she could be Dovanna again. you’ve fulfilled her destiny, and therefore, you have been freed and given a second chance.” Barry was staring up at the lady with awe. His heart was thumping with emotional feelings. “Who—who are you, anyway?” He breathed. The lady blinked solemnly. “I am Saveila, wife of Zan-Xuin himself.” “Zan-Xuin?!” Barry flinched. He realized Madrid didn’t look surprised at all. He turned ot her with widened eyes. “But—she’s your mother?!” Madrid nodded carefully. “I thought you said she died!” “She did,” muttered Madrid, crossing her arms and eying her mother. Barry turned to Saveila with confusion. Saveila returned his gaze with an unchanging calm. “My spirit has passed on to the next dimension…..and the only reason why I’m here is because I was called to find my way in this very place, by the powers of psi.” She turned with a nod to the Gardevoir family behind her. “Because they’ve had such a strong connection with the absence of time, and have lived their lives without ever moving on or letting time pass, they were able to feel through this place of no time, and use psychic powers that could actually work to communicate with other dimensions. They created a portal through the powers of psi, and I was able to find my way from a dimension where the spirits lie, to this very world here.” “But…..why?” Barry asked. He felt like these psychic pokemon probably had more of a significance than he expected. Saveila looked up. “As the wife of Zan-Xuin, I owned the pokemon Cresselia, while he owned Darkrai. the very place he had used both our pokemon to battle Gaiyah, was the very region known as Zan-Xuin right now. when he died, I was grief-stricken, and I let myself die at the very shore of the beach known as Devine Reef. The waters washed my body away, and my spirit became blessed with the immortal eternity of the next generation, so that my dead spirit had passed on to become a spirit of the waters and the trees. Though you may not see me in my original form as of now, I do come visit over the fifth dimension world in the form of blowing leaves of nature, or being the rapid waves themselves.” “So….you are both the spirit of the plants and water?” “I am of the many spirits that are of trees and water…..though I am the only one to be both. To be both the trees and water….it’s like an inspiring awe of spirit. I have come to see that Gaiyah is returned though, for the pokemon that had killed my husband must not suffer from the damage that has been done to it itself.” Saveila looked at Barry with determination. “While my husband has recklessly battled Gaiyah and caused its splitting, I am here to make sure it is restored and back together, for it has created nothing but a state of peril in the world.” “Mad at daddy, aren’t you?” Madrid murmured, rolling her eyes. Saveila blinked at her daughter. “I am upset, yes, of the foolish thing my husband has done. To battle such a pokemon like that……it has done more than kill him.” Barry felt a strange feeling through the psychic-dark lady and the bright, water-grass spirit in front of him. Lucas suddenly let out a low cry. Saveila looked at him and nodded. “We must help the others. Perhaps….the light I bring from my own dimension may up bring the coming of Dalyah as well.” “Is the dimension you’re from called heaven?” Barry couldn’t help asking with a curious smile on his face. Saveila chuckled. “Where I come from is a place that spirits go to when they pass. You may call it whatever you want.” Suddenly, an echo called in Barry’s head. “Chibo….” He muttered with alarm. He recognized the call of the little pokemon. He looked up at Saveila. “Chibo’s in trouble…..and I know where they could be battling the devil messengers!” “Then we must hurry,” said Saveila. “Dovanna’s power is what’s most needed to summon Dalyah. And we’re going to need all the more light as we can since we are stuck in this dimension of no space and time….” 63. A PORTAL IN NO SPACE Lucas and Monferno turned to the family of Gardevoir. Gardevoir was looking at him with warm, thankful eyes. “It’s time we must leave now,” she said. “You’ve been good to us, both of you,” she nodded to Lucas an Monferno. “Thanks for finding us, and helping us find a way in the world. We will move on and live our lives, and gladly let time give us what’s in store.” Gallade nodded. “We can’t stay alive forever—nothing stays the same forever. We must move on and look forwards with time, and control our lives rightfully. We thank you for having found us, Monferno.” Monferno gasped. “You guys are leaving? But why?” Ralts looked at Monferno with closed but curious eyes. the pokemon seemed like it was going to miss him as well. Gardevoir looked at Monferno. “We must return to our own dimension. With our power of psi, we can take ourselves back, though it won’t necessarily work on the rest of you. we hope to see you again, and that this wouldn’t be our last farewell.” Lucas suddenly raised his eyes. “But…..we might not even see you after this. After the whole battle with Ultramaur and the formation of Gaiyah….we may never return to the fifth dimension.” “Yeah, only in our dreams, though.” Said Monferno. “You sure you don’t wanna stay a little while and watch the awesome formation of your very own planet pokemon?” “Our powers are too heart-throbbing for us here,” said Gallade carefully. “Because this place has no space or time around, our psi powers our still available to alter space and time with powerful psychic abilities beyond this dimension. It’s hard to explain….but it isn’t good for us if our powers can have the capability of twisting space and time just like we have with Saveila. It pains us and weakens us, and we can’t tolerate staying for too long. We must return.” “Okay then,” said Lucas, nodding with gratitude. “Farewell, and if I never get to see you again, I’ll get to see you in my dreams.” “Same for us,” murmured Gardevoir. They were all starting to hover and fade away. “Take care….all of you….” And they all disappeared into the air where a small amount of space was available from their psi. Lucas and Monferno turned to look at Barry, Saveila, and Madrid. They were watching with intent. Lucas gave a low cry towards Barry. Barry nodded. “They can’t tolerate this place anymore? Too powerful, but not powerful enough to bring the rest of us back to the world like they can with themselves?” Lucas nodded. Madrid huffed. “Well…..we ought to get going. You say you know where Chibo and the other messengers are?” Barry nodded, suddenly looking forward. “This way. I can hear its voice behind this rock…I think.” Barry led them around a tall peak of a boulder, and the atmosphere around them suddenly twisted into another dimension. In the distance, they could see the bright, glowing colors of Chibo, Chibu, and Chiba battling roughly with their devil twins. Hovering above them all, and trying to help fight by the angel messengers’ sides, was baby Dovanna. “The angel messengers!” Cried Barry. They were throwing balls of glowing light towards each other, and zapping with shocks of electric waves. Saveila closed her eyes and started glowing. “Devil messengers…….begone…..” And suddenly, the devil messengers stopped fighting and hovered in the air, staring over at Saveila with awe. The mere light of the angel spirit startled them and they all let out cries of shock, scattering around and trying to avoid the attacks from the angel messengers. Lucas could see that the devil messengers were slowly weakening, their bodies twisting with pain and through the works of spirits….and then they were gone. Devil Chiba, devil Chibu, and the devil Chibo all exploded into mere particles that dissolved into nothingness, absolutely nowhere in the place of no time or space. Suddenly, a strange wind blew over them all, and Lucas almost flinched at the feeling of wind. But the spiraling shadows around him were not wind. They were the mere terrible spirits of devils. He could see their dark, ghostly forms of possessed human bodies spiraling into the gap that had formed between baby Dovanna and the angel messengers. With a shock….he recognized them as Team Solar. The last one to disappear into nothingness, was Dionza. Her shadow thrashed silently with horror before her body disappeared into nothing. Barry gasped and looked at Saveila with awe. The tree-water spirit suddenly opened her eyes into a fierce narrow. “What happened?” Saveila stopped glowing and faced the weakened angel messengers and baby Dovanna as they gathered around her with looks of gratitude and exhaust. “The aura of angels is too powerful for little messengers of the devil. And since they were already battling the angel messengers, just my mere spirit was enough to finally destroy them.” “So they’re gone…..” breathed Barry in awe, meeting Lucas’s gaze. Lucas felt just as shocked and relieved. “Wow….” Lucas couldn’t believe it. they were gone just like that? Monferno was panting with awe. “They’re utterly defeated now? wow…..Saveila might really help us.” “But….” Saveila was suddenly intent. “That doesn’t mean you’ll never see them again. This place has no space, or no time, yet the devil messengers were destroyed here. they may yet reappear again, though it may be in the Black Hole itself where they can possibly escape. They were weak enough against the spirits of angels to get destroyed, though they weren’t fully defeated since this place has no time going on. Their bodies dissolved into the Black Hole like they were supposed to, though they may not be fully dead and they may still have a chance of escape.” “This is why we must make sure Ultramaur is defeated so that the Black Hole can trap them forever,” hissed Madrid. “And I can feel we don’t have much time left….” Paul watched the battle with an astonished look on his face. If there was anything he could’ve done to take part, he would’ve done it. but he had already played his role, and he had already brpught forth Ultramaur. Now they just needed Dalyah to appear to commingle with it. He could see Dawn glowing with brighter intensity, trying to reach into her soul to find the angel pokemon. Dovanna was fiercely battling Ultramaur and fighting off Prima Dona and her pokemon. But Paul could see Dovanna was beginning to weaken. If Dalyah wasn’t summoned soon enough….it would be too late. Dovanna would be defeated, and if Ultramaur itself defeated her, she would be gone forever, trapped in the Black Hole of nothingness. Paul looked around urgently. Where in the world was Barry? And Lucas? And…..Madrid? paul narrowed his eyes. he didn’t trust what that dark-psychic could be up to. Suddenly, there was a terrible screech behind him and he felt claws digging into his neck. paul let out a yowl of pain and felt on his chin. Prima Dona suddenly landed in front of his face, bending her head down to glare at his eyes with a meticulous smile. “Paul, my dear! Enjoying the scene of your own girlfriend failing in front of you?! hah! That little brat can’t do anything! The power of darkness is too great, even with Dovanna herself.” Paul growled. “You have no idea……Dawn’s spirit can light through anything—except the dead soul in you.” Prima Dona chuckled. “Why, thank you. You see, Dovanna has already tried to call Phandolia and use her power of love to guide him to this dimension. But unfortunately, Ultramaur’s darkness is too powerful, and has blocked the portals of Dovanna’s light—or any light. This time, we are not missing Dovanna, but Phandolia, who must also aid her in this summoning of Dalyah.” Prima Dona started to chuckle. “But Phandolia’s not here! we are NOT in Phandolia’s mountain in the region of Zan-Xuin! You have failed! You may have Dovanna back, but you failed! Without Phandolia AND Dovanna together, it won’t be enough to summon Dalyah! Your girl will fail!” “No….” Paul’s heart was throbbing with pain. his neck felt bitterly wounded. He felt a trickle of blood drip to the side as he lay on his chin, glaring up at Prima Dona. Prima Dona hovered off the ground, and spread out her talons. She smiled evilly down at him. “And I will destroy YOU myself. Thank you, Paul, for helping me bring forth Ultramaur! Too bad you won’t be able to control what happens to it, though. You will DIE…..die like slow, painful death that had once befallen Barry for the traitor he is.” “Barry’s no traitor,” Paul muttered. Prima Dona’s eyes flashed. “Prepare to die…..” And as she spread her talons over his face, Paul braced himself for the terrible impact of pain and death. But suddenly, the ground shook and a blast of light erupted right behind Dawn. Prima Dona whirled around in surprise, and Paul opened his eyes to see that Dawn was still standing still as a statue, her eyes closed in the trance of looking inside herself, but hovering above her, was the sight of a beautiful lady, dressed in an aquatic and green gown with hair that flowed behind her as long as her own body. Around her head, the three angel messengers, Chiba, Chibo, and Chibu were hovering in a circle, with baby Dovanna in the middle. Behind Dawn, Barry and Madrid stepped out of nowhere, with Lucas and Monferno. Prima Dona flapped her wings angrily. “Gahh! What is the meaning of this?! That lady…..” Prima Dona was eying the spirit that hovered above Dawn as if she were ready to tear her apart. Paul rose up and watched as Ultramaur turned to face the sight of Dawn and the lady with a shocked yowl, and the large pokemon threw itself to land on the ground with a terrible, ugly cry. Dovanna, hovering in the air weakly, looking ready to fall over, suddenly looked at the sight with hope, and her feathers became bright again. Barry joined Paul’s side with Madrid, Monferno, and Lucas. “Hey, Paul! You won’t believe what this lady just did. She is Saveila, the wife of Zan-Xuin himself. And she has freed the world of every Solar grunt and devil messenger that has messed with you.” Paul gasped and turned to Barry. “The devil messengers…..Chiba….they’re gone?” “For now,” muttered Madrid darkly. “But remember that no time passes when you’re here in the distortion world, so even though they’ve died and have been sent to the Black Hole, their spirits aren’t truly dead, and can come back alive in that Black Hole, ready to escape.” “Same goes for the Solar Grunts,” added Barry. “But that’s why we’ve got to make sure this battle and formation of Gaiyah does happen. We must somehow escape this world and make the formation of Gaiyah real. And Saveila can help us.” “This world….” Paul muttered. “If Gaiyah forms here, it can lead us out of this dimension….though since no time has passed, Gaiyah may not even be itself once it does leave this place. It would be like all had never happened, and Gaiyah will come out of this dimension, as two pokemon—Dalyah and Ultramaur again.” “That’s right,” said Madrid, narrowing her eyes. “And that’s why Saveila is here to help bring forth the angelic light and help us back to our own dimension.” Lucas watched with awe as Ultramaur stretched its body and arched its neck back, crying in pain. Prima Dona and her pokemon were all scattering to moan with distress over the overpowering light. Dovanna was closing its tired eyes, and as baby Dovanna flew close to it breast, looking almost dissolved into the pure white colors, Dovanna suddenly opened her eyes and hovered higher, revealing a bright, spiraling white gap. “Come…..” murmured Dovanna, her exhausted eyes looking over everyone in the scene. “Saveila has helped broken through the portals. We can look for Phandolia, and find it on its mountain.” 64. ETERNAL LOVE Dovanna didn’t have to wait for the others to step forwards towards the portal. The bright light shone over everyone on the field, and pretty soon, they were all flowing through the lighted portal, surrounded by a veil of stars as if they were time-traveling through a mysterious gap. Dovanna suddenly felt refreshed and healed. Her feathers became a brighter whiteness and she saw that everyone else had recovered and looked like nothing had happened to them in the distortion world. Paul, Madrid, Lucas, and Monferno looked revived and strong. The only one who didn’t look healed, was the body of Ultramaur, laying with distress over the bright light of Dawn and Saveila before it. But Dovanna looked down at baby Dovanna with happiness. “It’s going to be alright,” she assured the little one. “We’re going ot find our way back into our world, and we will be on the mountain of Phandolia.” Baby Dovanna cooed with delight. Barry was in front of her, staring at her with hope. His body was kneeling on the veil of light below them, and as Dovanna stared back at him, he looked like an adventurous sight, with the stars passing by quickly behind him. “D-Dovanna….” He looked a little confused to be calling her by her real pokemon name. Dovanna smiled and let down her wings, standing like a normal bird. “Please….call me Kaira.” She was aware of her majestic form compared to his small human form. Barry managed to crack a smile. “The prophecy is almost over…..isn’t it? Phandolia will come, and Dawn can summon Dalyah. Ultramaur will commingle, and the transformation of Gaiyah can really begin. Is it going to be over just like that?” Dovanna realized his heart was aching as much as hers had. “Oh Barry… won’t be over for us. It will never be over.” “Hah! You think you can just hurt my Ultramaur just like that?!” A tall shadow suddenly overcame Barry from behind. Dovanna stared with shock and baby Dovanna let out a startled coo. Prima Dona stood tall and bright behind Barry, looking fresh and like her old, terrible human self as before. They had escaped the distortion world into the portal, and now Prima Dona was back to her icy human form as if nothing had ever happened to her in the distortion world. “I’ll have you know,” Prima Dona was speaking haughtily, “Ultramaur is far from being defeated. “ Her six pokemon all gathered around behind her, looking healthy and strong again, just as they had before entering the distortion. They all glared at Dovanna and Barry. Archeops hovered by Prima Dona’s shoulder, eying the baby Dovanna like a hungry predator bird. Dovanna began to shift her wings. “You can’t defeat us, Prima Dona. The power of angelic light is what makes up this portal, and your dark powers will be powerless against it all. You are utterly defeated up to this point.” “Not yet!” Prima Dona lashed out her ice spear. Barry gasped and crawled from her shadow, staring up at her with fear. “Hey! I thought you lost that thing! Didn’t you throw it at Lucas on Crest Peak?” “Ha! My dear Ultramaur granted me this thing when you were gone! It’s as fresh and powerful as it will ever be….” She faced up at Dovanna. “….and it will destroy your dear little loved one even worse than it has ever done.” Dovanna felt all the power of her strength pulse through her, and she was ready to stab at the evil witch, poisoning her with the power of love and spirit. But suddenly, Dovanna felt extremely calmed, and a wave of silver light washed over them all. Ghastleon thrashed around at the bright particles flying in the air, and Celine shifted her large, snaky body, looking ready to throw a huge fit. Prima Dona winced and whipped her ice spear once. “Ahh! What the hell’s this?!” And Dovanna looked up in the distance as the beautiful form of Phandolia appeared in the heavens above, through the passing stars that flashed by. Prima Dona stared at the pokemon with wide, scared eyes. Dovanna had never seen Prima Dona look so scared. “No… can’t be…..” Phandolia’s unicorn form hovered down towards Dovanna, passing over the hovering figure of Dawn, who still had her eyes closed and her hands to her heart. Saveila and the angel messengers were still in their position, and as Phandolia passed over them, Saveila opened her eyes and fixed her gaze on the silver pokemon. Barry rose to his feet and stared in awe at the legendary. “Whoa…..Phandolia…” Dovanna smiled and focused her gaze as Phandolia’s bright, wise, silvery eyes met hers. The pokemon hovered in front of Dovanna, smiling warmly. “Dovanna… dear.” “Phandolia…..” Dovanna felt her heart lighten and the surge of love suddenly felt complete. Memories she had spent with this legendary flooded back through her. and Phandolia’s image looked even brighter and more vibrant now that the pair were complete. Their power and brightness of being finally reunited together suddenly brought a tension frenzying over Prima Dona and her pokemon. “NOOOOO!” Prima Dona and her pokemon were suddenly being dragged away towards the stars that passed by around them. Prima Dona’s pokemon gave out terrified cries and suddenly slipped away towards the side of the veil, disappearing away with the stars. Prima Dona fell to her knees and started slipping towards the side. “NAHHH! ULTRAMAUR!!!” But Ultramaur was in a trance, frozen with pain and fear. Dawn had opened her eyes, and she spread out her arms, uttering something under her breath. She casted a gap of light in front of her, and the form of a glowing, magnificent pokemon appeared from the gap. Prima Dona’s sharp nails dug into the veil of light as her body was being sucked towards the side. “ARGHH! YOU!” Prima Dona grabbed at Barry’s foot, making him fall onto his chin. “Ahh! NOO! Let go!” He kicked back and managed to escape her grasp, right when she disappeared over the edge. Dovanna stared with awestruck horror. She faced Phandolia with a determined look. To their side, the majestic form of Dalyah itself hovered in front of Dawn, Saveila, and the three messengers. The pokemon was a stunning sight, and not even Dovanna wanted to stare at it for too long. It was a pure angel, bright and astonishing with golden wings that had a wingspan identical to Ultramaur itself. Its face was long and pointy, just like Ultramaur’s, except it bore no horns and had eyes as bright and calm as Dovanna had ever seen. It hovered over Ultramaur, letting the pokemon slowly recover from its painful state. “Dalyah….” Barry stared up at the angel pokemon with awe. Dalyah’s angelic bright gaze flickered over all of them. “Children of earth…..children of Gaiyah….” The pokemon was speaking in a smooth, echoing tone like a voice in a dream. Dalyah met Dovanna’s gaze. “You have returned……” And Dovanna immediately felt comfortable around the pokemon already. The aura that was revealed from Dalyah was the warm, welcoming sense of charisma that seemed to flow over them all. “Kaira….” Phandolia grew its own wings and hovered closer to her. “We are almost there….” With a blink of an eye, Dovanna reopened her eyes and found herself standing upon the most beautiful valley she had ever seen. The sky was a bright blue without a single cloud, and the grass was a stunning green, more vibrant than the stars themselves. She remembered this place. This was Phandolia’s mountain. “Kaira……” a warm hand touched her shoulder. She turned to meet the gaze of Phandolia—back in his human form of Lan. “Oh, Lan!” She hugged him, feeling happy and…..human. “Oh!” She realized she was no longer a majestic bird, but her own human form again. Her arms were wrapped around his shoulders, and she was slightly shorter than him again. “I’m…..human again,” she said, looking at her arms and her pale pink gown. Lan nodded, smiling. “Have no fear. Even though no time has passed in the distortion world, it doesn’t mean everything that has happened there is put to waste. You still got the spirit to become Dovanna again, in this world this time.” Kaira looked around her with concern. “Where is everyone?” Suddenly, the mountain shook. Between Kaira and Lan, a crack in the ground had formed, and the two of them let each other go, staring down at the crack as it split them apart. Kaira widened her eyes in shock. She heard a low, ominous and deadly growl from below. The crack split to about twenty feet apart, and the form of the most magnificent pokemon arose from the depths. Gaiyah had returned. Kaira stared up with utter bewilderment. Hovering to the right side of the huge, mighty pokemon, was Dawn, glowing with brightness and a delighted smile. To the left, hovered Paul, his expression unreadable and shadowy. Above Gaiyah, Kaira could see a glimpse of the fiery glow of Lucas……and from the surprising shape of him, she could see that he was no longer in his Infernape form. Lucas looked entirely human again, like his old self, hovering almost thrity feet high, just inches above Gaiyah’s head. Kaira had never seen Gaiyah before, and neither had Lan. Though she might have remembered seeing statues of the pokemon, she had never actually seen Gaiyah for its true self, not even when she was Dovanna many years ago. Dovanna and Phandolia had both been created out of the aura of Dalyah, right when Gaiyah had split. But now the mere sight of Gaiyah made Kaira feel helpless and scared. It was the most ugliest, yet most awesome looking pokemon she had ever seen. It did bear the dragon features of a dragon pokemon, though it also did look like a strange mix of fire, water, and grass. The pokemon had a tall body that arched out of what looked like large claws from the bottom of its body. it had wings from the higher part of its back, and the wings were flamed and burning with intensity, though they were a shadowy black rather than bright fire. Black fire, Kaira thought, for those wings were obviously smelling and burning of smoke. Its face was like an angry dragon, almost reminding her of Ultramaur’s fierce gaze, though unlike Ultramaur, Gaiyah had real eyes that were large and alert, gazing around with a sharp glare. Kaira could see that they were disturbingly changing color, from a reddish-brown, to a dark green, and to an aquatic blue. On the sides of its head were tall, thin strands that stuck straight up, like pine needles that grew out of a tree. At the center of its long, arching chest, a circle of fire burned that reminded Kaira immediately of the earth’s core. The pokemon’ heart was the very center of the planet itself. Kaira felt like an ant by the pokemon. It was probably almost twice the size of a Milotic. Behind her, the three angel messengers hovered, surrounding baby Dovanna at the center. Chibu hovered closer to Kaira’s face, looking delighted. “Chiiii! Kaira, you should be proud! You’ve done it—you’ve restored Gaiyah and defeated Prima Dona!” “Oh, Chibu,” Kaira turned to grab the little pokemon in her hands and give it a kiss on the head. Baby Dovanna cooed with happiness. Gaiyah let out a horrid screech, the ugliest cry Kaira had ever heard. She covered her ears as the pokemon roared with an intensity that made the entire planet shake. And when Kaira opened her eyes, Gaiyah was gone. The huge crack in front of her was restored like it had never been broken before, and standing in a distance away from her was the glittering figure of Lan. Kaira huffed with relief, dropping to her knees and closing her eyes. she had been through so much already….. A shadow approached her from behind. She turned to look up at Barry, who had made his way over with a calm smile. She smiled back and stood, hugging him and letting herself fall into his grip as she closed her eyes and let out a long sigh. “Barry……thank you. You’ve really helped me…….more than you’ll ever understand.” She and Barry let go and stared at each other. Barry’s gaze was humored. “You’ve helped me. I’ve come to realize to be more aware of what I do. Anything that I let happen in my own world, it can make a big difference here.” “Well, you’ve made that mistake once before. I know you’ll probably never do it again,” said Kaira gratefully. Barry chuckled. “Probably?” Behind them, Dawn, Paul, and Lucas were standing together and coming up to them. all of them, even Paul, were smiling with relief. Kaira turned and gazed at them all. They had been great friends to her, and she was glad to have met them. her life would’ve never changed on the planet of earth if it hadn’t been for them—even Dawn. She smiled and hugged them all. “I’m so glad to have met you…..I’m sorry for the person I had been when you first met me. I really had no control over that….” “Oh, don’t worry about it,” said Dawn, looking thankful as she held Paul’s hand. “You were special in your own way—and no one can deny that.” Lucas sighed and scratched the back of his head. “Man, and it feels so good to be back human again. I can finally talk to you all correctly now!” Kaira chuckled. “You were a cute little Infernape. I bet you miss speaking to other pokemon, though.” “Well, I will miss chatting with Monferno,” Lucas turned to see that Monferno had suddenly made its way up to him, its tail burning brightly. It leaped onto Lucas’s shoulder and let out a cry of triumph as it faced Kaira and Barry. “But all the same……pokemon do have some pretty interesting things to say, just like people! Especially Prima Dona’s pokemon! That Ghastleon is pretty interesting if you get to know its real personality!” Paul closed his eyes and smiled. “Well….we probably won’t be seeing anymore pokemon from Prima Dona for a while.” Kaira raised her eyebrows. “Oh, right…..they’re still trapped in the portal of light.” Barry gasped. “That means they’re either going to die of angel spirits taking over them, or they’re going to escape somehow.” “Prima Dona is far from being defeated,” muttered a strange, ominous voice. Kaira and Barry turned to widen their eyes at the dark figure of Madrid suddenly approaching them. her eyes were narrowed like slits, and glittering like a cat’s. “Madrid….” Dawn gasped. “Prima Dona may not have Ultramaur anymore,” said Madrid, crossing her arms. “But that doesn’t mean she’s entirely powerless. She still has her dark spirit within, and her unstoppable pokemon that would do anything by her side. The only safe thing is that she has no control over the dark spirits of this world anymore, so she won’t be possessing anymore people or pokemon. You guys won’t have to worry about another league of Team Solar grunts coming out again.” “Whew!” Barry gave Paul a wink. “That’s a relief!” “But….” Madrid continued on. “…..her spirit still thrives in the lighted portal. She won’t stay there forever. She’ll escape that portal, and find her way into another dimension.” “Will she ever find her way back to this dimension again?” Dawn asked. “Perhaps…..” Madrid was staring up at the sky with a narrowed gaze. “But I doubt she’ll want to come back to a world she no longer can have control over. Without the full aid of Ultramaur, Prima Dona couldn’t control the dark spirits to enter this dimension. She would have to work by herself. She can only control the dark spirits if she somehow breaks the portals of another dimension…..and control the way to this world…” “Well, let’s just hope that never happens,” huffed Dawn. “For all we know, Prima Dona is stuck in a portal, and if she ever finds her way out, she can have no power to destroy this world, at least by the way she wanted to.” Paul sighed. “Some things never change though. She’ll always be her dark self, and we can’t do anything about it but get rid of it.” Kaira nodded and looked up at Madrid. “We really should thank you for trying to help us. You’re the one who wanted to summon Saveila from her dimension, weren’t you?” “Mm,” Madrid just stared at Kaira without changing her untrusting expression. Kaira crossed her arms. “Well….thanks, I guess. We really couldn’t have done it without Saveila. Where is she?” A warm wind blew over them, and a pattern of green spring leaves fluttered together in the sky. Madrid looked up at the leaves with a wince. “Her spirit isn’t visible to this world anymore, but she may come in the form of nature, as the spirit she desired to be.” Kaira looked up as the leaves circled around, as if welcoming her and everyone else to be back on the planet of Gaiyah again. Madrid snorted. She turned around and walked away. “I’ll be leaving now….” “Hey, wait! Why? Where you going?” Barry called after her. But she didn’t look back Madrid disappeared behind the hill in the distance. Kaira just sighed. Madrid wasn’t a good person, but she wasn’t bad either. Like she said, she was a double-agent, and she really didn’t care how she affected the world around her. she was both dark and psychic, so that was probably what made her so strange. But Kaira hoped that wouldn’t be the last time they would see her again. Suddenly, the circle of leaves formed a glowing green light at the middle. Two figures that Kaira thought they would never see again stepped out and landed on the grass below. “Seth! Delaine!” She cried. The two fire warriors ran up to Kaira and hugged her and her friends. “Oh, what in the world are you all doing here?!” Lucas cried. “We thought we would never say good-bye!” “Didn’t you remember our promise?” Said Delaine with a sideways smile. “We were going to make sure we saw you guys before you all left.” “And I was looking forward to seeing someone leave while still trapped in their ridiculous pokemon form,” Seth said teasingly to Lucas. “Hey, Seth!” Said Barry. “Can’t you see we all made it back alive as well?” But before anyone could say anything else, the bright light from the circle of leaves suddenly flashed. Gaiyah’s faint roar was suddenly echoing in the air. The three angel messengers hovered up and formed a circle around the spiraling leaves, making the light glow brighter and brighter until the roaring stopped. Suddenly, a figure was revealed in the gap. Saveila was standing at the center of the circle, smiling tenderly. “Children of earth….” Her voice reminded Kaira of the pokemon Dalyah. “It’s time to leave. You must return home where you belong…..for your own world needs you now that you’re through with this one.” Kaira felt her heart drop, and she turned to all her friends with a clouded look of sadness. They all turned pale and gazed back at her with the same expression. “Oh…..must we?” Murmured Dawn. “I mean…..we’ll never see Dovanna again…” “Call me Kaira,” said Kaira carefully, meeting Dawn’s gaze. “I don’t want any of us to ever forget that we’ve met as friends in Twinleaf before.” “Alright,” Dawn smiled at her. “Will we ever see you again?” Lucas looked hopeful. “Yeah….I mean…..three years in Twinleaf wasn’t enough to befriend you yet. We had to go through all this just to get you recovered….” “I’m glad to have gone through it,” said Kaira, smiling gratefully. “And this won’t be the last time I’ll see you. you can always meet me in your dreams—literally.” Paul chuckled. “Now that we know our dreams actually mean something and create a significance somewhere……” Monferno was tugging at Kaira’s gown with a sad look in its eyes. Kaira looked at the pokemon with a halfhearted smile. “Oh, Monferno…..I swear, if I weren’t part of this dimension…..I’d totally look forward to starting my own pokemon adventure with you in Sinnoh….” Kaira felt hurt to be thinking of how things would’ve been like if she weren’t Dovanna. She sighed. “I hope you become as strong as you can be……and make sure you take good care of yourself. Tell the other pokemon I said hi.” Monferno nodded and then looked down, looking ready to cry. Baby Dovanna was fluttering around everyone, and as soon as the little bird reached Monferno, the pokemon started to swat at the little bird, and then try to leap after it and catch it like it was chasing a Beautifly. Kaira smiled with humor, and then turned to look over at Barry. He was facing Chibo, who hovered at the right side of the spiraling leaves. She knew he was bidding it farewell in his thoughts. The little pokemon could no longer communicate with him, unless he was in the fifth dimension again. Barry turned with a clouded look towards Kaira. “Kaira….” “Oh…..Barry….” she threw her arms around him for one last time. He hugged her and closed his eyes, trying to hold back tears. “I’m going to miss you……I’ll always remember you every day.” Barry and Kaira stared into each other’s eyes. Barry nodded. “I’ll make sure to bug you as much as I can in my dreams each night.” His voice was shaking, and she could feel the love and sadness in his heart swell up. She closed her eyes. Love was such a strange, life-changing feeling. She had learned it the hard way, just like many spirits have. She opened them and smiled into Barry’s eyes. “You better,” she replied. “And take care.” Barry nodded and smiled back. Dawn and Paul were watching with smiles on both their faces. Paul looked slightly humored, and Dawn seemed to find it rather sweet. Lucas just watched with a simple gaze, though Kaira could tell he felt just as happy for them. “Chi….” Chibu was smiling at Kaira with happiness. “I’m proud of you, Kaira.” Kaira let Barry go. Saveila had stepped aside, and was waiting patiently for them all to enter. Dawn and Paul slowly made their way up to the gap, and Saveila grabbed Dawn’s hand and heaved her up to the hovering light. Paul stepped in afterwards, and the both of them disappeared into the blinding light. Next, Lucas climbed in, with Monferno clinging onto his back. The both of them stepped passed Saveila, and disappeared as well. Finally, Barry gave Kaira one last smile, and they hugged one more time. Barry let her go, and slowly turned to climb up the gap and disappear beyond the light. Saveila turned to Delaine and Seth. “You two ought to find a portal towards your own home in this very world as well, before your father has a fit.” Delaine and Seth nodded. “Good-bye Kaira,” they both hugged her before stepping in up the gap and disappeared. Saveila looked at Kaira with a warm smile. “You’ll see them soon. Not even the strongest of portals can separate them from existing in your sweetest memories—literally.” Kaira nodded. The three angel messengers were gazing at her with glowing smiles. Kaira was feeling the love warm up inside of her once again. The roar of Gaiyah sounded again, and the planet gently shook, and the gap in the center of the spiraling leaves disappeared into the air. The spiraling leaves scattered and blew away in the wind. Kaira let the warm, heavenly breeze of Phandolia’s mountain blow over her hair and she closed her eyes, heaving in the sweet scent. “Good-bye Kaira.,” Chibu had hovered up to her. “We must leave…..Dalyah isn’t around for our aid anymore…” Kaira kept her eyes shut. “Where will you go?” “Oh, don’t worry,” Chibu didn’t sound unhappy at all. “Just look for us in the constellations of the stars. Dalyah had created us from the brightness of the stars. We will return to those stars, though our spirits will still be alive and in waiting until Dalyah may possibly come back again.” Kaira smiled. “Good-bye Chibu…” And the three angel messengers hovered higher into the sky until they disappeared with a twinkle. Behind her, Lan had made his way to put a hand on her back, smiling at her with a wise, silver look. Kaira turned to meet his gaze. She smiled happily, and took his hand as he hovered with her up into the sky. Both he and Kaira began to transform into Phandolia and Dovanna, and the two of them made their way into the heavenly clouds that formed over the mountain. Phandolia galloped high into the thick, bright clouds, and Kaira followed above him, as the pokemon Dovanna. 65. MEMORIES AND HOPE Barry blinked open his eyes, feeling dizzy and strangely nauseous. He was in the room of Professor Rowan. At first, he felt like he was frozen, and he was unable to move for a moment. But then he managed to sit up and push forward the bed covers that were tucked over him. He looked around in awe and winced. He wondered how long he could’ve been asleep…..their entire journey in the fifth dimension had been a dream—but it was a dream that was real and had made a huge significance through the portals of space and time. Everything he had done… had all happened and he knew he could prove it. He looked at his forearm. Prima Dona’s mark was faded, though he could still see the obvious marks she had given him on their first encounter. “Barry?” Barry looked up to see that Dawn was walking into the open doorway of the room. Her expression lighted with happiness as she saw him awake. “Oh, you’ve finally woken! I’m so happy!” She ran over to hug him. Barry sat there, his eyes wide with confusion. “Uh…..yeah, same here. But what about YOU? weren’t you sleeping too?” “Of course I was sleeping, silly,” she chuckled, meeting his gaze. “You think all that we’ve been through was nothing but a dream that took a few hours in one night? No! I’ve been asleep for almost seven months, just like you, Paul, and Lucas have!” “Of course…..I know that….” Barry was saying. He remembered encountering his father on Prima Dona’s mountain at Crest Peak, when he had told him they had all been asleep when they found them missing in Mt. Coronet where Chibu had first teleported them. “Well, to be specific,” Dawn was saying, “Paul, Lucas, and I awoke just yesterday. You took a little more time to awaken, and we were all worried about you.” Barry felt his head start to hurt, and his heart pound with longing. He didn’t feel complete. “Yeah….I guess I needed a little more time to recover….” Dawn stared at him with a concerned look. “You okay, though?” “Um….” Professor Rowan suddenly walked in the room, with Palmer at his side. Paul came in from just behind, and to his side, was an Infernape. Barry suddenly felt his heart rush with shock. “Whoa—Lucas?! Is that you?” He was staring at the Infernape with shocked eyes. Everyone laughed at him. Rowan met Barry’s gaze and spoke. “This isn’t Lucas! No! Believe it or not, Barry, but this is the Chimchar that had vanished with you guys at Mt. Coronet!” Barry gasped and recognized the cocky, adventurous expression on the Infernape’s face. “Monferno!” Palmer chuckled. “Already an Infernape, I see.” Paul nodded. “Monferno evolved not long after it woke up and took in all its happiness at seeing its friends in the lab again.” Lucas suddenly came in the room, in his original human form, and caught up to Dawn’s side. “Barry, you’re awake!” “Lucas…” Barry uttered his name with a distant sigh of relief. “Well, then,” Rowan cleared his throat. “Barry….we were quite concerned when you didn’t awaken around the same time everyone else did. Are you alright? Do you feel okay?” Barry didn’t feel okay. And it wasn’t anything at all close to physical or mental sickness, but his own emotions felt troubled. He knew what was wrong with him. He was missing Kaira. The thought of her made his heart ache. “No….I’m fine,” he replied quietly. “I….you wouldn’t believe what I’ve been through—or what we’ve all been through.” “It’s alright, son,” his father was looking at him with an understanding smile. “Dawn, Paul, and Lucas told me everything. And we weren’t as flabbergasted with awe as we should have been. The professor and I have been doing some intense research over your long period of sleeping.” Rowan nodded. “We’ve come to discover many things beyond the bits of dust left by that….’Chibu’ pokemon as you guys called it. that one met Kaira, didn’t it? it was the first you’ve met from that fifth dimension in your sleep, and it put you all to a sleeping trance in this world so that your inner spirit could teleport to the fifth dimension correctly.” Barry nodded. “Yeah…..I understand that.” “Kaira never came back, didn’t she?” His father was pressing on. His expression faltered as he saw the troubled look on Barry’s face as he didn’t meet his gaze. “I’m sorry, son.” Barry said nothing. “Well….” Dawn was looking at him with concern. “Your pokemon are out in their pokeballs. They’re waiting for you, and they’ve missed all their training with you. You’re welcome to train with them if you want.” “My pokemon?” Barry was willing to see his pokemon after such a long time. “Oh….thanks.” A week later, Barry was still his unusually quiet self that the others had started to worry about him. it didn’t take too long for Barry to stop training his pokemon altogether, and just spend his time walking around the town, with his hands in his pockets, deep in thought. One day, he was standing still in front of his house. His Empoleon was in its pokeball, but he held it in his hand with uncertainty. From behind, Dawn was slowly approaching him with a careful look on her face. “Hey…..” she joined his side. Barry turned to meet her gaze and then looked away. “Hey.” “Have you had any dreams of Kaira yet? or anything in the fifth dimension?” She spoke with calm. Barry sighed. “I couldn’t dream about anything. It’s frustrating. I hope and try each night, going to bed with thoughts of Kaira in the fifth dimension, but nothing. I couldn’t get a single dream in my head.” “Yeah…..I’ve been experiencing the same problem,” said Dawn downheartedly. “And so has Lucas and Paul. Professor Rowan says that it must be because our brains have been in that sleeping position for so wrong, and our minds have been altering with dreaming for way too long. He just says we need to recover from that, and pretty soon, we can go back to dreaming normally again, about whatever we want.” Barry could tell Dawn was trying to sound hopeful. He looked up at the sky hopefully, his gaze following a flock of Starly in the distance. “Yeah….I hope so.” Dawn sighed. “You love her, don’t you?” She was speaking with utter calm. Barry looked down and winced. “Well, yes. Of course, obviously….” “I know how you feel,” said Dawn, looking down herself. “I…..I felt the same way for Paul to…..before our relationship grew closer to each other after I was inthat coma in the region of Lluyan.” Barry looked at Dawn with raised eyes. “Yeah, that was pretty obvious for me to see too.” Dawn chuckled. “Well, I’m glad we feel better for each other.” she turned to Barry with a smile. “Love is such a pain in the butt…..and I bet Kaira understands that better than anyone else ever will.” Barry chuckled. “Yeah….” “Hey! Barry! Dawn!” Lucas came running towards the both of them with an excited look on his face. “Guys, you won’t believe it! Professor Rowan has created his very own pokemon!” “What?!” Dawn turned to face him with a disbelieving wince. “How?” “He used the DNA found from those dust particles that Chibu left behind… gotta just see it first! You’re gonna love it, come on!” Lucas turned to run back towards theroad to Sandgem Town before anyone could say another word. “Um, okay….?” Dawn looked at Barry with a playful smile. “New pokemon! Wow, I’d like to see that!” Barry nodded, managing to let out a smile. “Me too. Come on…..Lucas, wait up!” 66. A STOWAWAY Lucas led Barry and Dawn towards the lab, his face beaming with excitement. “You won’t believe what the new pokemon looks like! I swear, this is going to change our view of the fifth dimension!” Dawn laughed. “Oh? Has he created another Chibu or something out of its own DNA?” “Mm, not exactly. But you’ll see!” He cast a glance at Barry, who was running at Dawn’s side with a little bit of the old excitement his face used to always portray, though he was still not his usual enthusiastic self. Lucas pressed on, heading towards the lab. The new pokemon was probably going to change that. Paul stared with bewilderment at the pokemon hovering next to Professor Rowan. The pokemon was so familiar to the three messengers, with a bright pinkish color to it. It had two ear denst at the sides of its head, and cute little button eyes that were alert with mischievousness. But Rowan had mixed the DNA with the blood of a regular Clefairy, for that had been the next DNA he had found mixed with the dust. The pokemon had two pairs of extending cone-shaped points at the bottom, and resembled that of a little toy flying machine of some kind. It bore teeth that stuck from the corners of its mouth like a Clefairy did, and Paul could tell that it was a cross between the messenger pokemon, and the Clefairy in Mt Coronet. “Wow….” Paul stared at it with awe. “That’s totally legit.” Rowan chuckled. “Here comes Lucas sand everyone else. they’re all going to like this.” Barry, Dawn, and Lucas all busted in the lab, and the pokemon that hovered by Rowan’s shoulder let out a little squeaky cry of excitement. Dawn and Barry gasped with astonishment. “Oh my gosh--” Dawn was smiling. “Chibu!” Barry cried. “Or….a Clefairy-slash-messenger?! Whoa! Awesome! You really made this?” Rowan nodded proudly. “I have been working on it during our studies over the mysterious fifth dimension pokemon while you guys were all asleep. I eventually got to creating this as a surprise when you guys woke up, so you can have a good memory of the fifth dimension.” “But….is it safe?” Paul asked. “It doesn’t have any connection with the fifth dimension, does it?” Rowan looked at the squeaking pokemon with raised eyebrows. “Hmm… can teleport like the messengers knew how to, but it can’t break through the portals of its own fifth dimension. It’s not as powerful as the messengers themselves.” “Ooh, it’s so cute!” Dawn held her arms towards the little pokemon. The pokemon squeaked and hovered towards her and she gave it a hug. “Oh, I hope it doesn’t leave to the fifth dimension! I love this! Thank you so much, Professor!” she let the pokemon go and it hovered to Barry and Lucas. Lucas tickled the pokemon’s chin and made the pokemon squeal and shudder with glee. Barry laughed. “I know just what we should call it! it should be called Casavon, which is the very name Kaira and I named Chibu before we found out what it really was!” “Casavon!” Giggled Dawn, joining Paul’s side and giving him a happy smile. “What do you think?” Paul shrugged. “Doesn’t really matter. Just don’t call it devil Chiba.” “Call it whatever you want,” said Rowan. He suddenly looked at the pokemon carefully. “But be sure you don’t go too far with it. I will keep it under my conditions, and it will remain under my guard until I can feel comfortable with what this pokemon is capable of. I still have a lot to study with it, and I don’t want this pokemon to be a harm to this world, or this world be a harm to the pokemon.” Casavon hovered around them all and let out happy squeaks of friendliness. Paul found himself admiring the little pokemon. “I bet this is psychic type?” “Normal and psychic,” said Rowan. “Just like a cross between Clefairy and the messengers.” “Hey, look!” Said Barry, facing the door. “Infernape just arrived in front of our lab! He’ll love to see this!” Lucas and the others exited the lab and greeted Infernape. “Hey, Infernape, old buddy! Come take a look at Casavon! Now we’ve got our own first dimension messenger!” Infernape cast an excited glance at the hovering Casavon, and then started jumping up and down with enthusiasm. It was holding something in its hands. “Huh?” Barry looked at the pokemon. “Hey, what’s that you’ve got in your hands?” Infernape backed away, holding his cupped hands closer to his chest, but suddenly, his hands pushed away from each other……and revealed the small form of a Starly-sized fluff of white feathers. Dawn let out a shocked gasp. “Oh my…….baby Dovanna!” Sure enough…….baby Dovanna was flying out of Infernape’s hands. “Whoa… word,” Rowan was staring at the little bird. The little white pokemon was fluttering around them all, cooing with happiness to see them. it pecked curiously at Rowan’s scruffy hairs at the side of his head. “Hmph! Why, this little pokemon must have followed you guys back out of your dreams!” “How is that possible though?” Paul stared at baby Dovanna with awe. Lucas watched as Infernape tried to catch at it again. “Huh! Maybe Infernape actually managed to catch it before we left Phandolia’s mountain, and brought it back thorugh the portals of dreams to our own world!” “Well, whatever!” Said Barry excitedly, letting the little Dovanna land on his finger. “I’m going to keep this pokemon and raise it in our world myself!” “Really?” Dawn gasped. “What?” Barry was gleaming with happiness again. “It’s gonna be alright! This little pokemon hasn’t grown an inch since it hatched out from the egg you found! It’ll be totally safe!” Baby Dovanna suddenly hovered off of Barry’s fingers. “Douuuu! Douuu!” It seemed so happy in this new world and dimension it was in. it was darting itse head around with curiosity, and flying higher and higher into the air. “Hey! where do you think you’re going?” Barry called. “Get back down here, Dovanna!” Lucas called. But baby Dovanna wasn’t listening. The enthusiastic pokemon happily flew higher towards the flock of Starly that passed by, and followed the flock over to meet the wonders of its new world. EPILOGUE- Kaira watched through the portals of stars around her. It was a warm, starry night, and she sat up in the clouds in her human form, with Lan by her side. Lan had taught her how to star-gaze, and that if she could read certain constellations, she was able to tell what was going on between different dimensions. Kaira was even reminded by Chibu of how Barry, Dawn, Lucas, and Paul were doing. The three angel messengers joined part of the constellations, and were able to see pass certain portals to peek into the other side of the world as they lived on in their stars. They had reminded Kaira of everything that had happened with Barry and the others, and that they were all continuing to live their lives normally as usual back in Sinnoh. “Professor Rowan has given Barry, Dawn, and Lucas a new job,” she was telling Lan. “He wants them to record every new pokemon they saw in the fifth dimension, and visualize it in their heads to sketch it out and show it to him.” “Oh, is that so?” Said Lan. “Yep. Their new pokemon, Casavon, is based off of DNA from the messengers themselves, so that pokemon can use the strange power of portals and look into their minds, somehow making their mind visions seen for real. It’s kinda weird….but it works. You just need Rowan’s computer, Casavon, and a visualized image in your imagination, and somehow, Casavon can make that image in your head show up on the computer like a psychic-slash-virus!” Kaira sighed, smiling. “Technology gets so technical, doesn’t it?” Lan chuckled. “Of course it does. It’s probably as powerful as magic itself.” “Magic….” Kaira murmured, gazing up at the stars. So much more than magic has happened to her….and she didn’t even know if anything she had been through would be even considered magic at all. Lan sighed happily. His silver eyes sparkled like the stars, and he put an arm over Kaira. “So how is that baby Dovanna doing in that world of theirs?” Kaira laughed. “Oh, baby Dovanna! Yeah, I had to sneak that with Infernape when no one was looking. I wanted to surprise them all, and give Barry something that he can remember me by each day. So I told baby Dovanna to let Infernape capture it so that it can take it back to its own world.” Kaira sighed. “Even though Barry and I are far apart in different dimensions….” She gazed up at the sky, letting her own eyes sparkle. “…..we will never be far apart at heart.” “Of course you won’t,” said Lan warmly. “Not even the farthest dimensions or the strongest of portals can interfere with the closeness of two beings that love each other.” He smiled at Kaira. “One day you two will be together, though in a different dimension.” Kaira nodded. “It won’t be this dimension…..nor his own dimension though….” Lan looked up at the stars and chuckled. “Hey, you really don’t know what’s happened to baby Dovanna, haven’t you?” “What?” Kaira met his gaze with concern. “Barry found it, didn’t he? They all found it, and they’ve all decided to take good care of it.” Lan chuckled again. “Read the stars carefully again, or try to ask Chibu. Baby Dovanna has escaped, and is out there in the region of Sinnoh, roaming the wild of that world.” “What?!” Kaira flinched and stared at Lan with shock. She turned to the stars and tried to read them…..and then started giggling. “Well….I guess that will still be alright. Barry’s feeling a little better now, and that’s a good thing. And even though baby Dovanna is flying free in a world it has no idea about… will be alright.” She smiled. “It’s not a huge danger to other pokemon and people, though it’s powerful enough to use the power of love and abilities from the fifth dimension to keep it safe from harm.” Baby Dovanna was a sweet little pokemon, Kaira knew. And it was powerful enough to keep it from getting into trouble with other people or pokemon. Lan nodded. “All the same, you better keep an eye on it.” “Of course I will,” replied Kaira. “I’ll always be watching over the first dimension…and all my friends in it.” Kaira knew her love could never be destroyed as long as she kept herself positive and hopeful. And knowing that Barry had her in his dreams each night, she knew her love would never end. Though they were far apart, one day they would find each other and be together forever again. One day they’ll find the right dimension, and not even the powers of portals cold stop them.

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